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The Coaches Club

The Coaches Club
Super Bowl Speakers

Thank you for reviewing these materials we have prepared for your organization on behalf of THE COACHES CLUB™ Speaker's Bureau, the first program ever developed to deliver some of the best and brightest coaching stars in the United States.

This concept was developed as an opportunity for you to impact your group or client(s) by giving them the ability to meet Coaches who have a desire to work as part of your community outreach programs with children, mentoring your sales & marketing staff and/or consulting top corporate CEO's. These amazing communicators share their experience and life lessons on team building, motivation and overcoming obstacles with your attendees!

We are very confident that THE COACHES CLUB™ Speaker's Bureau, is an exciting opportunity for any group regardless of size or the number of participants. Our goal will always be to positively impact your group to stay motivated, continue their positive progress and achieve beyond their expectations. With this program we can offer any group an opportunity to bring in one or more of the most talented, motivating elite coaches to uplift your banquet, start of your fiscal year with a bang an/or impart the ultra successful team building skills learned from years of developing each coaches "System for Success".

Thank you again for your interest in bringing one of our elite members of THE COACHES CLUB™ to your event.

We look forward to working with you and your team in the near future.

Best Regards,

Greg Friedlander
All American Speakers Bureau

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