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Universities often provide students and the local community the opportunity to hear from a renowned speaker in order to improve education and facilitate conversation.  Colleges need speakers for a graduation or commencement, a lecture series, or even a fundraiser.  Guest speakers are chosen for their accomplishments, messages, and the lasting impact they will have.

University Events: How To Effectively Engage Your College Student Audiences

There’s a lot to take into account as you plan to effectively captivate your college student audience at university events. These five tips are a great place to start.
Virtual Events for College Students

How Universities are Leveraging Virtual Events to Drive Campus Engagement | AAE Speakers Bureau

Universities and colleges all over the country and world have had to make decisions about returning to campus this fall. Some have instituted precautionary...

Commencement 2018: Celebrity Speakers to Address Universities Across the Country

As spring rolls around, students across the country prepare to celebrate years of studying and hard work on their graduation day. At the same...
Women Demand Equal Rights in the 1920s

National Women’s History Month 2018: Inspiring Women Fighting for Equality

A Month for Women National Women’s History Month was officially created in 1986, although it had been celebrated by several states prior to its federal...
Diane Guerrero

Diane Guerrero: Actress. Author. Activist.

From prison jumpsuits to academic regalia: Diane Guerrero's many roles Diane Guerrero is an actress and advocate who speaks all over the United States about...