As a part of our sit-down with Naif Productions CEO, Annette Naif, we dissected what really surprised event professionals, planners, and coordinators across the country about the altered landscape of the event industry after COVID-19.

Annette Naif: What has been the most surprising thing that’s happened in the event industry since the pandemic started?

Jennifer Best: I would say, it’s got to be how much technology has evolved. You remember, in early 2020 everybody was like “let’s go virtual,” and everyone got on Zoom. Then, you had things called “Zoom Bombers” happening, and nobody knew how to do lighting and how to do camera positioning.

I think so much has evolved since then. There are so many new technology players out there right now.

So now those players are looking at hybrid options. So I think that really has been surprising for me — how fast we’ve gone and how far we’ve come in basically a year.

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