Good Job! Good Job!

G – Double O – D   J – O – B!

This is how educator extraordinaire and social impact hero Keith L. Brown greeted AAE Head of Marketing, Jennifer Best in our latest “3 Things You Need To Know” video. In this installment, Keith breaks down his “3 Things” that every educator, regardless of experience, needs to know about student engagement.

Keith is a passionate, energetic, and exuberant speaker who is dedicated to his craft. This certainly shines through as he guides us through the lessons he’s learned and the practices he’s put in place that help drive participation in the classroom – both physically and virtually thanks to the rise in remote learning environments. 

Known by his clever moniker “Mr. I’m Possible,” Keith transitioned from a troublesome early life into becoming one of the most sought-after keynote speakers covering all things education. He was named a “World Class Speaker” by Insight Publishing and a “Social Impact Hero” by Thrive Global. He has become one of the most respected educators through his powerful messaging and animated delivery. His work in social equality and family advocacy programs has led to a “Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award” and even a consultancy position on the hit show “Beyond Scared Straight.”

With such an extensive background and unique outlook on life, it’s easy to see how Keith’s book, “Talk i$ Expensive: Communicating Effectively to Expand Your Impact, Influence, and Income” has become such a useful and popular tool to educators across the country!

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