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Health and wellness are crucial.  People are healthier, happier, and live longer lives when they focus on their diet, physical fitness, and mental health.  Wellness encompasses an entire person.  It is physical, mental, and social well-being.  Maintaining healthy relationships and limiting stress are as important as one’s physical health.

The Dynamic Future Of Interactive Event Programming With Justin W. Ball, CMP

Justin W. Ball, CMP, CEO and event industry veteran, shares valuable insight on maximizing attendee engagement.

Rethinking Wellness At Our Meetings And Events With Justin W. Ball, CMP

Justin W. Ball, CMP, CEO and event industry veteran, shares how rethinking wellness at events can create a better event landscape for us all.

Interview With Laura Putnam, Founder And CEO Of Motion Infusion

We’ve all heard that we should be moving more and sitting less. Keynote speaker Laura Putnam shares how to translate that movement into action and improve the health of the communities and spaces around us.
6 Inspiring Breast Cancer Survivors, Advocates, and Researchers

6 Inspiring Breast Cancer Survivors, Advocates, and Researchers

These motivational speakers are breast cancer survivors, advocates, and researchers with stories that will inspire and educate your audience as they shed light on breast cancer and all those whom it affects.

Top 10 Trending Mental Health Speakers | AAE Speakers Bureau

The introduction of a new infectious disease can be a trigger for stress and anxiety. The necessary measures to prevent the spread of disease,...

Inspiring Speakers for National Autism Awareness Month Events

April is National Autism Awareness Month, which raises awareness and promotes inclusion for those living with autism. Autism is a developmental disability which affects...
Autism Awareness

Light it up Blue for Autism Awareness Month, April 2017

Light it up blue this Sunday, alongside thousands of symbolic landmarks, as April 2nd, 2017 marks the 9th annual World Autism Awareness Day.  In...

Regina Dugan: Love and Work

Work/life balance is something people, especially working women, have been struggling to get right for years and years. When Regina Dugan was diagnosed with a...
sanitation reformer

Molly Winter: The Taboo Secret to Better Health

Molly Winter is a designer, researcher, and illustrator focusing primarily on wastewater treatment and sanitation innovation. She is the director of Recode, a nonprofit that...
fitness innovator

Greg Glassman: How a Health Nut Created the World’s Biggest Fitness Trend

Fitness is one of the fastest growing trends around right now. From clean eating branded Instagram pages to "athleisure" based clothing lines, people keep finding...