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Dr. Jeri B. Shannon

Leadership Trainer & Entrepreneur and Author of "Entrepreneur Mindset"

Leadership Trainer & Entrepreneur and Author of "Entrepreneur Mindset"

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Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Dr. Jeri B. Shannon Biography

Dr. Jeri B. Shannon is a dedicated champion of a woman. Shannon has devoted her career to advancing and supporting women in pursuing their dreams. Thousands of women, from CEO leaders to administrative assistants to moms, have benefited from Shannon's unique guidance on maximizing life success. She finds that spark within us and turns it into a fire. She is also the mastermind and visionary behind the conference. "I AM THAT WOMAN SUMMIT".

Shannon is a globally renowned speaker, author, business owner, mentor, and community leader in various community sectors. Jeri is active in causes relating to women and girls around the country. She is a certified "John Maxwell" trainer and has developed leadership skills to teach others.

Shannon has a Bachelor's in Communication and a Doctor of Divinity. Dr. Shannon was born in Delaware but raised in the South and now resides in southern California.

Shannon is committed to motivating and training today's generation to be achievers and leaders as she introduces new audiences daily to push past their obstacles and reach their true destinies with God's help.

Dr. Jeri B. Shannon Speaking Topics

  • The Leader in You: Unleashing Potential and Inspiring Change

    • Definition of leadership, Dispelling common misconceptions (e.g., leadership only for those in authority)
    • Emphasizing leadership as a mindset and way of being

    • Recognizing Leadership Potential Within Yourself.

    • Self-reflection: Identifying strengths, values, and passions.
    • Understanding the power of influence and impact.
    • Encouraging self-belief and confidence.

    The Characteristics of Effective Leadership:


    • Acting with honesty and ethical principles.


    • Understanding and connecting with others' perspectives.


    • Overcoming obstacles and bouncing back from setbacks.


    • Setting goals and inspiring others towards a common purpose.

    • Cultivating Leadership Skills.

    • Continuous learning and personal growth.

    Stepping out of comfort zones:

    • Taking risks and embracing challenges.


    • Listening actively and articulating ideas effectively.


    • Building relationships and empowering others

    • Leading by Example.

    • Modeling desired behaviors and values.
    • Taking initiative and being proactive.
    • Inspiring others through actions and words.

    Overcoming Barriers to Leadership:

    • Fear of failure or rejection.
    • Imposter syndrome: Believing you are not qualified or worthy.
    • Addressing gender, racial, or cultural biases in leadership roles.

    Empowering Others to Lead:

    • Recognizing and nurturing potential in others.
    • Creating inclusive environments that foster diverse leadership styles.
    • Supporting and mentoring emerging leaders.


  • Entrepreneurship and what it take

    Defining Entrepreneurship

    Definition of entrepreneurship:

    • Innovation, risk-taking, and creating value.
    • Importance of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth and societal progress.

    The Mindset of an Entrepreneur:

    Vision and Creativity:

    • Seeing opportunities where others see challenges.


    • Embracing failure as a learning opportunity and persevering through setbacks.


    • Being flexible and willing to pivot in response to changing circumstances.

    Essential Skills for Entrepreneurship:


    • Inspiring and guiding others towards a common goal.


    • Articulating ideas persuasively and building relationships.


    • Identifying challenges and finding innovative solutions.

    Financial Literacy:

    • Understanding budgeting, cash flow management, and investment

    Taking Action:

    • Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

    Identifying a Niche:

    • Finding a gap in the market or solving a pressing problem.

    Market Research:

    • Understanding customer needs, preferences, and competition. Business Planning:

    • Developing a solid business plan with clear objectives and strategies.


    • Taking decisive action and being proactive in implementing plans.

    Embracing Risk and Uncertainty

    Calculated Risk-Taking:

    • Evaluating risks and rewards before making decisions.

    Managing Fear:

    • Overcoming the fear of failure and embracing uncertainty.

    Learning from Failure:

    • Extracting lessons and using setbacks as stepping stones to success.

