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Celebrity Jewish Speakers

Famous Jews in Sports - Famous Jewish People - Jewish Actors - Famous Jews - Jewish Celebrities;

All American Speakers works with a diverse group of celebrity Jewish speakers, Jewish Athletes, Jewish Comedians, Authors, Singers and Actors. These Jewish Celebrities are pioneers in the world of sports, business and entertainment. If your organization is planning a Fundraiser, Looking for a Jewish Speaker, or Organizing a Men's Club Event or Women's Group, All American Speakers is happy to work with you to identify and secure the perfect famous Jewish celebrity or speaker for your Event. They are available for meet and greets, speaking engagements, performances and much more!

*Complete Biographies are available upon request. Please note: Some individuals who may be Jewish, do not necessarily speak on Jewish Topics. Please be sure to specify what your requirements are and we are happy to provide any information you may need.

If you are interested in someone that is not listed on this website, please contact us and we will be able to provide you with any information or bio you may need.

Featured Speakers
  • Judea Pearl
  • Professor Akbar S. Ahmed

Featured Speakers: Judea Pearl and Professor Akbar S. Ahmed
Topic: The Daniel Pearl Dialogue for Muslim-Jewish Understanding

Daniel Pearl’s father Professor Judea Pearl, President of the Daniel Pearl Foundation and co-editor of I am Jewish (2004) and Professor Akbar S. Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University, author of Islam Under Siege (2003) and from Pakistan, speak on the divisions between Muslims and the West and between Jews and Muslims. They discuss issues ranging from foreign policy and global perceptions to truth, lies and deepest fears.

The two now travel the country to speak at "Daniel Pearl Dialogues for Muslim-Jewish Understanding Featuring Akbar Ahmed and Judea Pearl," linking their life stories to a larger call for reconciliation and providing a rare forum for moderate Muslims in the U.S. to gather. Dialogue is central to all the work of the Daniel Pearl Foundation, which sponsors fellowships for journalists and an Internet news service for high school journalists, advocates press freedom, and organizes world music days to bring people together. One small example of progress: Ahmed will speak at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, the first Muslim to be invited.  Mariane Pearl and Ruth Pearl are also available.

Jewish Speakers, Personalities, Entertainers, Authors and Celebrities
Popular Jewish Authors
Jewish Journalists
Jewish Comedians
Jewish Actors, Television and Radio Personalities
Jewish Political Figures
  • Sandy Berger - Former National Security Advisor
  • Ben Bernanke - Chairman of the Federal Reserve
  • Joshua Bolten - White House Chief of Staff
  • Michael Chertoff - Homeland security secretary
  • Kitty Dukakis> - Wife of former Massachusetts Governor and 1988 Democratic Party Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis
  • Susan Estrich - Legal & Political Commentator, Author, Law Professor
  • Ari Fleischer - Former White House Press Secretary
  • Kinky Friedman - 2006 Texas Independent Gubernatorial Candidate
  • Marc Ginsberg - Former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco & Fox News correspondent
  • Dan Glickman - Secretary of Agriculture
  • Alan Greenspan - Former chairman of the Federal Reserve (1987–2006)
  • Martin Indyk - Former Ambassador to Israel
  • Henry Kissinger - Legendary Statesman
  • Ed Koch - Former New York City Mayor
  • William Kristol - Neoconservative editor of The Weekly Standard (son of Irving Kristol)
  • Ken Mehlman - Head of Republican National Committee
  • Mark Mellman - Democratic pollster/strategist, columnist for "The Hill" newspaper, covering Congress
  • Robert Reich - Secretary of Labor
  • Dennis Ross - Middle East Envoy
  • Robert Rubin - Former Secretary of the Treasury
  • Larry Summers - Former Secretary of the Treasury
  • James Wolfensohn - Former President of the World Bank (1995–2005)
  • Paul Wolfowitz - Former President of the World Bank (2005–2007)
Jewish Sports Figures
Jewish Directors
Speakers on Jewish Topics / Israel / Middle East Topics*

Several speakers in this section are not Jewish, but speak on Jewish issues such as Terrorism, Israel, Religion, Spirtuality, the Middle East, and may be appropriate for Jewish-themed events.

  • Madeleine Albright - Former Secretary of State and Distinguished American Diplomat
  • Pinkas Alon - Foreign relations expert & former Consul General of Israel in New York
  • John Ashcroft - Attorney General of the United States, 2001-2005 United States Senator Governor of Missouri
  • Julian Bond - Chairman of the Board of the NAACP
  • James Carroll - Boston Globe Columnist / Author, Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews:A Histor, lectures on Jewish-Christian reconciliation
  • Steven Emerson - Foremost Expert on Terrorism
  • Richard Haass - President, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Richard Heideman - Expert on Arab-Israeli Relations and Security-Terrorism Issues
  • David Makovsky - Senior Fellow and Director of The Washington Institute's Project on the Middle East Peace Process
  • Laurie Mylroie - Terrorism Expert / Publisher of "Iraq News"
  • Daniel Pipes - Director of the Middle East Forum Board Member of the U.S. Institute of Peace Prizewinning Columnist
  • James Rubin - Former Assistant Secretary of State and Chief Spokesman, The State Department
  • Jehan Sadat - "First Lady of the World"
Other Suggested Speakers for Jewish Groups / Men’s Club Events / Women’s Groups

Several Speakers in this category are not Jewish, but may be appropriate for certain events.

