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Sylvia Acevedo

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Engineer, Rocket Scientist & Technology Leader; Inspirational Speaker; Corporate Director at Qualcomm; Former CEO of Girl Scouts USA

Engineer, Rocket Scientist & Technology Leader; Inspirational Speaker; Corporate Director at Qualcomm; Former CEO of Girl Scouts USA

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Santa Barbara, CA, USA
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Sylvia Acevedo Biography

From rocket scientist at NASA to corporate leader at Apple, Dell, IBM, Qualcomm, and Autodesk, Sylvia Acevedo has built an extraordinary career defined by innovation and leadership. Her pioneering work has earned her national acclaim, with Forbes naming her one of America’s "Top 50 Women in Tech". Her influence extends to boardrooms of Fortune 150 corporations, as well as private boards of directors, earning her recognition among Bloomberg’s Top 100 Influential Latin@s and 7th place on In Style's "Badass 50: Women Who are Changing the World".

A sought-after corporate speaker, Acevedo inspires and informs audiences, sharing her wisdom and trailblazing experiences. As the CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA, she led the most extensive program rollout in the organization's history, empowering over a million young women with vital skills in STEM, outdoors, entrepreneurship, and civics. A true trailblazer, champion of education, and inspirational role model to many, Acevedo is also the bestselling author of the middle school memoir "Path to the Stars: My Journey from Girl Scout to Rocket Scientist," motivating the next generation to reach for their full potential.

Equally renowned for her grassroots educational initiatives, Acevedo's contributions to education gained the attention of President Obama, who appointed her White House Education Commissioner. In this invaluable and rewarding capacity, Acevedo chaired the White House Initiative for Educational Excellence for Hispanics, driving significant policy change in Early Childhood Dual Language Education.

Acevedo holds a bachelor's degree with Honors in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico State University, and she was one of the first Hispanic Americans to have earned their graduate degree in Engineering from Stanford University. She received an Honorary Doctorate from Washington College for her STEM national leadership in 2020, and Duke University conferred her with an Honorary Doctorate of Science in May 2022. Book Acevedo today and offer your audience an encounter with a true change-maker.

Sylvia Acevedo Speaking Topics

  • Trailblazing Leadership: Igniting the Path to Success

    In today's dynamic business landscape, we need leaders who break barriers and drive transformational change. Join us for an impactful fireside chat, ""Trailblazing Leadership: Igniting the Path to Success"", led by an acclaimed global leader Sylvia Acevedo This talk dives into the heart of audacious leadership, showcasing how it sparks innovation and resilience. Through personal anecdotes and captivating storytelling, our speaker challenges conventional perspectives, inspiring new ways to imagine opportunities for career advancement and explore new ideas. This session isn't just about leadership • it's about the courage to maximize you and your organization’s potential to make a lasting impact. Join us to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered to ignite your journey towards trailblazing leadership. Embark on this mind-expanding exploration and engrain a trailblazer's spirit into your leadership ethos.

    This fireside chat will be an inspirational charge to your leadership ethos, instilling a trailblazer's spirit into your corporate DNA. Come prepared to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered to blaze your own trail in leadership and beyond.

  • Innovation Unleashed: Accelerating Your Competitive Advantage

    Join us for a vital session, ""Innovation Unleashed"", led by Sylvia Acevedo, highly awarded leader known for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. In an ever-changing business environment, staying competitive demands relentless innovation. Sylvia will demystify how to leverage this power to drive growth and stay ahead of the curve even in the most challenging environments. This talk isn't just about innovation—it's about boldness to transcend boundaries, creativity to envision the unimaginable, and tenacity to bring visions to life. It's about redefining the way you see and create value through captivating storytelling of hard learned lessons. Embark on this journey with Sylvia, and you'll leave not just inspired, but equipped with actionable insights to foster innovation and secure your competitive edge in today's dynamic world.

  • Igniting Change: The Unstoppable Journey of Hispanic Leadership with Sylvia Acevedo

    In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are thrilled to present an inspiring dialogue with one of the most formidable leaders of our time, Sylvia Acevedo. Celebrated globally and recognized by Bloomberg as one of the world’s most influential Latinos, and spotlighted in Smithsonian's book “30 Inspiring Latino/a’s that have shaped the United States,"" Sylvia embodies the strength of Hispanic leadership. In ""Igniting Change"", Sylvia recounts her remarkable trajectory—from her early days as a rocket scientist at NASA, to a prominent technology executive at Apple, IBM, and Dell, to a dedicated White House Education Commissioner under President Obama, and to her inspiring tenure as CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA. Her tenure at Girl Scouts was transformative, integrating STEM programming and leading the charge as over 1 million Girl Scouts earned STEM badges. Today, Sylvia is a pioneering global leader on numerous corporate boards.

