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Elizabeth Stephens

Veteran & CEO of DBS Cyber

Veteran & CEO of DBS Cyber

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Nashville, TN, USA
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Elizabeth Stephens Biography

Elizabeth Stephens is an exceptional speaker whose presentations are characterized by their high-quality delivery, impactful content, educational value, and engaging nature, regardless of the topic. Her dynamic career, which encompasses historic military achievements and prominent roles in global cybersecurity and project management, makes her a sought-after speaker for a variety of audiences.

As the first Black female graduate of the United States Naval Academy to be selected as a Naval Aviator in the Marine Corps, Elizabeth broke new ground as the first Black woman to pilot the CH-46E and the first woman to pilot the MV-22 Osprey. Her military service is not just a series of firsts; it's a testament to her commitment to excellence, leadership, and breaking barriers. Her talks on leadership and overcoming challenges are not only inspiring but also offer practical insights drawn from her personal journey of perseverance and resilience.

In the corporate realm, Stephens's tenure at Microsoft, particularly as the Director of Datacenter Cybersecurity Risk Intelligence, showcased her ability to lead significant initiatives in cyber risk intelligence, impacting the management and protection of critical infrastructure worldwide. Her roles have emphasized strategic planning, innovation, and the advancement of technology, making her an authoritative voice on cybersecurity trends, risk management, and technological advancements.

Stephens's effectiveness as a speaker also stems from her solid educational background, including a Master of Science in Business Administration, a Graduate Certificate in Project and Risk Management, and ongoing studies in Cybersecurity. Her professional certifications, like PMP and Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals, add to her credibility, ensuring her presentations are not only engaging but also enriched with current and relevant knowledge.

Stephens’s speaking engagements are known for their ability to captivate audiences, blending her extensive experience with a relatable and compelling delivery style. Her presentations are a mix of compelling storytelling, insightful analysis, and practical solutions, making her a desirable speaker for conferences, corporate events, and educational seminars. She brings a unique perspective to every talk, leaving her audience not only informed but also motivated and entertained.

Elizabeth Stephens Speaking Topics

  • Cracking the Code: Bridging the Gap Between Military and Civilian Perspectives

    Track: Education & Workforce Development Type: Workshop Format: Interactive 45-Minute Workshop (Engaging and Insightful) Speaker: Elizabeth Stephens

    Outcome: • Gain a deeper understanding of military culture, leadership principles, and traits to enhance inclusivity and communication between military and civilian team members.

    Benefits: • Attendees will develop a shared language and insight into the hidden communications within military culture, fostering collaboration, reducing conflict, and creating a more inclusive work environment.

    Description: • Have you ever struggled to decode the language and expectations of servicemembers? Do you want to bridge the gap between military and civilian team members, making interactions less stressful and more productive? This workshop leverages the Marine Corps Leadership Principles and Traits to provide a methodology for understanding the hidden communications that can impact the success of those with a military background.

    • General C. B. Cates once said, "Leadership is intangible, hard to measure, and difficult to describe". By identifying and defining the key traits and principles that underpin personal leadership development, this workshop aims to equip managers, peers, and subordinates with a shared language to engage effectively with servicemembers. Awareness and shared language will promote transparency, clarity, and collaboration in the workplace, leading to increased productivity and reduced conflict.

    • The workshop will delve into the 11 Leadership Principles, offering attendees the definition, significance, and practical examples of each desired behavior. These examples will be presented both in a pre-tech scenario and a tech/corporate context, providing insights from both the military and civilian perspectives.


    • Understand the Marine Corps Leadership Principles and Traits.
    • Develop a shared language for communication between military and civilian team members.
    • Evaluate personal strengths and opportunities for improvement using leadership traits.
    • Learn from case studies on conflict resolution during military personnel transitions to the tech industry.
    • By the end of this workshop, managers and individual contributors will have gained valuable techniques and insights for interacting with military and veteran team members. Armed with a common language and real-world examples, participants will be better equipped to foster inclusivity and effective communication.

