As a part of our sit-down with Naif Productions CEO, Annette Naif, we aim to answer the question of whether or not your next virtual, in-person, or hybrid event needs a master of ceremonies (a.k.a. an emcee).

Annette Naif: We often think of hiring a speaker as bringing someone to do a keynote address or even a moderated discussion. What’s one way to use a speaker for an event that is not given enough attention?

Jennifer Best: Sure. I think you mentioned it earlier. I would say that would be hiring an emcee. A lot of companies and a lot of organizations try to DIY the emcee role, and they’re saving money on that. I’ve seen events where they’ve had an internal staff member as the emcee of the event. Then, I’ve seen events where they hire a professional emcee. The difference is notable. I think the thing to remember is that depending on the size of your event, this is your brand. The emcee is the face of the brand, and you want to make sure is that that face is primetime and ready to go. I think it’s worth the investment. A lot of companies are starting to recognize that, too.

Annette: Yeah. I highly recommend, especially for my fundraising clients, to get an emcee in there, get an auctioneer, someone who can motivate and help raise the funds because it’s really so important. I know a lot of great emcees, so if you’re ever looking for some emcees-

Jennifer: Me too!

Annette: Yes, you do as well!

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