Thursday, September 23, 2021

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How Can An Emcee Boost Your Next Event

How Can An Emcee Boost Your Next Event?

As a part of our sit-down with Naif Productions CEO, Annette Naif, we aim to answer the question of whether or not your next virtual, in-person, or hybrid event needs a master of ceremonies (a.k.a. an emcee).

Native American Heritage Speakers And Their Community Advocacy

Check out some of the top Native American Heritage speakers and their crucial work in activism for their communities.

Embracing The Shift: 3 Things You Need To Know

3 things you need to know about Embracing the Shift from former NFL player, entrepreneur and author Anthony Trucks.

Disability Awareness: Building A More Inclusive Event Industry With Keely Cat-Wells

Keely Cat-Wells shares some insight and advice for how event professionals can build a more inclusive industry by hiring speakers and talent with disabilities.

Breaking News, Explained by Experts

Take a closer look at the crisis in Afghanistan, climate change, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic — what’s new, what are the implications for the event industry, and who is leading the response.

Life Moves Pretty Fast. Be Ready. Book a Virtual Expert.

Hosting a moderated virtual discussion with a top expert in the field is a great way to gain real-time insights on current events and educate your audience.

6 Things To Know Before Planning A Hybrid Event

This is not the time to return to normal — it is the time to innovate and improve your experience for your audience and the organizer. To help you do so, here is a list of the top six things to know before planning your hybrid event.

The Biggest Surprises Around The Event Industry Today

As a part of our sit-down with Naif Productions CEO, Annette Naif, we dissected what really surprised event professionals, planners, and coordinators across the country about the altered landscape of the event industry after COVID-19.

What’s Hot Right Now? The Trending Topics Of 2021

As a part of our sit-down with Naif Productions CEO, Annette Naif, we covered some of the trending topics that are forecasted to be major talking points for our keynote speakers in 2021.

Inspiring Veterans Day Speakers And The Powerful Messages They Deliver

This Veterans Day, as we honor and commemorate those who have honorably served during any war, consider bringing a military speaker to your event to share inspiring first-hand accounts and powerful messages on leadership, perseverance, and service.

How to Create Dynamic Hybrid Events: An Interview with Luke Goetting

Recently, All American Entertainment’s Head of Marketing, Jennifer Best, had the privilege of interviewing Luke Goetting, Founder of Puffingston Presentations, about all things hybrid events and what we can expect from a successful event in 2021 (and beyond).

Bring Those Summer Vibes to Your Events with These Adventurers, Authors, And Extreme Athletes

These adventurers, authors, and outdoors enthusiasts have scaled mountains, broken records, and poured their passions into this summer’s best page turners. Their rich life experiences and exhilarating stories allow them to wow audiences of all kinds and bring the excitement of summer to your events.

Why Work With A Speakers Bureau?

As a part of our sit-down with Naif Productions CEO, Annette Naif, we discussed the value of utilizing a speakers bureau when planning virtual, in-person, and/or hybrid events.

What Will Hybrid Events Look Like In 2021?

As a part of our sit-down with Naif Productions CEO, Annette Naif, we answer the question on many event professionals' minds -...

How to Choose The Right Speaker For Your Event In 5 Questions Or Less

A great way to drive registration, attendance, and participation for any event is by selecting a speaker. But, do you know what questions to ask when trying to make the perfect match to your event? Here are the five most important questions you need to ask when selecting and booking a speaker.
Amy McWhirter

Why Hiring a Virtual Event Emcee Makes Business Sense

What exactly can a virtual emcee do for your event, and how do you choose someone that best suits your needs? To answer that, we asked corporate presenter, emcee, and event host, Amy McWhirter.

All American Entertainment’s Jennifer Best to Speak at Evolve Homecoming Virtual Event

Jennifer Best, Head of Marketing at All American Entertainment (AAE) Speakers Bureau, has been invited to lead two sessions at Swapcard's upcoming Evolve Homecoming virtual event.
Top Tech Speakers for Cybersecurity, AI, and Futurism

Top Tech Speakers for Cybersecurity, AI, and Futurism

A technology keynote speaker can shed light on the current state of technological innovations, while giving insight into best practices from the constantly evolving tech industry. These popular technology speakers are here to help you do just that.

Speaker Bureau’s Success Story Highlighted in New PCMA Series

All American Entertainment (AAE) has been featured in Professional Convention Management Association’s (PCMA) latest course series titled “7 Change Actions.” The module, titled “Disruption & Adaptation,” features AAE’s success story of business recovery during the event industry downturn in 2020.
6 Inspiring Breast Cancer Survivors, Advocates, and Researchers

6 Inspiring Breast Cancer Survivors, Advocates, and Researchers

These motivational speakers are breast cancer survivors, advocates, and researchers with stories that will inspire and educate your audience as they shed light on breast cancer and all those whom it affects.