    Through sharing her life’s journey, Sylvia underscores the resilience, courage, and relentless persistence that have characterized her trailblazing career. With her inspiring narrative, she illuminates the powerful role that these traits play in fostering innovative leadership and effecting meaningful change. This talk is more than a personal story—it's a celebration of the power of the embracing your potential, who you are and its transformative impact on leadership. Sylvia inspires you to embrace and celebrate your own potential, using it as a source of strength, resilience, and innovation.

    Prepare to be inspired by Sylvia Acevedo's compelling story of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to transformation. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a leader who has repeatedly shattered glass ceilings and continues to inspire the next generation of leaders. Don't miss this unique chance—join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month through an empowering narrative that is sure to embolden and motivate.

  • Radiant Rise: Sylvia Acevedo's Inspiring Journey of Female Empowerment and Leadership

    This Women's History Month, join us for a thrilling dialogue with Sylvia Acevedo, a leading figure who has continually broken barriers and redefined women's leadership. Recognized as one of the world’s most influential Latinos by Bloomberg, and 7th on In Style's Badass 50: Women Changing the World,"" Sylvia's story is a beacon of inspiration for women around the globe.

    In ""Radiant Rise"", Sylvia shares her remarkable journey, from her early career as a NASA rocket scientist to being a tech executive at giants like Apple, IBM, and Dell. Not stopping there, she served as a White House Education Commissioner under President Obama and as the innovative CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA. Here, she instilled a passion for STEM among a generation of girls, resulting in over 1 million STEM badges earned under her leadership. Today, Sylvia stands as a triumphant Latina on several corporate boards.

    Sylvia's tale isn't just a personal success story—it's a testament to the power of every women's resilience, courage, and unwavering persistence in the face of challenges. Her trajectory serves as an empowering narrative for aspiring women leaders and disruptors. Join us to celebrate Women's History Month with Sylvia's inspiring story. Get ready to be moved, empowered, and motivated to rise to your potential, This is more than a session—it's a celebration of female empowerment and leadership that will inspire you to ignite your own trailblazing journey.

  • Career Acceleration

    For the driven mid-level executive with eyes on the C-Suite as well as the new hires with dreams of the top, the journey can often seem like an uphill battle • filled with complexities, fierce competition, and sometimes, uncertainty about the path ahead. This is an unparalleled opportunity to learn directly from a leader who has tread this path successfully and is now committed to lighting the way for others. Welcome to our enriching session, "Career Acceleration. Unleashing Leaders Potential to the Top".

    Your mentor on this journey, a trailblazing leader with a wealth of diverse industry leadership experiences that started as a rocket scientist at NASA, and then who carved an enviable path of innovation and leadership as a tech executive at IBM, Apple, and Dell. Sylvia pivoted to public service leadership where she became a White House Education Commissioner and then CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA. As CEO, Sylvia spearheaded the most extensive program rollout in its history, with over a million STEM badges earned by Girl Scouts during her tenure. Now serving on board director roles in Fortune 150 public and private companies, she offers unique insights into the nuances of attaining and succeeding all the way to the C-Suite.

    However, the path to the top isn't always smooth. It's filled with humbling experiences, stumbles, and lessons, each one molding the leader in unique ways. Through her own experiences, Sylvia seeks to provide you with invaluable wisdom, helping you navigate your path with resilience and adaptability.

    Embark on this inspiring journey with us and accelerate your progression to the top tiers of leadership. This session is an extraordinary chance to refine your leadership style, uncover personal growth opportunities, and equip yourself with the knowledge to successfully navigate the complex journey of leadership. Let's pave your path to success together.

Sylvia Acevedo Videos

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Sylvia Acevedo Books

  • Path to the Stars: My Journey from Girl Scout to Rocket Scientist
    Path to the Stars: My Journey from Girl Scout to Rocket Scientist

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    Sylvia Acevedo generally travels from Santa Barbara, CA, USA, but can be booked for private corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other performances. For more details, please contact an AAE Booking agent.
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Sylvia Acevedo is a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics such as Trailblazing Leadership: Igniting the Path to Success, Innovation Unleashed: Accelerating Your Competitive Advantage, Igniting Change: The Unstoppable Journey of Hispanic Leadership with Sylvia Acevedo, Radiant Rise: Sylvia Acevedo's Inspiring Journey of Female Empowerment and Leadership and Career Acceleration. The estimated speaking fee range to book Sylvia Acevedo for your event is $30,000 - $50,000. Sylvia Acevedo generally travels from Santa Barbara, CA, USA and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other performances. Similar motivational celebrity speakers are Erica Dhawan, Linda Alvarado, Carey Lohrenz, Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour and Shayla Rivera. Contact All American Speakers for ratings, reviews, videos and information on scheduling Sylvia Acevedo for an upcoming live or virtual event.

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