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Alex Goryachev

AI, Future of Work & Innovation Expert; WSJ Bestselling Author; Former Managing Director of Innovation Strategy at Cisco

AI, Future of Work & Innovation Expert; WSJ Bestselling Author; Former Managing Director of Innovation Strategy at Cisco

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Alex Goryachev Biography

Alex Goryachev is a globally recognized technology and business executive, celebrated for his sterling reputation as a leading innovator in the complex and ever-evolving world of emerging technologies, including the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

With over two decades in the industry, he's also a Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of "Fearless Innovation: A No-Nonsense Guide" and has masterfully navigated every phase of the Internet revolution and digital transformation, holding senior roles at renowned companies like Amgen, Cisco, IBM, Napster and Pfizer, and lending his digitization expertise to numerous Fortune 500 companies, Startups, Non-profits, Universities and Governments around the world. He serves as a US Technical Advisory Group member to the International Standards Association (ISO), defining global standards for Innovation Management.

As the former General Manager of Global Innovation Centers and Managing Director of Innovation Strategy at Cisco, a $50B technology giant, Goryachev pioneered the concept of ecosystem co-innovation. He created and led a global network of emerging technology innovation centers in North and South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific, unifying and advancing strategic co-innovation partnerships and advanced technology programs with internal and external customers, partners, developers, academia, and governments.

As an advisor to companies seeking to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), Goryachev helps organizations to challenge norms and transform their culture to drive innovation and success.​

Goryachev's influence extended to grand stages like the World Economic Forum, as well as London and Rio Olympic Games, where he spearheaded the Innovation Track, a role that showcased his ability to lead large-scale, international initiatives. His leadership in Employee Innovation Programs earned spots in Fortune's Best Places to Work rankings. Goryachev’s regular contributions to leading publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and Chief Executive Magazine, help organizations stay ahead of the ever-changing innovation landscape.

An eloquent, dynamic speaker and advisor, Goryachev has brought fresh perspectives to audiences in over 250 speaking and workshop engagements across four continents. His candor, wit, and experience shine through as he demystifies AI, Digital Transformation, and other hot innovation topics, encouraging audiences to rethink norms, optimize processes, and embrace growth and innovation.

Goryachev has received numerous industry awards for innovation and culture transformation and is a sought-after expert who shares his knowledge and experience with diverse audiences, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Goryachev's transformation from a self-taught immigrant kid to a leading authority in the AI-driven technological world is an extraordinary story. Lauded by Forbes as 'One of the World's Top Experts on Innovation,' his personal evolution transcends a mere career path; it's a guiding philosophy enriched by steadfast discipline, inventive thinking, and constant curiosity.

Alex Goryachev Speaking Topics

  • Embracing the AI Revolution: Separating Fact from Fiction and Preparing for What's to Come

    The buzz around AI has reached a fever pitch, with many businesses struggling to separate fact from fiction.

    As AI continues to revolutionize industries from healthcare to finance, it's more important than ever to understand its potential impact and how to prepare for the future. In this keynote, we'll explore the current state of AI, debunk common myths, and dive into practical applications for businesses. From understanding the limitations of AI to harnessing its power to drive growth, this presentation will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the AI revolution with confidence.

    Key Takeaways (customized for each event and audience)

    • A Clearer Understanding of AI: Gain a deeper understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI), dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding the technology. Leave with a more accurate perception of what AI can and cannot accomplish, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding its integration into your business strategy.

    • Practical Applications: Explore real-world applications of AI across various industries, from streamlining operations to enhancing customer experiences and driving innovation. Discover how AI can be harnessed to unlock new growth opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

    • Considerations and Limitations: Understand the ethical implications and limitations of AI, ensuring responsible and mindful implementation. Learn about the societal and legal frameworks that should guide AI adoption, allowing you to make decisions that prioritize the well-being of individuals and communities.

    • Strategic Decision-Making: Acquire actionable insights on how to navigate the complex landscape of AI adoption. Gain the knowledge and tools necessary to make strategic decisions that align with your organization's goals and values, maximizing the potential benefits of AI while mitigating potential risks.

