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Liana Zavo

Business Leader, Public Relations & Branding Practitioner; CEO of ZavoMedia PR Group & Author of "B.E.P.I.C."

Business Leader, Public Relations & Branding Practitioner; CEO of ZavoMedia PR Group & Author of "B.E.P.I.C."

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New York, NY, USA
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Liana Zavo Biography

As a Forbes thought leader and an official member of the Forbes Business Council, Liana Zavo, who serves as the creator of the multinational public relations business ZavoMedia PR Group, has a notable network of corporate client's that engage her services. The firm’s headquarters are located in New York City. She has the necessary skills to enhance brand recognition for her clients by securing placements on globally recognized media outlets. Zavo, in her capacity as a worldwide keynote speaker, avails herself of the privilege to deliver speeches at diverse events and conferences on an international scale. This affords her a valuable platform to solidify her position as a preeminent authority within her field, enhancing her credibility and establishing her as a recognized expert.

During her recent keynote talk at a global business conference held in Los Angeles, Zavo underscored the influential role of public relations (PR) and its profound impact on the achievements of enterprises, firms, and entrepreneurs on a worldwide scale. The media mogul emphasized the significance of personal branding and its influence on one’s online reputation. Liana also elaborated on the acquisition of authority and credibility using contemporary and conventional public relations tactics, in addition to emphasizing the need for establishing a digital presence.

Liana Zavo authored the self-development book B.E.P.I.C.: Be Seen & Be Heard, In her book, she speaks about her one-word acronym that helps professionals master their unique voice as business professionals.

The art of finding and speaking your unique voice may not be easy, but as long as you’re willing to take the first step to greatness, everything else can follow. She works with top business professionals, founders, and investors, such as Darren Prince, Bob Knakel, Neinstein Plastic Surgery Group, Ariana Huffington, and more. She recently headlined the Global Business Show in LA. Earlier this year, Zavo was invited to be a keynote speaker at the White Label Expo in London and in NYC.

Liana Zavo Speaking Topics

  • AI-Driven Media Monitoring And Sentiment Analysis

    How Corporations Can Implement AI: Best Practices

    PR practitioners are gaining insights into the public's perception of their clients' brands and companies thanks to media monitoring and sentiment analysis technologies powered by artificial intelligence.

    By analyzing the sentiment behind these mentions, a PR agency can identify patterns, trends, and potential crises that may affect clients' reputations.

    Artificial intelligence-powered media monitoring technologies use algorithms to look for mentions of a particular brand or topic in online news articles, social media posts, and even broadcast transcripts. clearly describing your aims and objectives before digging into media monitoring and sentiment analysis tools.

    There are several advantages associated with the use of media monitoring systems and sentiment analysis. These tools can assist public relations practitioners in:

    • Discerning patterns and tendencies pertaining to the manner in which their brands and clientele are referenced inside media sources.

    • Monitoring PR campaign performance.

    • Identifying possible crises in advance of their occurrence.

    These objectives might be following the mentions of your brand, gaining insight into the feelings of your customers, or following the trends in your business. Having this level of insight will make it easier for you to choose the appropriate tools and devise efficient monitoring tactics.

  • Establishing Brand Authority Matters For Small Businesses

    Four Ways To Leverage Your Brand

    Achieve Brand Authority Using These Four Steps Looking into the success of other brands, one of the common denominators is a confident brand authority. After years of experience and constant learning, I have developed a system of strategies that can help you create your own powerful brand presence. Let's discuss the four essential steps businesses can take to establish authority and leverage their brand in the market.

    • Use various social media campaigns that help grow your reach.
    • Create insightful content that is unique to your brand.
    • Strengthen your expertise by keeping up with the trends or even starting one.
    • Network with local media outlets to build your presence.

  • Five Ways To Be Successful In The Affiliate Marketing Industry

    Diversify your approach.

