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Useful Event Planning Resources for Meeting Planners & Event Professionals

We aspire to assist meeting and event planners every step of the way. As an event professional, you want to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible to make your event go smoothly. On this page, you will find event planning resources to assist you with your next corporate event. From choosing the perfect motivational speaker to learning how to use social media to market your event, these articles will help you ensure the success of your event. All American Entertainment is one of the premier celebrity booking agencies and top keynote speakers bureaus in the world. Let our industry experience be your guide.

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How to Book a Keynote Speaker: Measuring Success

In this 4-part blog series on booking keynote speakers, we’ve covered a lot of ground. We started with determining how to identify the right...

How to Book a Keynote Speaker: Prepare for Success

In this post, we'll talk about how to prepare your speaker for their upcoming presentation at your event.
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How to Book a Keynote Speaker: Negotiating Your Booking Request

In this post, we’ll get into the speaker booking process, starting with the best way to set your speaker and event up for success.

The Dynamic Future Of Interactive Event Programming With Justin W. Ball, CMP

Justin W. Ball, CMP, CEO and event industry veteran, shares valuable insight on maximizing attendee engagement.

How to Book a Keynote Speaker: Identify the Right Speaker

This blog series will walk you through the stages of the speaker booking process so that you have the greatest likelihood of having an event that exceeds your goals and expectations. Let's start with identifying the right speaker.

Rethinking Wellness At Our Meetings And Events With Justin W. Ball, CMP

Justin W. Ball, CMP, CEO and event industry veteran, shares how rethinking wellness at events can create a better event landscape for us all.
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AAE Speakers Releases 2nd Annual Speaking Report

In this year's Speaking Industry Benchmark Report, dig deeper into what it takes to provide the highest quality events possible.
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Event Planning Contracts: 5 Strategies For A Smoother Negotiation

Negotiating contracts for an event can be stressful and time consuming. Read five tips from AAE’s experienced team of contract specialists to make your life easier.

6 Tips For Maximizing Networking At Your In-Person Events

In an industry where attendee engagement is the gold standard of KPIs, it’s crucial to consider whether your events are set up to maximize networking among your attendees.
Sustainable In-Person Evetns

5 Tips For More Sustainable In-Person Events

As you think about the first steps you can take to make your event more sustainable, consider these five recommendations.