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Speaker Spotlight highlights unique and inspiring keynote speakers who are making a difference in the world around them. These men and women are thought leaders, educators, activists, entertainers, and politicians. Together, they form an interesting collection of informative presenters and motivational speakers. They touch on a wide variety of topics, including technological developments, minority representation, the social media revolution, health issues, social justice, and more.

6 Inspiring Breast Cancer Survivors, Advocates, and Researchers

6 Inspiring Breast Cancer Survivors, Advocates, and Researchers

These motivational speakers are breast cancer survivors, advocates, and researchers with stories that will inspire and educate your audience as they shed light on breast cancer and all those whom it affects.
Women's Equality Day 2021

Powerful Women’s Equality Day Speakers for an Unforgettable Event

This Women’s Equality Day, celebrate the triumphs of women past, present, and future with a powerful female speaker, no matter your event.

Q&A with Scott Steinberg, Author of AAE’s Book of the Month

We recently had a conversation with speaker and author Scott Steinberg about his book, which is all about how companies can manage high-tech change and disruption. We also talked about his inspiration for writing and what’s next for his career.

Top Authors, Activists, and Public Figures for Hispanic Heritage Month

These top Hispanic Heritage authors, activists, and public figures will inspire your audience with a culturally rich perspective during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Up Your Game with All-Star Sports Speakers Who Inspire, Motivate, and Educate

Just as there are numerous types of professions within sports, there are an equal number of talented sports speakers to consider. Below you’ll find some of All American Entertainment’s top-rated and highly inspirational sports speakers.
PTS Awareness

11 Inspiring Speakers Delivering Powerful Messages on Post-Traumatic Stress

Whether you are struggling with PTS yourself, or simply want to be a better ally for those struggling, these speakers will give you the information you need to make a difference.

Q&A with Christen Brandt, Author of AAE’s Book of the Month

We recently had a conversation with author Christen Brandt about her book, which is all about “unlocking your potential,” as well as her career, what it means to “make an impact,” and how companies can apply the principles of her book to better support their employees.
COVID-19 Impact Speakers

Top COVID-19 Impact Speakers

We have gathered some of the top experts in fields related to COVID-19 response like economic impact, future trends, business impact, public health impact, crisis management, and mental health impact to help inform your audience on the implications and outcomes of the pandemic and how to move forward with confidence in the future.
LGBTQ Pride Month 2021

10 LGBTQ+ Activists and Speakers for Pride Month 2021

This Pride Month and beyond, elevate your event with diverse storytellers whose experiences and efforts are invaluable in the fight towards equality in gender and sexuality. For ideas on how to inspire your audience, check out these 10 LGBTQ+ activists and speakers.
Top Speakers to Watch on Clubhouse App

Meet the Clubhouse App and Its Top Speakers to Follow

We’re here to catch you up to speed on all things Clubhouse: what it is, how it works, what makes it different, and who the key players are on the platform and to answer the question of “should event professionals pay attention to it?”