Trending Speaking Topics for 2022

3 Trending Speaking Topics To Watch In 2022

Here are the top 3 trending speaking topics in our industry that are driving the most demand heading into 2022.
Digitally Marketing Your Event with Google Ads

Digital Marketing for Today’s Event Professional: Utilizing Google Ads

Here's how event professionals can utilize Google Ads effectively to support your overall event marketing goals.
Event Industry Trends and Tips for Event Professionals

4 Event Industry Trends And Tips For November

Here are four tips allowing you to quickly get up to speed on what you need to know — including industry trends and predictions, and helpful resources from AAE.
Digitally Marketing Your Event with Google Ads

Digital Marketing for Today’s Event Professional: Know Your Audience And Their Expectations

In the initial piece of our new four part series “Digital Marketing for Today’s Event Professional,” we are going to take a look at how you can separate your event from the competition by simply knowing what your audience wants to see and hear. 

Women’s History Month: 10 Female Speakers Who Are Shaping The Future

From best-selling authors to trailblazing CEOs to Olympic gold-medalists and even aspiring young astronauts, the following women speakers have what it takes to make a lasting impact on your audience.

There’s a new legendary coach and experienced speaker in town: Hubert Davis.

Hubert Davis' latest career move has placed him in one of the most visible roles in all of sports and made him someone you should definitely be paying attention to as an event pro.

10 COVID-19 Safety Tips For Hosting A Hybrid Event

Here are some considerations and tips for event planners looking to put on a successful and safe hybrid event.
Black History Month Keynote Speakers

Black History Month: Powerful Leaders, Advocates, Athletes, And Experts

Inspire your audience this Black History Month with a prominent speaker, no matter your industry or desired impact.

Northstar Survey Shows Disconnect Between Event Organizers and Attendees

Survey results indicate a disconnect between what event professionals are planning and what attendees are expecting in 2022.
Delivering Happiness with Keynote Speaker Jenn Lim

3 Things You Need To Know: Discovering Happiness With Jenn Lim

In our recent interview, Jenn Lim joins All American Entertainment Head of Marketing Jennifer Best to discuss her “3 Things You Need To Know” about delivering happiness and her personal and professional views on happiness in the workplace.