Rewind back to early 2020 for a moment. The world seemingly shut down, and the global community was encouraged to remain inside as a part of a quarantine. While the world seemed to be disrupted, the ingenuity and adaptability of today’s working world thrived. Not only did businesses adapt to working in a remote environment, but events that looked doomed to be canceled began shifting toward a virtual format as well. Virtual speaking engagements provided an opportunity for keynote speakers to encourage, educate, and inspire through the technological wonder of remote conferencing.

Now fast forward to present day. Just as we collectively adapted by holding successful virtual events, we are now seeing the rise of hybrid events.

A successful hybrid event combines all of the best elements of live, in-person events with the convenience and scalability of virtual deliveries. But there was still a question on event planners’ minds. How can these hybrid events feature more engagement and interactivity to both a physical and virtual audience?

Recently, All American Entertainment’s Head of Marketing, Jennifer Best, had the privilege of interviewing Luke Goetting, Founder of Puffingston Presentations, about all things dynamic hybrid events and what we can expect from a successful event in 2021 (and beyond).

Topics covered:

  • How to prepare and plan for your dynamic hybrid events
  • Best practices for visual aids and how to avoid clutter
  • Tools and tips for virtual audience engagement
  • The power of feedback after an event
  • Speaker-first vs. audience-first methodologies
  • How to handle separated in-person and hybrid events