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Recovery Speakers Raise Awareness & Support Those Overcoming Addiction or Injury

Inspiring Recovery Speakers on Overcoming Addiction, Eating Disorders and Injury

Recovery can take several different forms, including overcoming addiction, fighting against an eating disorder, and recovery from physical or psychological injury. Recovery is a trying time no matter what issues you are struggling with, and these expert recovery speakers are sure to motivate and inspire people, whether recovered or in the midst of a struggle.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Speakers

These recovery speakers specialize in speaking about drug and alcohol addiction and how to overcome temptation. Many have personally experienced the process of becoming sober, while others are medical professionals well-versed in assisting those struggling with the wrath of addiction, whether it be to drugs, alcohol, sex, or something else.

Eating Disorder Recovery Speakers

These recovery speakers have battled eating disorders personally and, while the fight is never truly over, are on the other side. They inspire audiences to embrace their bodies as they are, and can relate personally to the struggles of those with eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

Injury Recovery Speakers

Injuries can be incredibly demoralizing, whether you’re an athlete or a journalist. These motivational speakers overcame their injuries and will inspire audiences to overcome adversity, to work towards healing and recovery from their afflictions.

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