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AAE Speakers Releases 2nd Annual Speaking Report

In this year's Speaking Industry Benchmark Report, dig deeper into what it takes to provide the highest quality events possible.

AAE’s 2023 Speaking Industry Benchmark Report Coming April 3

A comprehensive view of the event industry in 2023 is almost here, and we can’t be more excited to share this year’s findings with all of you.

AAE Speakers Bureau Honored for Thought Leadership

All American Entertainment (AAE) Speakers Bureau is pleased to announce that the Company was recently named a Bronze Winner as part of the 17th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

AAE Speakers Bureau Employees Celebrate Achievements and Advancements

AAE Speakers Bureau is pleased to announce the achievements of several of its employees.
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A Q&A With ChatGPT On AI For Events

I asked ChatGPT a few questions about AI tools, what event planners should know about them, and predictions for the event industry in 2023.
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An Event Producer’s Guide To Super Bowl LVII

Here’s a roundup of the celebrities, performers, and media personalities who are about to benefit from the high-powered relevancy machine that is Super Bowl LVII.
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Event Planning Contracts: 5 Strategies For A Smoother Negotiation

Negotiating contracts for an event can be stressful and time consuming. Read five tips from AAE’s experienced team of contract specialists to make your life easier.
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Keynote Speakers To Watch In 2023

As we close out 2022 and look ahead to next year’s events, we invite you to meet some of the top keynote speakers for 2023 events.
Dr. Kristen Lee, internationally recognized, award-winning behavioral science clinician, researcher, educator, speaker, and comedian.

12 Tips For Well-Being In 2023 From Keynote Speaker Dr. Kristen Lee

Award-winning behavioral science expert and keynote speaker Dr. Kristen Lee shares how to resist New Year's resolution hype and protect your health in 2023.

AAE in 2022: Great Events, Industry Insights, Celebrating Success, and Giving Back

We’re energized and eager to dive into all that 2023 has in store, and we see an abundance of milestones, awards, and experiences to be grateful for as we look back at 2022. Here are a few of them.

5 Hot Speaking Topics to Watch in 2023

As holiday lights and music begin to appear, it marks the time for planning ahead into 2023 for what the coming year...

6 Tips For Maximizing Networking At Your In-Person Events

In an industry where attendee engagement is the gold standard of KPIs, it’s crucial to consider whether your events are set up to maximize networking among your attendees.
Speakers in the Metaverse

Metaverse Experts: Speakers On Next-Gen Event Technology

Take a closer look at the metaverse and what it could mean for events.

Black History Month Speakers: Celebrate, Educate, Advocate

Educate, entertain, and inspire your audience with these Black business leaders, authors, advocates, athletes, and innovators who continue to shape history each and every day.

Future Of Work Experts To Help You Prepare For Digital Transformation

As businesses and organizations aspire to navigate digital transformation, these future of work experts have the expertise to get you there.
Sustainable In-Person Evetns

5 Tips For More Sustainable In-Person Events

As you think about the first steps you can take to make your event more sustainable, consider these five recommendations.

University Events: How To Effectively Engage Your College Student Audiences

There’s a lot to take into account as you plan to effectively captivate your college student audience at university events. These five tips are a great place to start.

Angelica Malin On Women In Business, Event Moderating, And Her New Book

As the United States celebrates Women’s Equality Day, AAE was joined by speaker, writer, event moderator, and longtime champion of female empowerment, Angelica Malin.
Business Motivational Speakers

Business Motivational Speakers To Drive Company Growth And Success

Whether you're looking for a change in institution-wide mindset, opening your team up to more creative thinking, or providing your workforce with the tools to lead fulfilling careers, these business keynote speakers can take your corporate meeting to the next level.
Top Cybersecurity speakers

Top Cybersecurity Speakers: Entertaining and Educational Insight On Today’s Technological Landscape

If you’re hosting an event for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, look no further than some of today’s leading voices in digital security and emerging technologies.