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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never booked a speaker before. Where do I begin?

Through our years of experience and our extensive knowledge of speakers, topics, and what works, we will be with you every step of the way. First, we work closely with you to identify your exact needs and bring your speaker and program needs into sharp focus. Working hand-in-hand, we will help you find not only the right speaker on any given subject…but the best speaker for the type of program you are offering and your audience.

How much do speakers cost?

Speaker fees typically start at $5000. In most cases all expenses are in addition to the fee. Additional expenses can include 1st class airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, meals, and any out-of-pocket expenses. International travel and presentations generally carry an incremental increase in cost. The range of our speakers is as low as $2500 to well-over $100,000. Speaker fees are determined based on a number of factors, including the type of group (corporate, non-profit, educational, religious-based, etc.), the time commitment, required travel, and may change without notice. Prices listed on this website are intended to serve only as a guideline. In some cases, the actual price quote may be above or below the stated range. For the most current fee, please contact your representative.

Do I pay more for using a speakers bureau?

In most instances, speakers pay speakers bureaus a commission on their fee. This means you can enjoy free consulting service, independent recommendations, a high level of event coordination, plus many additional services at no additional cost to you.

What is the difference between "exclusive" versus "non-exclusive" representation of speakers?

Many bureaus with exclusive speaker agreements are contracted to bring their small group of exclusively represented speakers a certain number of engagements and income per year. A bureau with exclusive speakers is usually going to promote/suggest one of their exclusive speakers over any of the other thousands of speaker choices - even if it means there might be a better speaker choice outside their bureau.

All American Speakers Bureau is contacted weekly by speakers interested in having us represent them exclusively. But we decline any exclusive ties in order to provide unbiased speaker recommendations to our clients. By nurturing equal relationships with all our speakers, we are free to recommend the best choice for your particular event and needs.

Even though we have no exclusive speaker ties, All American Speakers Bureau still has full access to any exclusive speaker that might fit your event. We frequently partner with the exclusive agencies to locate the best speaker for your event. These agencies give us a commission from their speaker fees just like a non-exclusive speaker, so there are still no extra fees to you. You will enjoy the same access to exclusive speaker calendars, fee schedules, technical requirements, special needs and other pertinent information to help you plan your event in the most efficient manner possible.

We respect many of our speaker bureau peers who maintain exclusive speaker relationships, but when it comes to client's customized needs, we feel a non-exclusive bureau such as All American Speakers Bureau can provide better, unbiased service without exclusive speaker obligations and distractions.

What if a celebrity speaker has an exclusive agent?

If that's the case, we co-broker the event with that agent. In just about every case, this costs you nothing more. Remember that we know who's who in the speaking industry and can save you innumerable telephone calls you might have to make to track down the exclusive agent for the speaker that you want.

Once I choose a speaker, what's next? How does All American Speakers support me once the choice has been made?

Once the speaker accepts the invitation, we issue a contract. A 50% deposit will be required, with the balance due just before the appearance, and speaker expenses billed afterward. At every point of the way, we will continue to communicate with you about your speaker's appearance, and work with you on any/all changes that can arise. The key to our success and to your comfort when working with us is our ability to anticipate and manage the wide range of changes, challenges, and more, which can occur along the way. We will communicate with you so that your speaker understands your company and fully knows your specific program requirements. We handle every aspect of the speaker's role and allow you to concentrate on planning other details of your event

Do I have to arrange travel for the speaker?

It is up to you. If you prefer, we can make the travel plans and advise you of the arrangements, or you can handle the travel arrangements on your own.

Do celebrity speakers charge less if our engagement is local for them?

Some do. In some cases the difference can be as much as 20%. This is on a case by case basis. Please inquire with your representative.

Does it cost more for a longer presentation?

Generally, yes. Speakers set their own fees – so there is no real rule-of-thumb. Some speakers will charge a base fee for 1 hour talks, which increases for half and full days. Others will charge the same whether it's an hour or all day seminar.

Can I audio or video tape the presentation?

Many speakers do allow taping at no additional charge. Some do not wish to be taped or charge an extra fee. It is important to make your requests known in advance, prior to booking the speaker. All American Speakers can then give you the correct information and include it in the contract.

Will the speaker attend special VIP events?

Many speakers will agree to attend a special event at no additional charge. Some will not. It is important to make your requests known in advance and include this in the contract.

Can you help me secure books written by a speaker?

We can guide you to the most cost-efficient source for securing books authored by our speakers. To insure that you receive the lowest possible price we put you in direct contact with publishers and book providers, who can fulfill your order, typically at a discount.

What if my speaker has to cancel because of an emergency?

All American Speakers can usually provide you with a replacement speaker. With access to literally hundreds of great speakers worldwide and a solid web of relationships with agents throughout North America, All American Speakers will work hard to handle any unforeseen complications or a last-minute cancellation

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