Event planners and attendees have increasingly begun to recognize the positive impacts of successful virtual events. No matter what kind of event and audience you are planning for, AAE is here to help with virtual event ideas and virtual event topics. Check out these top 10 trending topics for virtual events that have been most popularly requested during this unique time.

1. Speakers on Navigating Change

It is no surprise that navigating change is an increasingly popular topic during these unprecedented times. From future-proofing your business to how to motivate employees in a meaningful way, the top change management speakers use their experiences to inspire a positive outlook on how to navigate change.

2. Diversity and Inclusion Speakers

Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Event Ideas

The inequalities between racial and gender groups are being pushed to the forefront of conversation throughout the United States and beyond. Diversity and inclusion have been popular virtual event topics for all different kinds of organizations for audiences to become more aware of implicit biases and take personal action towards a more equitable society. The best diversity and inclusion speakers are well-equipped to express, teach, and inspire your audiences to have a more holistic and educated perspective on societal disparities, making it a very impactful virtual event idea.

3. Mental Health Speakers

When changes happen in the world and are out of our control, it can be hard to feel like your best self. Mental health advocates, experts, and professionals can provide actionable ways to boost morale and encourage reflection that can lead to tangible results in the self. Top mental health speakers will motivate your audiences to look within themselves to grow in a positive way, and encourage them to get help when needed, regardless of the circumstances. Here are tips from mental health and human behavior experts for how to manage stress during the coronavirus pandemic.

4. Speakers on Sustainable Living and the Environment

Sustainable Living Virtual Event Ideas

A virtual event idea that has a unique role in today’s society is that of protecting the environment. The emphasis on making changes towards a more sustainable future has always been relevant. However, with so much change, it is no surprise that people are interested in ways they can be more active participants in the fight for a better planet. These popular Earth Day and environmental speakers and advocate for bettering the earth year-round.

5. Motivational Speakers

Oftentimes, we may need to be reminded about how far we’ve come and how much we have already achieved to get to where we are. Top motivational speakers effectively illustrate this notion through their stories and experiences, which are guaranteed to leave your audience inspired and with a fresh outlook.

6. Speakers Who Lead in Times of Adversity

In uncertain times like these, it is important that those in leadership positions set good examples and make educated decisions for the greater good of the people they lead. Many business leaders comment on the importance of resilience, thoughtfulness, and creativity as ways to best ensure that a company can grow rather than just survive when faced with adversity. These popular business leadership speakers touch on the importance of workplace welfare, employee satisfaction, and company culture to lead teams successfully.

7. Artificial Intelligence Speakers

Artificial Intelligence Speakers for Virtual Event Ideas

As so much continues to change, new technologies are popping up to address the range of new challenges this time brings. Artificial intelligence has grown as an idea and concept exponentially over the past decade, with unique applications and demonstrations providing insight into how AI can be applied in many different industries. Some of the top requested speakers are authorities on artificial intelligence, a virtual event idea that can give a new perspective on how the future may look to your audience, regardless of industry.

8. Crisis Management Speakers

Life is unpredictable, and no matter how hard we may try, there will always be unexpected changes with which we must adapt. Regardless of what kind of stress you may be put under, there are actionable ways to move forward with a clear mind and thoughtful pursuit forward. Crisis management speakers know how to work under pressure, and how to motivate others to do the same.

9. Speakers on Social Justice

Social issues are common virtual event ideas because there are a range of problems that plague different aspects of society. However, with each issue, there are brilliant minds with unique perspectives and ideas for how to change society for the better and propel us all into a more just future. Social justice speakers have backgrounds in advocacy and activism, and experience using their varied platforms to drive tangible change.

10. Growth Mindset Speakers

Growth Mindset Speakers Virtual Event Ideas

Growth mindset refers to the idea that one can develop their talents, intelligence, and abilities over time with effort. This mindset goes even further in fostering a love for learning and curiosity, and confidence in the ability to self-improve. In a time where a lot of what was previously considered “normal society” is at a stand-still, people are more interested than ever in being able to work on themselves to best achieve their personal goals. Top growth mindset speakers include teachers, psychologists, and business leaders who can help audience members help themselves by using this powerful model.

To inspire topical and relevant dialogue for your audience, consider finding a speaker on one of these trending virtual event ideas. When planning an event, virtual or live, we are here to help guide you. Whether you need tips for hosting a virtual event or help finding the perfect keynote speaker, we are here to help you host an unforgettable event.