The conversation around artificial intelligence is dynamic. It shifts daily as new technologies emerge with new capabilities that were previously thought to be science fiction. Gone are the days when this conversation took place solely within tech industries. AI tools are changing the way we do business across all fields and disciplines.

For the event organizer, being able to contribute to this conversation in any meaningful way means you’ve got to bring in one of the top artificial intelligence speakers, someone who can help your audience see through all the noise and understand more clearly how these technologies will impact their jobs, their industries, and their lives. To help you get started doing just that, let’s talk about eight leading AI speakers who are breaking down the world of generative AI for audiences around the world.

1. Zack Kass: Artificial Intelligence for All

Zack Kass is an AI futurist and former Head of Go To Market for OpenAI. With over 14 years of experience in AI, leading teams at major companies, Kass’s mission is to demystify AI, making it accessible and understandable for all. He’s renowned for his thought leadership in Applied AI, featured in publications like Fortune and Business Insider. Kass’s expertise, coupled with his techno-optimist views, ensures he delivers insights that resonate with audiences, making him a must-have keynote speaker on innovation at the heart of this technology.

2. Karen Palmer: AI Bias in Society

Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer, known as “the Storyteller from the Future,” is an award-winning XR creator and futurist. She explores the societal implications of AI through immersive experiences, enabling participants to experience the future today. Her work, which incorporates AI and facial recognition technologies, provides a unique perspective on AI bias and surveillance, sparking conversations about their integration into everyday life and their impact on societal structures. Palmer is sought after as an AI speaker for conferences worldwide, where she captivates audiences with her insights on the future of technology.

3. Andrew Busch: Artificial Intelligence and Economics

Andrew Busch, an Artificial Intelligence and technology futurist, served as the first chief market intelligence officer for the U.S. government’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission. With his expertise in filtering complex data into easily understood insights, Busch provides invaluable perspectives on how technology, including AI, influences markets and the economy. His briefings to various government bodies demonstrate his ability to translate technical concepts into actionable intelligence. Busch is a sought-after AI speaker, delivering keynote addresses that shed light on the intersection of AI and economics.

4. Heather McGowan: AI and the Future of Work

Heather McGowan

Heather McGowan, a workplace futurist and author of “The Adaptation Advantage,” is reshaping the future of work. With her focus on continuous learning in the post-pandemic world, McGowan challenges traditional notions of work and learning. Her insights, lauded by Pulitzer Prize-winning NYT columnist Thomas Friedman, inspire audiences to adapt to the evolving job landscape, making her an essential AI speaker exploring the future of work.

5. Mutale Nkonde: AI and Civil Rights

Mutale Nkonde, a technologist and cultural theorist, is a prominent figure in digital rights advocacy. As the CEO of AI for the People, she addresses AI’s societal implications, particularly regarding bias and civil liberties. Nkonde’s work in advocating for algorithmic accountability and her contributions to digital rights discussions make her a vital voice for any event seeking to understand the ethical dimensions of AI.

6. Kevin Surace: Generative AI and Digital Transformation

Kevin Surace

Kevin Surace, an internationally recognized futurist, brings unparalleled expertise in disruptive innovation and AI. With a track record of groundbreaking inventions and accolades, including being named INC Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Surace is a dynamic speaker who educates and entertains audiences worldwide. His talks on generative AI and digital transformation provide actionable insights for businesses navigating the AI landscape. Surace is frequently invited to deliver keynotes at conferences, where his engaging style and depth of knowledge leave a lasting impact on attendees.

7. Cortney Harding: Metaverse Advocate and AI Automation Speaker

Cortney Harding is a renowned change architect specializing in emerging technologies like AI, VR/AR, and spatial computing. As the Founder and CEO of Friends with Holograms, she’s collaborated with industry leaders like Coca-Cola and Meta, spearheading transformative VR/AR experiences. Harding’s ability to demystify complex concepts and provide actionable insights makes her a sought-after speaker for events seeking to navigate the AI landscape.

8. Ian Beacraft: AI Innovation and Gonzo Futurist

Ian Beacraft

Ian Beacraft is a pioneering force in AI and the future of work, serving as the CEO and Chief Futurist of Signal and Cipher. Renowned for his ability to make cutting-edge technology understandable and monetizable, Beacraft advises some of the world’s most innovative companies, including Samsung and Google. With his digitally immersive presentation style, he brings AI and extended reality to life, offering audiences tangible insights into the future of technology.

These artificial intelligence keynote speakers offer diverse perspectives and expertise, making them valuable additions to any conference seeking to join the AI conversation. Whether it’s demystifying AI, exploring its societal implications, or providing insights on its economic impact, these speakers ensure that audiences gain a deeper understanding of this transformative technology.