    Building a Support Network

    Surrounding Yourself with Mentors and Advisors:

    • Seeking guidance from experienced individuals.

    Collaboration and Networking:

    • Building relationships with peers, partners, and mentors.

    Seeking Feedback:

    • Being open to constructive criticism and learning from others' experiences.

    The Importance of Persistence and Grit

    Staying Committed:

    • Maintaining focus and dedication, even in the face of challenges.


    • Pushing through obstacles and setbacks with determination.

    Celebrating Milestones:

    • Recognizing achievements and staying motivated on the journey.

    Balancing Passion with Practicality

    Pursuing What You Love:

    • Following your passions and interests in entrepreneurship.

    Being Realistic:

    • Understanding market demands and feasibility of business ideas.

    Finding the Intersection:

    • Identifying opportunities that align with both passion and market demand.


  • Empowering Women: Unlocking Potential, Driving Change

    Understanding Women's Empowerment

    Definition of empowerment:

    • Providing women with the resources, opportunities, and agency to make choices and influence outcomes.
    • Importance of women's empowerment in achieving gender equality, economic development, and social justice.

    Identifying Barriers to Women's Empowerment

    • Structural Barriers: Discriminatory laws, policies, and cultural norms that limit women's access to education, healthcare, and employment.

    Economic Barriers:

    • Gender pay gap, lack of access to financial resources and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

    Social and Cultural Barriers:

    • Gender stereotypes, patriarchal attitudes, and societal expectations that constrain women's autonomy and agency.

    Strategies for Empowering Women

    Education and Skill Development:

    • Investing in girls' education and vocational training to enhance their knowledge and capabilities.

    Economic Empowerment:

    • Promoting women's access to financial services, credit, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

    Legal and Policy Reforms:

    • Advocating for gender-sensitive laws, policies, and initiatives that protect women's rights and promote gender equality.

    • Leadership and Representation: Encouraging women's participation and leadership in decision-making processes across all sectors.

    • Support Networks and Mentorship: Establishing networks and mentorship programs to provide guidance, support, and opportunities for women to thrive.

    Overcoming Challenges and Resilience

    Resilience in the Face of Adversity:

    • Highlighting stories of women who have overcome obstacles and achieved success.
    • Building Confidence and Self-Efficacy: Encouraging women to believe in themselves and their abilities to effect change.

    Collective Action and Solidarity:

    • Emphasizing the importance of solidarity among women and allies in advocating for women's rights and empowerment.

    • Celebrating Successes and Progress

    • Recognizing achievements and milestones in advancing women's empowerment globally.
    • Highlighting examples of successful initiatives, programs, and policies that have empowered women and improved their lives.

    The Role of Men and Allies

    • Engaging men and boys as allies in promoting gender equality and challenging harmful gender norms and stereotypes.
    • Recognizing and supporting male champions who advocate for women's rights and empowerment.


  • Setting Goals: Mapping Your Path to Success

    Understanding the Power of Goals:

    • Definition of goals: Clear, specific objectives that guide actions and decisions towards desired outcomes.
    • Importance of goal setting in providing direction, motivation, and focus.
    • Examples of successful individuals and organizations who attribute their achievements to goal setting.

    Types of Goals:

    • Short-term goals: Immediate objectives to be achieved within a short timeframe (e.g., daily, weekly).
    • Long-term goals: Aspirational objectives that require sustained effort and planning over an extended period (e.g., years).
    • SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound goals that enhance clarity and effectiveness.

    Benefits of Goal Setting:

    • Clarity and Focus: Providing a clear vision and roadmap for success.
    • Motivation and Persistence: Fostering determination and resilience in pursuing objectives.
    • Accountability and Evaluation: Holding oneself accountable and tracking progress towards goals.
    • Personal Growth and Development: Facilitating learning, self-improvement, and skill development.

    Strategies for Effective Goal Setting:

    • Reflect on Values and Priorities:
    • Identifying what truly matters and aligning goals with personal values.

    Be Specific and Realistic:

    • Setting clear, achievable objectives that stretch your capabilities but are within reach.

