Managing stress is a difficult skill to master in people’s everyday lives. Add in the current climate of a pandemic, social unrest, and political divisiveness, and it becomes a seemingly impossible task. That’s where Jenny Evans comes in.

Jenny is a keynote speaker and author who specializes in the physiology and chemistry behind stress. She has worked with thousands of C-suite executives, leaders, and employees from corporations, associations, and universities across the globe. Her presentations and training sessions both educate and inspire audiences by linking the stressful challenges of everyday life to the body’s own chemistry and physiology.

Jenny uses the art of optimizing your own chemistry to boost your performance and productivity, all while enhancing your health and energy, making managing stress seem more achievable and attainable. In the video above, Jenny breaks down her “3 Things You Need to Know” about stress management and the physiological tactics everyone can use to help upgrade their overall level of confidence and optimism.

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