Top-Rated Speakers Bureau and Entertainment Booking Agency for Corporate Meetings and Business Events. Book an AAE Speaker Today.
Top-Rated Speakers Bureau and Entertainment Booking Agency for Corporate Meetings and Business Events. Book an AAE Speaker Today.
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What makes AAE stand out from other speakers bureaus?

As a full-service talent booking agency, All American Speakers exclusively represents the interests of meeting planners and event professionals to identify and secure the best speakers and celebrity talent for personal appearances, keynote speaking engagements, and promotional campaigns.

Speakers Bureau Questions

AAE is a full-service talent booking agency. What does that mean?

All American Entertainment (AAE) is a full-service talent booking agency connecting audiences with innovative minds and powerful ideas across all disciplines. We use modern technology, deep knowledge and personalized service to help event planners book the best speakers and entertainment for their organizations.

Our #1 goal is to make the planners’ job easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. To achieve this, we provide clients access to the world’s largest database of speakers, celebrities and other talent, plus tools and hands-on support throughout every stage of the booking process.

As one of the largest global talent buyers, AAE works to identify and engage the best speakers for conferences, conventions, and special events, and has booked over $250M of celebrity talent on behalf of thousands of the most respected companies and organizations in the world.

AAE has secured some of the most influential figures and thought leaders of our time, including: Sir Richard Branson, Amal Clooney, Mehmet Oz, Amy Poehler, Malcolm Gladwell, Magic Johnson, Caroline Kennedy, Anderson Cooper, Seth Meyers, and Bruno Mars.

Will I have to pay more for booking a speaker through a speakers bureau?

In most instances, speakers pay speakers bureaus a commission on their fee. This means you can enjoy free consulting service, independent recommendations, a high level of event coordination, plus many additional services at no additional cost to you.

Do you provide any resources for event professionals?

Yes, we have numerous event planner resources created by our industry experts. You can reach these resources by visiting our news & resources blog, or browsing our extensive database of custom speaker lists. If you really want to stay on top of what’s happening on the speaker circuit, subscribe to receive email updates with the latest event news & videos, hand-picked talent lists, and trending speakers in a wide array of industries.

Speaker Booking Process

I’ve never booked a speaker before. Where do I begin?

Through our years of experience and our extensive knowledge of speakers, topics, and what works, we will be with you every step of the way. First, we work closely with you to identify your exact needs and bring your speaker and program needs into sharp focus. Working hand-in-hand, we will help you find not only the right speaker on any given subject, but also the best speaker for the type of program you are offering and your audience.

For more information about how to book a speaker, please read Top Things to Keep in Mind Before Booking a Keynote Speaker and How to Book the Right Speaker for Your Next Event, or feel free to contact us at any time.

When is the best time to book a speaker?

It’s recommended to book a keynote speaker about 3-6 months in advance of your event. This gives you ample opportunity to find the best speaker for your event, while also allowing enough time for the preparation and promotion of your event. Celebrities and other highly sought-after speakers usually need to be booked further in advance, sometimes as early as a year or more ahead of time. Due to more limited availability, the latter is also true for a personality that has another source of employment and is not primarily a speaker, such as actors, athletes, coaches, celebrities, CEO’s, journalists, writers, TV personalities, etc.

For more information about the timeline leading up to your event, please read The Ideal Event Planning Timeline put together by our in-house logistics experts.

What happens after I choose a speaker for my event?

Once the speaker accepts the invitation, we issue a contract. A 50% deposit will be required, with the balance due just before the appearance, and speaker expenses billed afterward. Every step of the way, we will continue to communicate with you about your speaker's appearance, and work with you on any/all changes that can arise. The key to our success and to your comfort when working with us is our ability to anticipate and manage the wide range of changes and challenges that can occur throughout the event planning process. We will communicate with you so that your speaker understands your company and fully knows your specific program requirements. We handle every aspect of the speaker's role and whereabouts, allowing you to concentrate on planning other details of your event.

What if my speaker has to cancel because of an emergency?

All American Speakers can usually provide you with a replacement speaker. With access to thousands of great speakers worldwide and a solid network of close relationships with agents throughout North America, All American Speakers will work hard to handle any unforeseen complications or last-minute cancellations.

Speaking Fees

How much does it cost to hire a speaker?

Speaker fees typically start at $5,000. Additional expenses such as 1st class airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, meals, and any out-of-pocket expenses can be added to the fee. International travel and presentations generally carry an incremental increase in cost. The range of our speakers’ fees is as low as $5,000 to well over $200,000. Speaker fees are determined based on a number of factors, including the type of group (corporate, non-profit, educational, religious-based, etc.), the time commitment, required travel, and may change without notice. Prices listed on this website are intended to serve only as a guideline. In some cases, the actual price quote may be above or below the stated range. For the most current fee, please contact your representative.