  • Cultivating a High-Performance Mindset in Cybersecurity and Leadership

    Description: Is designed to empower professionals in the constantly evolving fields of cybersecurity and leadership. Drawing from my extensive experience in both the military and corporate sectors, I will dissect the key components of a high-performance mindset and demonstrate how they are essential for success in today's challenging environments.

    Content Overview:

    • Resilience and Adaptability in Cybersecurity: I will discuss the parallels between military operations and cybersecurity, focusing on how resilience and adaptability are crucial in responding to ever-changing threats and challenges. This segment aims to equip attendees with strategies to rapidly recover from setbacks and adjust strategies in the face of new situations.

    • Commitment to Continuous Learning and Growth: Emphasizing the importance of staying current in a rapidly evolving tech landscape, this part will cover how a commitment to learning and openness to feedback contribute to professional growth and success.

    • Strategic Thinking and Innovative Problem-Solving: Here, I'll explore the importance of seeing beyond the immediate challenges, anticipating future scenarios, and employing strategic thinking and innovative problem-solving to tackle complex issues.

    • Focus and Discipline for Peak Performance: This section will delve into how concentration and discipline are foundational for maintaining high performance, highlighting techniques for effective goal management and staying mission-driven under pressure.

    • Teamwork and Collaborative Success: I will discuss the role of teamwork and collaboration in achieving high performance, including effective communication, respect for diverse perspectives, and leveraging team strengths.

    • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: A segment dedicated to understanding and managing emotions for better decision-making, conflict resolution, and fostering dynamic team environments.

    • Sustaining Performance through Physical and Mental Well-being: This final part will address how physical fitness, mental health, and stress management are integral to sustaining high performance levels in demanding careers.
    • These presentations can conclude with an interactive Q&A session (If requested), encouraging attendees to share their experiences and challenges in cultivating a high-performance mindset in their roles.


    • My aim is to provide actionable insights and strategies that participants can implement in their professional lives, fostering resilience, continuous growth, and strategic excellence in cybersecurity and leadership domains.

  • Integrating Military Strategies into Modern Cybersecurity

    Description: I aim to bridge the gap between traditional military tactics and the evolving realm of cybersecurity. Leveraging my rich background in both the military and cybersecurity sectors, I will guide the audience through the essential paradigm shifts and strategic adaptations necessary to combat cyber warfare effectively. Content Overview:

    • The Warrior's Approach to Cybersecurity: This segment will focus on how historical military strategies and the warrior mindset can be adapted to modern cyber operations. I will discuss the principles of vigilance, strategic planning, and adaptability, drawing parallels between traditional battlefields and the digital arena.

    • Cyber Risk Intelligence and Response Strategies: Here, I will explore the emerging threats in the cyber landscape, providing attendees with insights into effective risk identification, impact evaluation, and mitigation strategies. This part is designed to empower professionals to assess and respond to cyber threats proactively.

    • Adapting to the Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape: This section will delve into the current trends and future direction of the cybersecurity market. I will discuss how the intersection of technological innovation and cybersecurity is reshaping our professional and personal lives, emphasizing the need for continuous adaptation.

    • Bridging Military and Civilian Perspectives: I will share insights into the distinct cultures of military and civilian sectors, focusing on leadership principles, communication styles, and teamwork dynamics. This segment aims to provide methodologies for enhancing understanding and collaboration between military and civilian team members in cybersecurity operations. My presentation is tailored for a diverse audience, ranging from beginners to advanced professionals in the field. It is designed to be not only informative but also engaging and thought-provoking.


    • My goal is to provide a comprehensive perspective on how integrating military strategies and principles can significantly enhance our approach to cybersecurity, leading to more robust, proactive, and inclusive practices in this critical domain.

  • Our Origin Does Not Define Our Epic

    Track: Lightening Talk Type: Inspirational 30-Minute Presentation (Engaging and Reflective) Format: 30 Minute Presentation with PowerPoint Speaker: Elizabeth Stephens Outcome: Gain insight into the resilience and strength of individuals facing challenges like PTSD, emphasizing the importance of embracing flaws and supporting one another.

