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Follow These 7 Quick Tips for Successful Virtual Events

Virtual events can be smooth sailing when done right, there’s always that small chance that something outside of your control goes awry. These seven tips will help you make sure you’re ready for anything when your next virtual event comes around.

Top Authors, Activists, and Public Figures for Hispanic Heritage Month

These top Hispanic Heritage authors, activists, and public figures will inspire your audience with a culturally rich perspective during Hispanic Heritage Month.
5 Simple Steps to Solving the Event ROI Challenge

5 Simple Steps to Solving the Event ROI Challenge

AAE has developed a framework for measuring event ROI that gives event professionals the confidence that comes from knowing, not just feeling, that your event was a success. Here are five simple steps to solving the ROI challenge that you should consider before writing a single survey question.

Up Your Game with All-Star Sports Speakers Who Inspire, Motivate, and Educate

Just as there are numerous types of professions within sports, there are an equal number of talented sports speakers to consider. Below you’ll find some of All American Entertainment’s top-rated and highly inspirational sports speakers.

5 Helpful Tips That Every Event Pro Should Know For Finding Better Virtual Speakers

No matter how impressive a virtual platform is or how personalized an attendee’s experience is, a great virtual speaker is still an irreplaceable aspect of a successful virtual event. Here's how event professionals can get it right.
PTS Awareness

11 Inspiring Speakers Delivering Powerful Messages on Post-Traumatic Stress

Whether you are struggling with PTS yourself, or simply want to be a better ally for those struggling, these speakers will give you the information you need to make a difference.
4 Valuable Benefits to Virtual Event Sponsorship

4 Valuable Benefits to Virtual Event Sponsorships

Shifting your event strategy to include digital sponsorships can be an innovative way to differentiate your brand. When you are working with potential virtual event sponsors, here are 4 valuable benefits to communicate to them.
How Clubhouse Will Change the Future Of Events

How Clubhouse Will Change the Future Of Events

The Clubhouse App is buzzing with event industry experts and professional speakers actively engaging in real time on the platform. These are the three ways that I believe that Clubhouse will enhance the event industry and improve attendee experience.

Q&A with Christen Brandt, Author of AAE’s Book of the Month

We recently had a conversation with author Christen Brandt about her book, which is all about “unlocking your potential,” as well as her career, what it means to “make an impact,” and how companies can apply the principles of her book to better support their employees.

How to Easily Leverage Your Virtual Events Into Great Content Right Now

Virtual events can inform, entertain, and inspire audiences when done right. But they can also be gold mines for great content. Here are a few things event professionals should do to make sure they're getting the most out of their virtual events.
How to Incorporate Sponsor Engagement Virtually

How to Incorporate Virtual Event Sponsorship

The online setting opens up the conversation for new ways to incorporate sponsor engagement virtually and to ensure that sponsors are getting solid face-time and value in front of the audience. Check out these ways to incorporate sponsor engagement in a virtual setting.
COVID-19 Impact Speakers

Top COVID-19 Impact Speakers

We have gathered some of the top experts in fields related to COVID-19 response like economic impact, future trends, business impact, public health impact, crisis management, and mental health impact to help inform your audience on the implications and outcomes of the pandemic and how to move forward with confidence in the future.
LGBTQ Pride Month 2021

10 LGBTQ+ Activists and Speakers for Pride Month 2021

This Pride Month and beyond, elevate your event with diverse storytellers whose experiences and efforts are invaluable in the fight towards equality in gender and sexuality. For ideas on how to inspire your audience, check out these 10 LGBTQ+ activists and speakers.
Top Speakers to Watch on Clubhouse App

Meet the Clubhouse App and Its Top Speakers to Follow

We’re here to catch you up to speed on all things Clubhouse: what it is, how it works, what makes it different, and who the key players are on the platform and to answer the question of “should event professionals pay attention to it?”
Tips for Making Your Virtual Event a Glitch Free Success

Tips for Making Your Virtual Event a Glitch Free Success

These tips will help you ensure that your next virtual event is a positive, inspiring experience for all parties involved — from the talent to your audience, and even the event staff.

Top 10 Environmental Speakers for Earth Day 2021

The following environmental speakers are not only spreading awareness about the natural and technological solutions to climate change already within our grasp, but are also inspiring others to work toward making a better home for us all.
Military Appreciation blog featured image

The Five Most Inspiring Messages Military Speakers Deliver

If you’ve been on the fence about planning an event like this, Military Appreciation Month is the perfect reason to go all in. Read on for a rundown of the top military speakers organized by their most frequent themes.
Emerging Stars to Watch for at Super Bowl LV

Emerging Stars to Watch for at Super Bowl LV

We've done all the preparation for for the big game on your behalf. Read on for a rundown of the potential breakout stars of Super Bowl LV.
Best Speakers for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Best Speakers for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Read on for popular topics and speakers to further your audiences’ understanding and appreciation of the strides made to preserve the unique cultural history of those of Asian and Pacific Islander descent.
Diverse Voices to Elevate Your Events Beyond Black History Month

Diverse Voices to Elevate Your Events Beyond Black History Month

Including Black voices will not only elevate and deepen your program’s impact by providing diverse perspectives, but it will also give the much-needed visibility and opportunity for oppressed voices to be heard. Take a look at these popular topics and speakers to educate, motivate, and inspire your audience this Black History Month and beyond.