    • Confidence in the AI Revolution: Leave with a sense of confidence and preparedness for the AI revolution. Armed with a clearer understanding of AI's impact and practical applications, you'll be better equipped to embrace the opportunities it presents and drive transformative outcomes within your organization.

    Target Audiences

    This keynote is designed for non-technical professionals and decision-makers across industries who seek to demystify the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and harness its potential for their organizations."

  • The Robots Are Coming! Are You Prepared for the Future of Work? How AI and Automation Are Changing the Workforce

    As we move towards a more technology-driven world, AI is set to become one of the most important technological advancements of our time. But with this rapid technological evolution comes uncertainty and concern.

    How will AI impact our jobs, our lives, and our world?

    In this keynote, we'll dive into the future of AI and explore how organizations can embrace innovation while staying ahead of the curve. We'll discuss the implications of AI on business operations and provide practical insights on how to prepare for the future of work in the age of AI.

    Get ready to learn how to harness the power of AI without losing your mind (or job)!

    Key Takeaways (customized for each event and audience)

    • Deep Understanding of AI's Impact: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how AI is reshaping the future of work and its implications for organizations and talent. Uncover the dynamic impact of AI on work processes and organizational behavior, as we delve into its potential to revolutionize workflows, empower employees, and cultivate a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

    • Practical Insights for Navigating Change: Acquire practical insights and strategies to navigate the changing landscape of work in the age of AI. Discover how to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving environment, leveraging AI to your advantage and staying ahead of the curve.

    • Seizing Opportunities: Learn how to identify and seize the opportunities presented by AI in your organization and career. Explore ways to leverage AI to enhance employee engagement, efficiency, collaboration, and job performance, develop new skill sets, and stay competitive in a rapidly changing world.

    • Charting a Successful Future: Discover how to chart a course towards a successful and fulfilling future amidst AI-powered workplace. Gain clarity on setting personal and professional goals, aligning them with the opportunities created by AI, and crafting a roadmap for long-term success.

    • Empowered Decision-Making: Acquire the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions regarding AI integration and adoption. Develop a deep understanding of the ethical considerations, potential risks, and best practices for responsible AI implementation, ensuring that you and your organization harness AI's power while upholding values of transparency, fairness, and inclusivity.

    Target Audiences

    This keynote is designed to engage and empower a diverse range of professionals, including forward-thinking business leaders, including HR. Learning and Development, Organizational Design and Development professionals across various specializations

  • The Next Decade of Innovation: How Emerging Technologies Will Reshape Our World

    As we look to the future, it's clear that emerging technologies will play a central role in shaping our world. From Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things, these disruptive technologies are transforming the way we live, work, play and learn.

    During this keynote, attendees will explore the latest innovations and their impact on society, as well as gain insights into how businesses can prepare for the next decade of change.

    With a focus on practical strategies and real-world examples, this keynote will provide a roadmap for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of innovation.

    Key Takeaways

    • Gain a futuristic perspective on how emerging technologies will shape the business landscape, revolutionizing industries and creating new opportunities for growth and innovation.

    • Understand the strategic implications of AI, IoT and other emerging technologies in enhancing decision-making processes, automating tasks, and unlocking competitive advantages in the business environment.

    • Develop a forward-thinking mindset as a leader to adapt to the rapidly evolving technological landscape, embrace innovation, and capitalize on emerging business opportunities.

    • Identify the critical skills and competencies required for business professionals to thrive in a technology-driven world, and implement effective upskilling and talent development strategies.

    • Anticipate the potential disruptions and emerging trends in the business landscape driven by lesser-known technologies, and leverage their transformative potential to gain a competitive edge in the future.

    Target Audiences

    ​This keynote works exceptionally well with general business, employee and customer audiences and can be customized for each industry, geography and vertical.

  • Navigating the Digital Landscape: Innovation Lessons from Fortune 100 Companies

    In this powerful and eye-opening keynote, we confront the harsh reality that many once successful companies have met their demise due to their failure to innovate and keep pace with the digital revolution. The haunting reminder of their failures serves as a stark warning to those who dare to ignore the winds of change.

    ​Many "legacy" companies have struggled to keep up with the pace of digital transformation. However, some have successfully navigated the digital landscape and emerged as leaders in their respective industries.

