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Anya Pechko

Founder of Project Be & Digital Wellness Coach

Founder of Project Be & Digital Wellness Coach

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Charleston, SC, USA
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Anya Pechko Biography

Anya Pechko is a Digital Wellness Coach, Speaker, and founder of Project Be, a platform raising awareness about the growing dangers of social media and digital attachment—she is skilled in team leadership, organizational workflow, and project management. She is committed to creating the conditions necessary for human relationships, communities, and personal well-being to thrive in the digital age.

Pechko also created the 'Digital Wellness for Families' course, an 8-week online program designed to teach parents and families how to live more authentic and connected lives by spending less time with technology.

Anya Pechko Speaking Topics

  • Color Code - Personality Science

    Color Code is part of the psychometric movement which measures behavior. This assessment is a tool for leadership and team building, but it also transcends into our everyday lives; understanding that we all have different driving core motivators creates room for more empathy, emotional and social intelligence, and better understanding our selves and the world around us.

    After completing the workshop, participants will:

    • Understand the four core personality types.
    • Discover how to motivate others.
    • Read people more easily and accurately.
    • Identify strategies for communicating more effectively.
    • Improve interpersonal relationships with others.
    • Enhance overall business performance.

    Workshop participants develop increased levels of self-awareness (the #1 essential element for developing ?emotional ??intelligence skills); learn how to understand and work with team members effectively; improve communication skills; and are better prepared to create successful professional relationships.

  • Digital Wellbeing at work and at home - How to gain our time and autonomy back

    Digital wellbeing has become an increasingly important topic, particularly in the age of AI. Integrating technology into our daily lives has significantly increased screen time, which can adversely affect mental and physical health. Promoting digital wellness and balancing technology and human interactions is essential.

    Below are just some of the benefits of the program:

    Improved mental and physical health:

    • Attendees will learn how to manage their technology use to avoid burnout and reduce the negative impact of screen time on their health.

    Better work-life balance:

    • By creating a healthy balance between technology use and human interactions, attendees can improve their overall quality of life, personally and professionally.

    Reduced technology-related stress:

    • Reduce stress and improve their well-being by learning to manage technology use and minimize digital distractions.

    Increased productivity:

    • Attendees can optimize their workflow and finish more quickly by learning effective time-management strategies and minimizing digital distractions.

    Enhanced teaching effectiveness:

    • By promoting digital wellness and modeling healthy technology use, faculty members can set a positive example for students and improve their teaching effectiveness.

    Greater student engagement:

    • Faculty members can enhance student engagement and facilitate more profound learning experiences by learning how to integrate technology and digital wellness tools effectively into their teaching practices.

    Improved collaboration and communication:

    • Faculty members can enhance cooperation and communication within their teams and with students by promoting digital wellness and encouraging healthy communication habits.

  • New Employee Engagement Tools - Digital Wellness

    As professionals need help managing the pressures of conducting their work & personal lives through digital devices, many feel unconnected, unproductive, and overwhelmed. Digital technology has been a constant daily presence for millennial and Gen Z employees. But with all its power and potential, no two generations know better about its associated harms. As either new entrants into the workforce or established virtual or hybrid employees, leading a successful professional life requires changing personal digital usage mindset. The course will focus on helping participants to be more present and improve the balance of technology use in our lives. The participants will learn how to create healthier relationships with phones and optimize digital habits for better productivity, mental health, communication, and work-life balance. The training will be conducted for six weeks in weekly 45-minute sessions, with a first 30-minute keynote explaining what Digital Wellness is and 15 min spent on Q+A. Followed by five weekly 30-minute sessions going over the individual insights, ways to address them, and implementing digital wellness. Below is an example of the topics discussed in each session.

    • Week 1 • What is Digital Wellness:
    • Why it matters.
    • Understand how technology is impacting our brain and influences our everyday lives.
    • Our well-being is suffering (facts • mental health).
    • Our sleep is suffering (facts-statistics).


