There’s no denying that the pandemic sped up the discussions and strategies around the future of work. From the social and technological adjustments of remote work, to leadership strategies for uncertain times, to future-focused business approaches, future of work experts are passionate about sharing the knowledge and tools that can take any business or organization to the next level.

Rather than relying on past traditions and strategies, these future of work speakers remind us of the importance of flexibility in the face of change as workplaces continue to evolve.

Whether you are looking for the motivation and know-how to lead your business through a digital transformation, hoping to boost company morale while working remotely, or seeking to inspire your employees to think ahead, these future of work experts are equipped with the expertise to get you there. 

1. Natalie Nixon, Future of Work Expert & Author of “The Creativity Leap”

Natalie Nixon

Natalie Nixon, Ph.D. is the “creativity whisperer for the C-Suite.” Beyond what usually comes to mind with brainstorming business solutions, she employs her unique background in cultural anthropology, fashion, design thinking, and dance to strategize creative solutions that make her a valuable expert on the future of work. When working with clients, she offers unique insights and applies wonder and rigor to transforming businesses towards more future-oriented results. As a certified Foresight Practitioner from the Institute for the Future, her approach employs inquiry, improvisation, and intuition to introduce alternative perspectives for more significant impact.

2. Mike Swigunski, Remote Working Authority & Online Business Expert

Mike Swigunski

Mike Swigunski is a major player in the remote work space. As founder of and a revered online business expert, his passion and knowledge for the capacity and future of remote work are influential. Even prior to the pandemic’s inevitable push towards remote work, he has spent over a decade developing creative solutions and a 360-degree view of how online businesses can not only succeed with a remote work infrastructure but thrive and grow. He draws upon entrepreneurship in digital business, developing remote teams, and travel hacking to involve and inspire audiences to envision new ways of working.

3. Sarah Sladek, Social Equity Expert, Global Leader in Business Strategy & Talent Economy Influencer

Sarah Sladek

The future of work is not just about the work itself. Sarah Sladek looks at the important influences of this future shift, like generational impacts, change management, and unique engagement strategies that are all components of this global transition. As a social equity expert, a global leader in business strategy, and a talent economy influencer, the expertise she brings to workforce trends and organizational shifts are sure to encourage your audience to think bigger and smarter. The culmination of her work is represented in her firm, XYZ University, which focuses on generational research and the development of inclusive, inter-generational workplaces. With Gen Z beginning to enter the workforce, her work has never been more relevant in creating collaborative solutions that work for all kinds of workers, no matter age or location.

4. Steven Van Cohen, Co-Founder of LessLonely, Workplace Wellness & Connectivity Expert

Steven Van Cohen

One of the key aspects of the future of work is the social impact of remote teams. Steven Van Cohen is an expert in addressing the ways teams can still work to create connective company culture, even if physically distant. As a global leadership consultant, executive coach, and author of “Connectable: How Leaders Can Move Teams from Isolated to All In,” Van Cohen has worked for over twelve years to address how to improve worker well-being, reduce employee isolation, and boost team belonging. The social impact of the future of work is not one to be overlooked, as employee wellness clearly correlates to business success. Van Cohen can help to invigorate and bring connective solutions to your audience in this constantly shifting environment.

5. Cheryl Cran, Change Leadership Expert & Author of “The Art of Change Leadership”

Cheryl Cran

Cheryl Cran is committed to developing and teaching leadership skills that prepare businesses for the future of work. Her brand, NextMapping, was developed as a proprietary business solution that encompasses her research on the future of work and leadership needed to navigate these evolving changes. She acknowledges that it’s not just about understanding the future of work cognitively but incorporating and exploring the technological solutions needed to keep up with these changes. Although her expertise is in the digital space, she makes sure to employ a “people first” mentality to make the future of work more human. 

6. Heather McGowan, Workplace Futurist & Author of “The Adaption Advantage”

Heather McGowan

Heather McGowan is a future-of-work strategist who helps leaders prepare their people and organizations for the post-pandemic world of work. She is in the business of transforming mindsets about how to move forward with courage by focusing on the principle of continuously learning, and learning how to have a growth mindset when moving with the constantly evolving future of work. Beyond what we see in front of us, McGowan is a cutting-edge futurist who helps employees and leaders alike prepare and adapt for jobs that don’t even exist yet. Her published books focus on how to consistently innovate in this new landscape, and her message of preparing for what’s to come is one that is sure to stick with your audience.

7. Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work

Michael C. Bush

Michael C. Bush is the CEO of Great Place to Work, the global research and analytics firm that produces the annual Fortune 100 Best lists designed to help distinguish workplace rankings around the world. Committed to fair and equitable treatment, Bush is motivated by providing helpful details and insights for those looking for jobs, while also motivating companies to put their best foot forward when it comes to employee satisfaction. As such a big player in the hiring and business space, Bush is more than qualified to help your business adopt best practices for the future of work.

8. Elizabeth Kiehner, Design Entrepreneur & Author of “Good Girls Don’t Make History”

Elizabeth Kiehner

Elizabeth Kiehner is a big name in the future of work discussion — and for good reason. Her specialty is at the intersection of technology and people, building exceptional teams that work together to share insightful thought leadership perspectives. With a diverse number of experiences in the entrepreneurial space, including having been a Fortune 500 and non-profit executive, her perspective is one that allows her to navigate the vast spectrum of challenges that come with the transformation and change of future work. She focuses on the balance of employee and customer experience, both of which are central to discovering new ways to adapt to where trends and technology take the future of work.

9. Katie King, Published Author & CEO of AI in Business

Katie King

Katie King is a published Author, Keynote Speaker, and Consultant on Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital, STEM, leadership, and business transformation. Voted a ‘Top 20 woman in AI,’ King has over 30 years of consulting experience and has advised many of the world’s leading brands and business leaders, including Virgin, Harrods Rolls-Royce, o2 and more. In 2020, she launched a school AI program, the Leaders of Tomorrow, to close the skills gap in education and show young people, especially girls, how STEM and AI will reshape their future careers.

In a time punctuated by so much momentum for businesses to transform and keep up with the evolving workplace trends, it’s always helpful to tune in to what the top innovators, disruptors, and futurists are saying. Whether they’re examining the applications of AI, remote work, automation, e-commerce, innovation, or other workplace trends, these future of work experts help their audiences not only to prepare, but also feel excited about the future of work.