    Benefits: • Attendees will be inspired to recognize and support individuals dealing with invisible battles, fostering empathy and inclusivity in their communities.


    • In 2015, I left my military career behind and embarked on a new mission. This journey led me to reflect on the concept of resilience, drawing parallels between iconic heroes like Wolverine and Princess Twilight Sparkle. Both characters face personal battles, exemplifying strength through their flaws and selfless determination.
    • Wolverine, known for his mutant abilities and berserker rage, shares common ground with Princess Twilight Sparkle, a magical unicorn from My Little Pony. Despite their differences, they both love their friends deeply, carry the weight of responsibility, and grapple with past mistakes.
    • This presentation delves into the similarities between these seemingly disparate heroes, highlighting their struggles with PTSD and self-judgment. We explore how they wake up each day, fully aware of their imperfections, yet choose to stand with their loved ones and inspire hope. Objectives:

    • Recognize the resilience and strength of individuals dealing with invisible battles.

    • Understand the importance of embracing flaws and supporting one another.
    • Encourage empathy and inclusivity in our communities.

    • Learn from the journeys of Wolverine and Princess Twilight Sparkle.

    • As we navigate our own battles and support those around us, remember that every day is a chance to do better—for ourselves and each other. Our past shapes us, but it doesn't determine our future. Our stories are still being written, and together, we can make them stories of resilience, strength, and empathy.

  • Harnessing Diversity and Inclusion for Enhanced Performance and Career Growth

    Description: Focuses on the transformative impact of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. With a background in cybersecurity, military service, and project management, I have observed firsthand how inclusive practices contribute significantly to organizational performance and individual career development.

    Each session includes Interactive Q&A Session: The presentation will conclude with an interactive session, inviting participants to engage in a dialogue about their experiences and perspectives on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Content Overview:

    • Diversity and Inclusion as a Catalyst for Innovation: Here, I will explore how diverse teams, with their varied perspectives and experiences, drive innovation and creativity. This segment will underscore the importance of diversity in fostering new ideas and solutions, especially in dynamic fields like cybersecurity.

    • Creating Inclusive Pathways in Career Development: I will delve into strategies for designing career pathways that are inclusive and accessible to all. This will include insights on mentorship programs, training initiatives, and policies that actively support diversity in career advancement.

    • The Intersection of Diversity and Operational Excellence: Drawing from my experiences, I will demonstrate how diversity and inclusion enhance operational efficiency and decision-making in technical and leadership roles.

    • Overcoming Bias for Organizational Growth: An exploration of the impact of unconscious biases in the workplace and strategies for overcoming them to create a more inclusive environment that nurtures talent and innovation.

    • Personal Leadership and Empowerment: I will share personal anecdotes and experiences that highlight the importance of inclusive leadership and how it has shaped my journey and the growth of those I have mentored. Outcome:

    These 45 minute presentations aim to inspire and equip professionals and leaders with the tools and knowledge to leverage diversity and inclusion as key drivers for career development, innovation, and organizational success. My objective is to make this session both enlightening and actionable, providing practical insights and strategies to embed diversity and inclusion into the very fabric of career pathways and organizational culture.

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Elizabeth Stephens is a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics such as Cracking the Code: Bridging the Gap Between Military and Civilian Perspectives, Cultivating a High-Performance Mindset in Cybersecurity and Leadership, Integrating Military Strategies into Modern Cybersecurity, Our Origin Does Not Define Our Epic and Harnessing Diversity and Inclusion for Enhanced Performance and Career Growth. The estimated speaking fee range to book Elizabeth Stephens for your event is $10,000 - $20,000. Elizabeth Stephens generally travels from Nashville, TN, USA and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other performances. Similar motivational celebrity speakers are Heather Mahalik Barnhart, Tara D. Anderson, Irena Cronin, Deborah Golden and Richie Etwaru. Contact All American Speakers for ratings, reviews, videos and information on scheduling Elizabeth Stephens for an upcoming live or virtual event.

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