    • Our health and eating habits are suffering

    • Our fitness is suffering (facts • sedentary life -obesity).
    • Our relationships are suffering (facts-loneliness-social trends Generation Z).
    • Our work is suffering (facts • work-life balance • remote working).
    • Reclaim your time, Reclaim your life.
    • How this course will change your life (time gained back).

    • Week 2: Sleep, Rest, and the Importance of Boredom

    • Why we sleep-Matthew Walker Ph.D.

    • Circadian rhythm-sleep schedule-recommended hours.
    • How technology has disrupted our sleep-over-stimulation.
    • Improve memory, learning, motivation-less distraction.
    • What to do to start resting better (list of tips).
    • Nighttime ritual-no screens-wind down.
    • Be bored-relaxed-downtime.

    • Class 3: Eating Habits and Nutrition:

    • Poor sleep leads to poor health-diet-obesity-eating disorders (facts + statistics).
    • How technology disrupts eating habits.
    • Mindless snacking-distracted eating.
    • Family mealtimes (social connection) rise of Uber eats.
    • Eating rituals (primal needs: candles-prayers-story-telling-what did you learn today).
    • Tech-free meal times.
    • Social media-body image-eating disorders.
    • Importance of cooking-grocery shopping (hunter-gatherer) vs. fast food-Uber eats.
    • Blue zone diet-nutrition facts-brain energy (Chris Palmer M.D.).

    • Class 4: Movement, Exercise, and Fitness Importance of Breath

    • Sedentary life • we aren’t built to sit around all day

    • The importance of exercise and movement
    • Get up and move, go for a walk, step outside
    • Find small opportunities to be more physically active (tips)
    • Digital fatigue • take healthy breaks from work-set alert
    • Avoid work burnout and distraction
    • Re-focus and re-energize
    • Zoom fatigue
    • Distraction
    • Burn out
    • How much do we need and why
    • How have phones impacted us physically

    • PROJECT BE: Class 5 —Social Cohesion

    • We are a tribal species

    • Lost sense of community, belonging, and social connection
    • Technology has made us more isolated and alone
    • Loneliness affects our physical and mental health
    • People get their 'social dope' through superficial online interactions
    • Social media -'parasocial relationships'-social needs-e-celebrities
    • Dating apps
    • We crave face-to-face interactions (at work, at home, with friends)• 'The Village Effect'
    • The internet can bring out the worst in people-attacks, bullying, judgment
    • Online relationships can’t replace real-world relationships
    • Remote work-teamwork • Zoom fatigue-watercooler talk-community

    • Class 6: Purpose • Work

    • The need for reflection and thinking (daily opportunities: commuting, bathroom, shower, walking outside, being still)

    • The power of boredom • not being 'busy' all the time
    • Long-term goals vs. instant gratification
    • Dopamine hits through technology and over-stimulation
    • Smart and balanced use of technology
    • Active (doing work-communicating) vs. Passive (just consuming-scrolling through social media)
    • Engage with real life
    • Use technology, don’t let technology use you
    • Creating boundaries • work-life balance
    • Summary-tips, advice, and suggestions
    • Delete delete delete
    • Take off all alerts
    • Delete social media (transfer to a different device and log on once per week)
    • Use do not disturb button
    • No phones in the bathroom
    • No phones in bedrooms
    • No phones at dinner
    • No phones at meetings

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Anya Pechko is a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics such as Color Code - Personality Science , Digital Wellbeing at work and at home - How to gain our time and autonomy back and New Employee Engagement Tools - Digital Wellness. The estimated speaking fee range to book Anya Pechko for your event is $5,000 - $10,000. Anya Pechko generally travels from Charleston, SC, USA and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other performances. Similar motivational celebrity speakers are Nataly Kogan, Angelica Malin, Ann Lewnes, Allyson Kapin and Amanda Russell. Contact All American Speakers for ratings, reviews, videos and information on scheduling Anya Pechko for an upcoming live or virtual event.

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