Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Useful Event Planning Resources for Meeting Planners & Event Professionals

We aspire to assist meeting and event planners every step of the way. As an event professional, you want to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible to make your event go smoothly. On this page, you will find event planning resources to assist you with your next corporate event. From choosing the perfect motivational speaker to learning how to use social media to market your event, these articles will help you ensure the success of your event. All American Entertainment is one of the premier celebrity booking agencies and top keynote speakers bureaus in the world. Let our industry experience be your guide.

5 Questions to Ask Before Planning a Hybrid Event

There are no fixed rules in hybrid event planning, but considering these questions can make a difference in the audience engagement, efficiency, and originality of your next hybrid event.

Follow These 7 Quick Tips for Successful Virtual Events

Virtual events can be smooth sailing when done right, there’s always that small chance that something outside of your control goes awry. These seven tips will help you make sure you’re ready for anything when your next virtual event comes around.
5 Simple Steps to Solving the Event ROI Challenge

5 Simple Steps to Solving the Event ROI Challenge

AAE has developed a framework for measuring event ROI that gives event professionals the confidence that comes from knowing, not just feeling, that your event was a success. Here are five simple steps to solving the ROI challenge that you should consider before writing a single survey question.

5 Helpful Tips That Every Event Pro Should Know For Finding Better Virtual Speakers

No matter how impressive a virtual platform is or how personalized an attendee’s experience is, a great virtual speaker is still an irreplaceable aspect of a successful virtual event. Here's how event professionals can get it right.
4 Valuable Benefits to Virtual Event Sponsorship

4 Valuable Benefits to Virtual Event Sponsorships

Shifting your event strategy to include digital sponsorships can be an innovative way to differentiate your brand. When you are working with potential virtual event sponsors, here are 4 valuable benefits to communicate to them.
How Clubhouse Will Change the Future Of Events

How Clubhouse Will Change the Future Of Events

The Clubhouse App is buzzing with event industry experts and professional speakers actively engaging in real time on the platform. These are the three ways that I believe that Clubhouse will enhance the event industry and improve attendee experience.

How to Easily Leverage Your Virtual Events Into Great Content Right Now

Virtual events can inform, entertain, and inspire audiences when done right. But they can also be gold mines for great content. Here are a few things event professionals should do to make sure they're getting the most out of their virtual events.
How to Incorporate Sponsor Engagement Virtually

How to Incorporate Virtual Event Sponsorship

The online setting opens up the conversation for new ways to incorporate sponsor engagement virtually and to ensure that sponsors are getting solid face-time and value in front of the audience. Check out these ways to incorporate sponsor engagement in a virtual setting.
Top Speakers to Watch on Clubhouse App

Meet the Clubhouse App and Its Top Speakers to Follow

We’re here to catch you up to speed on all things Clubhouse: what it is, how it works, what makes it different, and who the key players are on the platform and to answer the question of “should event professionals pay attention to it?”
Tips for Making Your Virtual Event a Glitch Free Success

Tips for Making Your Virtual Event a Glitch Free Success

These tips will help you ensure that your next virtual event is a positive, inspiring experience for all parties involved — from the talent to your audience, and even the event staff.