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  • Event Planning & COVID-19

    For the past month, we have been guiding hundreds of clients with event changes as they navigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working diligently with each client and speaker to find win-win solutions. What planners need most right now is flexibility to move forward with planning in a post-COVID-19 world.

    Whenever you are ready, there is no better time to explore some of the great live and virtual speaker options available. We can help you secure virtual keynote speakers at discounted rates. Our team is committed to working in partnership with you to find the right solution and speaker for all your event needs.

  • Health & Wellness

    What makes people healthier, happier, and live longer? Get informed and inspired by the top experts in medicine, healthcare, lifestyle, and wellness.

  • Government & Politics

    Whether your political leanings are to the left or the right, these government and policy speakers share their expertise, acumen, and perspective on the current political landscape.

  • Business Leaders

    From start-up entrepreneurs to CEOs, and financial experts to social media gurus, these business speakers share their experience and insights to help you achieve your goals faster.

  • Influential Women

    Groundbreaking. Trailblazers. Innovators. Pioneers. Living Legends. These are just a few of the words that have been used to describe these influential and inspirational women who've had an impact and made lasting contributions to our society.



All American Speakers Bureau puts meeting and event planners first. Ranked globally as the #1 speaker booking site, our innovative approach to booking talent allows our clients to increase the efficiency and ease of selecting, booking, and planning speaking engagements. Event professionals enjoy full access to all motivational celebrity speakers while building a long-term partnership with their trusted booking agent.

For 15+ years, we have purposefully refrained from providing exclusive representation to celebrity speakers. Traditional speakers bureaus will tell you that they know their exclusive speakers better than anyone else. Our clients will tell you that it’s significantly more beneficial to work with a team of agents who know your events better than anyone else. Contact us to book a top keynote speaker and learn firsthand why our clients have trusted us with more than 5,000 events around the world.



AAE proudly serves Fortune 500 companies, PR & Advertising agencies, associations, non-profit organizations, colleges, and universities.