    • According to Statista, more than two billion people (paywall) purchased goods and services online in 2020. Today is the best time to take advantage of the increasing market. While one or two affiliates can help you jumpstart your business, it won’t be a long-term solution if you want to increase sales. Consider a diversified affiliate approach to reach a wider audience by reaching out to more affiliates. It also leads to potential opportunities that boost your online presence. Design a different marketing strategy for each and analyze which campaign works. In addition, evaluate your affiliate’s performance every quarter and see if there’s a need to mix up your strategies. It’s essential to know if you found the right match for your business, bringing us to the next point.

    Choose the right affiliates.

    • Find and research potential and high-ranking affiliates that would benefit both ends. As the affiliate marketing industry boomed, many hopped on the bandwagon to claim a spot, making it harder for businesses to discern which ones are the right choices for their brands. In my opinion, it’s best to start with your niche, look for affiliates who work in the same field, and have a good audience that matches your target market.

    Collaborate with an influencer.

    • It has been projected that brands will spend $15 billion on influencer marketing by the end of 2022. The increasing number of influencers is a game-changer that the affiliate marketing industry keeps an eye on. But before you reach out to influencers with a massive following, remember that you don’t always have to think about the numbers. Recently, micro and nano influencers have gained popularity and can play a significant role for brands on a tight budget. Additionally, you can strengthen your ties with your affiliates to maximize your partnership instead. Define your influencer marketing goals and ensure that your brand, products and other relevant information are correctly presented.

    Introduce loyalty marketing schemes

    • The competition has never been this intense since Covid-19 happened. It’s high time to develop unique strategies to encourage shoppers to keep coming back for more. One way is to give rewards to repeat and loyal customers. Provide incentives like cashback or credit points as part of the affiliate marketing software to increase bondage between advertisers and customers.

    Be open-minded to sudden changes in trends.

    • There’s a reason why the affiliate industry grows despite various crises. What used to be impractical a long time ago becomes acceptable in today’s narrative, paving the way for innovation. A perfect example of this is the cryptocurrency going mainstream. Since the launch and success of bitcoin and the emergence of NFTs, it never hurts to prepare and consider adding extra avenues when the time comes.

  • Communication, Small Businesses, Motivation

    Seven Ways To Maximize Effective Communication In Small Businesses

    The business industry knows that effective communication can bring powerful benefits, including mitigating conflict and improving employee engagement. Yet, I believe only a few have truly practiced the idea and harnessed the results. When you think about how health rules can affect attendance and face-to-face interactions, it is hard to get good at communicating quickly and clearly so that mistakes happen less often, especially for small businesses.

    Create a safe and trusting environment:

    • To begin building this type of culture, consider implementing an open-door policy and encouraging workers to share their thoughts about the company, work culture and other aspects. Their insights and perspectives are valuable resources for managers to know which rules need adjustments to promote productivity and a better working environment. Managers can start by having one-on-one meetings with each member weekly. However, ensure you also designate a scheduled time for open-door sessions so that everyone can still focus on their own work.

    Take advantage of communication workshops to identify communication patterns.

    • Consider holding a communications workshop yourself. And, based on what you learn, make minor adjustments as needed to convey a message that is easiest for your employees to understand. Small businesses should use communication programs even when the company is in its infancy. Problems are easier to handle when everyone knows how to communicate one another’s needs and manage conflicts.

    Create more opportunities by knowing the worker’s talents and skills.

    • Each of your team members might have undiscovered potential that would allow them to become a significant asset to the organization. Team-building exercises are great activities you can use to assess each member’s capabilities. While the world is adjusting to the new normal, virtual team-building activities are great alternatives for keeping everyone connected. Office trivia and remote scavenger hunts, for example, are fun events that can promote camaraderie and communication among members.

    Strengthen ties by encouraging collaboration.

    • While every person has a different role in the business, collaboration creates more opportunities for workers to communicate effectively with colleagues and business partners. Not everyone can converse naturally with others, but through collaborative opportunities, employees can gain more exposure and develop communication skills that will become handy in the future.

    Use a platform that keeps your team connected.