    We'll explore how these companies have leveraged technology to drive operational efficiency, increase revenue, and stay ahead of the competition. So, what is the secret of their success? By examining their strategies and lessons learned, we'll gain valuable insights into what it takes to win in today's digital world.

    Key Takeaways (customized for each event and audience)

    • The Harsh Reality of Stagnation: Understand the dire consequences that await successful leading companies who fail to innovate and keep up with the digital revolution.

    • Secrets to Digital Success: Discover the strategies employed by successful organizations in Silicon Valley and elsewhere that have transformed into digital powerhouses, and gain valuable insights into the key factors that have propelled them to the forefront of the digital world.

    • Transformational Strategies for Thriving: Learn how cutting-edge technologies and reimagined business models can enable your organization to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

    • Inspiring Adaptation Across Industries: Explore real-world examples and case studies from diverse companies and industries, inspiring you to adapt to the demands of the digital age and discover common threads for success.

    • Equipped for Digital Transformation: Walk away with a newfound understanding of the strategies, mindsets, and approaches necessary to transform your own organization and succeed in today's digital world, regardless of your role as a business leader, entrepreneur, or aspiring digital pioneer.

    Target Audiences This keynote is designed for forward-thinking business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals across various industries who are acutely aware of the rapid pace of digital transformation and the risks associated with stagnation. It is tailored for individuals who recognize the need to embrace innovation, adapt to the digital revolution, and avoid the fate of once successful companies that failed to keep up.

  • Mastering AI: What Every Leader Needs to Thrive A no-nonsense AI approach for your business

    This keynote/ workshop slices through the AI fog with a refreshing dose of clarity and a touch of practical wisdom. Unearth the core essentials every leader must grasp about AI, leaving the buzzwords and inflated claims behind. Uncover how to infuse AI realities into your unique leadership approach and propel your organization toward newfound heights.

    Learning Objectives for the Keynote/Workshop "Cutting through the AI Hype: A No-Nonsense Approach for Your Business":

    • Embrace the Essence of AI: Acquire a deep comprehension of AI's core concepts, its real-world applications, and its transformative potential within the business landscape. Gain the ability to distinguish between AI realities and exaggerated claims, unraveling the mysteries surrounding AI.

    • Elevate Your Personal AI Proficiency with Pragmatic Skills: Recognize the significance of personal AI skills development for your leadership journey. Learn to navigate the complexities of AI technologies, gaining pragmatic skills you can use today to lead with confidence and foresight.

    • Shape an AI-Driven Organizational Future: Discover how to construct an AI vision and roadmap that aligns with your organization's goals. Gain insights into integrating AI within business processes, harnessing data for strategic advantage, and fostering a culture of innovation.

    Target Audiences:

    This workshop is meticulously designed for forward-thinking leaders who are eager to enhance their AI understanding, equip themselves with practical skills, and confidently guide their teams and organizations through the dynamic landscape of AI innovation.

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Alex Goryachev Books

  • Fearless Innovation: Going Beyond the Buzzword to Continuously Drive Growth, Improve the Bottom Line, and Enact Change
    Fearless Innovation: Going Beyond the Buzzword to Continuously Drive Growth, Improve the Bottom Line, and Enact Change

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Alex Goryachev is a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics such as Embracing the AI Revolution: Separating Fact from Fiction and Preparing for What's to Come, The Robots Are Coming! Are You Prepared for the Future of Work? How AI and Automation Are Changing the Workforce, The Next Decade of Innovation: How Emerging Technologies Will Reshape Our World, Navigating the Digital Landscape: Innovation Lessons from Fortune 100 Companies and Mastering AI: What Every Leader Needs to Thrive A no-nonsense AI approach for your business. The estimated speaking fee range to book Alex Goryachev for your event is $5,000 - $10,000. Alex Goryachev generally travels from San Diego, CA, USA and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other performances. Similar motivational celebrity speakers are Alex Salkever, Mutale Nkonde, Asha Saxena, Katie King and Zack Kass. Contact All American Speakers for ratings, reviews, videos and information on scheduling Alex Goryachev for an upcoming live or virtual event.

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