Why are speaker fees given as a Fee Range?

Speaker fees are subject to change without notice. Fees often vary based on a number of factors including: speakers schedule, supply and demand, length of presentation, location of event and other factors. Fee ranges listed on this website are intended to serve only as a guideline. In some cases, the actual price quote may be above or below the stated range.

Like any business, speaker fees will fluctuate based on supply and demand. For example, if a speaker launches a new television show, wins an Olympic Gold Medal, or is involved in a major newsworthy event, it is not unusual for their fees to change (sometimes dramatically) without notice due to increased demand and limited availability. This is especially true for a personality that has another source of employment and is not primarily a speaker, such as actors, athletes, coaches, celebrities, CEO’s, journalists, writers, TV personalities, etc.

Please note that if a speaker has a fee range listed, such as $30,000 - $50,000, it indicates that their fee likely falls within that price range. It does not necessarily mean their exact fee is $30,000 - $50,000. For example, if a speaker’s fee is $47,500, they will appear in the category $30,000 - $50,000. Similarly, if a speaker’s fee is $11,500, they will appear in the fee category $10,000 - $20,000.

Many speakers have different fees for local events (some speakers will discount their fee), or may have different requirements for events located on the east coast vs. the west coast. Some athletes or coaches may charge different fees depending on whether it is "in-season" or during their off-season.

Although we strive to maintain the most accurate and updated fee information, speaker fees frequently change without notice. Please contact us with all of your event details and requirements and we will get you the most accurate fee directly from the speaker or celebrity within 24 hours.

Do celebrity speakers charge less if our engagement is local for them?

Some do. In some cases the difference can be as much as 20%. This is on a case by case basis. Please inquire with your representative.

Does it cost more for a longer presentation?

Generally, yes. Speakers set their own fees, so there is no real rule-of-thumb. Some speakers will charge a base fee for 1 hour talks, which increases for half and full days. Others will charge the same whether it's an hour appearance or an all day seminar.

Talent Agency Representation

What is the difference between “exclusive” and “non-exclusive” representation of speakers?

Many bureaus with exclusive speaker agreements are contracted to bring their small group of exclusively represented speakers a certain number of engagements and income per year. A bureau with exclusive speakers is usually going to promote and suggest one of their exclusive speakers over any of the other thousands of speaker choices - even if it means there might be speakers who are a better fit for your organization and/or event outside their bureau.

On the contrary, All American Entertainment acts as a buyers agent within the speaker industry. As such, we exclusively represent talent buyers; meeting planners and event professionals who are looking to book the best speaker or celebrity for personal appearances, speaking engagements, corporate entertainment, public relations campaigns, commercials, or endorsements. We do not exclusively represent talent or claim ourselves as the exclusive booking agency, business manager, publicist, speakers bureau, or management for any speaker or celebrity on our website. The fact that we don’t have exclusive speaker ties allows us to provide our clients with unbiased speaker recommendations. By nurturing equal relationships with all our speakers, we are free to recommend the best choice for your particular event and needs.

We respect our speaker bureau peers who maintain exclusive speaker relationships, but when it comes to client's customized needs, we feel a non-exclusive agency such as All American Speakers can provide better, unbiased customer service without exclusive speaker obligations and distractions.

Click here for more information on how we work and what makes our agency unique.

What if a celebrity has an exclusive agent?

Typically, we will co-broker the event with the exclusive agent in question. In just about every case, this does not costs you anything extra. Our booking agents have extensive relationships in the speaking industry and can save you innumerable telephone calls you might have to make to track down the exclusive agent for the speaker that you want to hire for your event.

Event Schedule & Talent Conditions

Do I have to arrange travel for the speaker?

We have an in-house Logistics team with highly experienced coordinators who can take care of all travel and accommodation arrangements for your speaker. Depending on your personal preference, we can make the travel plans and advise you of the arrangements, or you can handle the travel arrangements on your own.

Can I audio or video tape the presentation?

Many speakers allow taping at no additional charge. Some speakers do not wish to be taped or will charge an additional fee to record their presentation. It is important to make your requests known in advance, prior to booking the speaker. All American Speakers can then give you the correct information and include it in the contract.

Will the speaker attend special VIP events?

Many speakers will agree to attend a special event at no additional charge. Some speakers will not. It is important to make your special requests known in advance, such that our booking agents can include all the event requirements in the contract.

Can you help me secure books written by a speaker?

We can guide you to the most cost-efficient source for securing books authored by our speakers. To ensure that you receive the lowest possible price, we put you in direct contact with publishers and book providers who can fulfill your order, typically at a discount.

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