  • Scott Adams - Comic Strip Cartoonist, Dilbert Best-selling Author.
  • Mitch Albom - Bestselling Author of “Tuesday’s with Maurie” and “The Seven People You Meet in Heaven”
  • Jane Alexander - Tony and Emmy Award-Winning Actress Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts
  • Lauren Bacall - Legendary Star of Screen and Stage
  • Dave Barry - Pulitzer Prize-Winning Humor Columnist Bestselling Author
  • Joy Bauer - Director & Founder, Joy Bauer Nutrition
  • Johnny Bench - The greatest catcher in the history of baseball, today Johnny Bench enjoys a stellar career as a successful broadcaster
  • Rocky Bleier - One of America's most courageous sportsmen, Rocky Bleier personifies determination and courage.
  • Jim Bouton - On his high school junior varsity baseball team his nickname was "Warm Up Bouton" because all he ever did was warm up, he never got into the games
  • Donna Brazile - Political Commentator and Chair of the Voting Rights Institute
  • Ken Burns - Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker
  • Dick Capri - Impressionist and comedian, writes most of his own material, Taken largely from his travel experience.
  • The Capitol Steps - Nationally Acclaimed Political Satire Troupe
  • James Carroll - Author of Constantine’s Sword: The Church and the Jews
  • Dennis Conner - Dennis Conner has led his team though an unprecedented seven America’s cup campaigns.
  • Bob Costas - Emmy Award winning journalist Host of HBO's Inside the NFL.
  • Governor Mario Cuomo - 52nd Governor of New York State
  • Mike Ditka - ESPN NFL Analyst Legendary NFL Coach
  • Mike Eruzione - Captain, 1980 United States Olympic Hockey Team.
  • Roy Firestone - Award-winning Journalist Impressionist
  • Julie Foudy - Sports Illustrated hailed Julie Foudy as "The Voice of America"
  • Frank Gifford - He had legs made for a football field, a face made for television and a nice-guy persona.
  • Greg Gumbel - Emmy Award-Winning Sportscaster
  • Mark Victor Hansen - Co-founder, Chicken Soup for the Soul Author
  • Phil Jackson - NBA Player and Coach
  • Earvin Johnson - NBA Hall of Famer Earvin "Magic" Johnson is famous for his brilliant passing skills, all-around sublime talent and engaging personality.
  • Jimmy Johnson - Former Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys.
  • Thomas H. Kean - President, Drew University, Madison
  • Tommy Lasorda - Baseball Legend With over a half-a-century of his life devoted to baseball.
  • Keith Lockhart - Conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra
  • Joan Lunden - Legendary TV Personality
  • Bill Moyers - Emmy Award Winning Broadcast Journalist Bestselling Author Host of Moyers on America Host of the seven-part special series
  • Dee Dee Myers - White House Press Secretary, 1992-1994 Political Analyst and Commentator Consultant to NBC’s
  • Deborah Norville - Emmy Award-Winning Anchor
  • Lawrence O'Donnell - Senior Political Analyst, MSNBC - Emmy Winning Producer of NBC’s The West Wing Lawrence O’Donnell, Jr
  • Marie Osmond - As one of the most loved and recognized names in show business, Marie Osmond returns to the microphone
  • Jim Palmer - Jim Palmer, the only American League Hall of Fame Pitcher to win the Cy Young Award three times.
  • Ahmad Rashad - Executive Producer of NBA Inside Stuff and NBA Entertainment-produced specials in March 1998.
  • Pat Riley - President, Miami Heat, President of The Miami HEAT
  • Charlie Rose - Anchor and Executive Producer, Charlie Rose Correspondent
  • The Second City - For almost fifty years, The Second City has been the training ground for a host of famous alumni including John Belushi, Mike Myers.
  • Don Shula - Former Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins.
  • Phil Simms - Lead Analyst, The NFL on CBS Phil Simms
  • Mark Spitz - 11-Time Olympic Medalist More gold medals
  • Bart Starr - Athlete, entrepreneur, and humanitarian are just a few of the titles associated With legendary Renaissance man.
  • Roger Staubach - Football Legend Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer/President, The Staubach Company
  • John Stossel - Co-Anchor and Correspondent, ABC's 20/20 John Stossel was named co-anchor of ABC News
  • Ron Suskind - Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist - Bestselling Author
  • Joe Torre - Manager of the New York Yankees
  • Gary Tuchman - Correspondent, CNN
  • Dick Vitale - Legendary College Basketball Analyst
  • Bill Walton - Member of both the NBA Hall of Fame and College Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Pat Williams - Sr. Vice President of the NBA Orlando Magic.
  • Paula Zahn - Host, Paula Zahn Now and People in the News Emmy Award Winning Broadcast Journalist Paula Zahn.
All American Speakers acts only as an entertainment broker/producer for corporate functions, private engagements and special events. We do not claim or represent ourselves as the exclusive agent or management of any artist on this website. In most cases, we work directly with the celebrity and/or their management. All American Speakers Bureau and All American Talent and Celebrity Network is a combination celebrity marketing firm, speakers bureau, consultant and talent agency. Our celebrity booking agency supplies premier talent worldwide. In addition to arranging motivational speakers and keynote speaking engagements, we represent corporations, advertising agencies, public relations firms, promotional companies and not-for-profit organizations hiring celebrity talent and motivational speakers for advertising campaigns, cost for celebrity personal appearances, celebrity endorsements, celebrity appearance fees, celebrity marketing, best selling authors for booking si gnings, celebrity spokesperson campaigns, publicity events, live corporate entertainment, comedians for conferences, conventions, fundraisers or sales meetings, celebrity chefs for cooking demonstrations and various talent for trade shows, meet and greets, product launches, satellite media tours, direct/response marketing and infomercials.
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