    • With remote work becoming more popular, the potential for miscommunication and errors among leaders and colleagues grows. Small businesses are no exception. Establishing a centralized system in the early stages can help ensure smoother operations when the company starts to expand. A single platform that provides information and conducts virtual meetings with business partners seamlessly can help save you time, energy and money.

    Encourage employees to share their ideas.

    • Provide instances where workers can share ideas and creative suggestions that could benefit the business. Ask questions and explore different angles to gather ample information. The more brains working on a project, the more options managers can gain in developing a concrete plan driven for success.

    Use surveys and social media to improve communication with clients.

    • Business communication doesn’t end within the company’s four walls; it also extends to consumers, who likely have plenty of feedback about your products and services. Brands can strengthen customer relations through surveys and social media listening to track customer feedback and create social media campaigns. A popular example is leveraging user-generated content with innovative and comical responses. Not only is this cost-friendly for small businesses, but it also creates engagement and encourages more customers to post more content, thus increasing the brand’s reach and publicity.

    Key Takeaway:

    • As small businesses continue to thrive in various industries, leaders should take the initiative to teach and guide team members in refining their communication skills. Good communication should be a basic foundation in every organization, as it can lead everyone to a more engaged, productive and successful future.

  • The Rise And Evolution Of FinTech Post-Covid

    The inception of a new industry reveals how the world is constantly evolving to keep up with the times.

    Financial technology, or fintech, disrupts the traditional methods of the financial sector, challenging corporate giants that once dominated the mainstream. This revolutionary movement paved the path for innovations that seemed impossible decades ago, but here we are, bearing witness to many breakthroughs that are making our lives easier. Even before the pandemic, fintech was becoming part of our daily life. It added flexibility to our financial ecosystem, that impacted how we budget and bank, shop and dine, trade and invest and pay bills. Without it, we might still be waiting in line for days or weeks to have our financial transactions processed, hampering our efficiency.

    Fintech And The Flourishing Of E-Commerce:

    • During the first lockdowns, the world realized the need to increase the digitization of financial services. Between January and June 2020, the global traffic in retail e-commerce increased by 35.5%. Everyone rapidly became comfortable with online shopping, from essentials like groceries and appliances to aesthetic needs. Contactless payments and mobile banking became the new norm to help people remain socially distant.

    Increased Demand For Cybersecurity:

    • Contrary to what analysts predicted about an impending downturn in digital investments, the pandemic influenced more people to engage in trading and investing apps. This interesting pivot helped fintech flourish and produce even more exciting ideas to bolster the industry. Now, we live in a reality where businesses require fewer face-to-face interactions, labor-intensive methods and energy-consuming processes because of fintech. However, the ability to provide secure transactions and make consumers feel protected anytime, anywhere must be a priority for companies worldwide since the digital frontier can be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Liana Zavo Videos

  • IDX TV at RSCL 2023 – interview with Liana Zavo, Founder & CEO ...
    After taking to the stage at RSCL 2023 at the Excel in London Liana Zavo Founder and CEO of ZavoMedia PR Group talks to IDX TV about why ...

Liana Zavo Books

  • B.E.P.I.C.: Be Seen & Be Heard
    B.E.P.I.C.: Be Seen & Be Heard

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Liana Zavo is a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics such as AI-Driven Media Monitoring And Sentiment Analysis, Establishing Brand Authority Matters For Small Businesses, Five Ways To Be Successful In The Affiliate Marketing Industry, Communication, Small Businesses, Motivation and The Rise And Evolution Of FinTech Post-Covid. The estimated speaking fee range to book Liana Zavo for your event is $10,000 - $20,000. Liana Zavo generally travels from New York, NY, USA and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other performances. Similar motivational celebrity speakers are Erik Qualman, Dr. Jackie Freiberg, Barbara Corcoran, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Mike Walsh. Contact All American Speakers for ratings, reviews, videos and information on scheduling Liana Zavo for an upcoming live or virtual event.

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