    Break Down Goals:

    • Breaking larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks or milestones for easier implementation.

    Write Them Down:

    • Documenting goals and action plans to increase accountability and commitment.

    Set Deadlines:

    • Establishing timelines and deadlines to create urgency and momentum. Review and Adjust:

    • Regularly assessing progress, identifying obstacles, and making necessary adjustments to stay on track.

    Overcoming Challenges in Goal Setting:

    Fear of Failure:

    • Embracing failure as a natural part of the learning process and reframing setbacks as opportunities for growth.


    • Implementing strategies to overcome procrastination and maintain momentum towards goals.

    Lack of Clarity:

    • Seeking clarity through reflection, experimentation, and seeking feedback from mentors or peers.

    Personal Examples and Testimonials:

    • Sharing personal experiences of setting and achieving goals.
    • Inviting audience members to share their own success stories or challenges in goal setting.


  • The Million Dollar Mindset: Unleashing Your Potential for Success

    Understanding the Million Dollar Mindset:

    • Definition: A mindset characterized by abundance, resilience, and a commitment to excellence.
    • Importance: How one's mindset shapes their beliefs, actions, and outcomes.
    • Differentiating between a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset.

    Principles of the Million Dollar Mindset:

    • Visionary Thinking: Having a clear, compelling vision of success and the determination to pursue it relentlessly.
    • Resilience: Embracing failure as a stepping stone to success and bouncing back stronger from setbacks.
    • Growth Mindset: Viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and continuous improvement.

    Action Orientation:

    • Taking bold, decisive action and embracing calculated risks to achieve goals.

    Focus on Value Creation:

    • Prioritizing creating value for others over personal gain or profit.
    • Positive Attitude: Cultivating optimism, gratitude, and a can-do attitude in the face of adversity.

    Cultivating the Million Dollar Mindset: Self-Awareness

    • Understanding one's strengths, weaknesses, and limiting beliefs.
    • Personal Development: Committing to lifelong learning, self-improvement, and skill development.
    • Surrounding Yourself with Positive Influences: Building a supportive network of mentors, peers, and role models.
    • Visualization and Affirmations: Using visualization techniques and positive affirmations to reinforce beliefs and goals. Mindfulness and Mental Well-being: Practicing mindfulness and self-care to maintain mental clarity and resilience.

    • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Obstacles

    • Identifying and challenging limiting beliefs that hinder success.
    • Strategies for overcoming common obstacles such as fear, self-doubt, and procrastination.
    • Turning setbacks into opportunities for growth and learning.

    Case Studies and Examples:

    • Sharing stories of individuals who exemplify the million dollar mindset and achieved extraordinary success.
    • Highlighting specific strategies and attitudes that contributed to their success.

    Personal Reflection and Action Planning:

    • Encouraging audience members to reflect on their own mindset and identify areas for growth.
    • Guiding participants in developing actionable steps to cultivate a million dollar mindset in their own lives.


Dr. Jeri B. Shannon Videos

Dr. Jeri B. Shannon Books

  • Entrepreneur Mindset: Creating a Life of Passion, Purpose & Desire
    Entrepreneur Mindset: Creating a Life of Passion, Purpose & Desire

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Dr. Jeri B. Shannon is a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics such as The Leader in You: Unleashing Potential and Inspiring Change, Entrepreneurship and what it take, Empowering Women: Unlocking Potential, Driving Change, Setting Goals: Mapping Your Path to Success and The Million Dollar Mindset: Unleashing Your Potential for Success. The estimated speaking fee range to book Dr. Jeri B. Shannon for your event is $10,000 - $20,000. Dr. Jeri B. Shannon generally travels from Los Angeles, CA, USA and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other performances. Similar motivational celebrity speakers are Carley Hauck, Fran Hauser, Katrina Julia Kiselinchev, Dr. Amelia Reigstad, PhD and Treva Graves. Contact All American Speakers for ratings, reviews, videos and information on scheduling Dr. Jeri B. Shannon for an upcoming live or virtual event.

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