As All American Entertainment continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary, we reflect back on all of the amazing companies we have worked with and the incredible talent we’ve been able to book. As one of the country’s leading keynote speakers bureaus, we are constantly looking for ways to help our event planner community in both their everyday lives and their long-term goals.

We have built a library of videos, case studies, and other resources aimed at answering some of the most common questions we hear and, as a nod to our 20th anniversary, have compiled our top 20 event planner resources.

Let’s count them down!

20. Why Work With A Speakers Bureau

As part of our interview series with Naif Productions CEO Annette Naif, we break down the value and benefits of working with a speakers bureau.

19. Boosting Student Engagement with Keith L. Brown

Keith L. Brown is one of the most enthusiastic and vivacious personalities that we have had the pleasure of interviewing for our “3 Things You Need To Know Series.” His passion for education is unparalleled.

18. Building An Inclusive Workplace with Deanna Singh

Social entrepreneur and change advocate, Deanna Singh, dives deeper into the construct of inclusion in the workplace and how to properly articulate your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) values and initiatives.

17. How to Create Dynamic Hybrid Events

 Luke Goetting, Founder of Puffingston Presentations, shares some of his tips and tricks for how to keep an audience engaged, even when you’re not physically presenting to them.

16. Dear Maddy: What Are Hybrid Events

Our rock-star sales agent, Maddy McPeak, shares answers to the most common questions she has heard from customers regarding hybrid events.

15. Talent FAQ Guide

In addition to providing resources to our event professionals, we are also dedicated to ensuring a smooth process for the talent that we book as well. This guide answers some of the most common questions we hear from talent.

14. Pendomonium Virtual Case Study

Get a glance at how AAE Speakers Bureau handled hosting a virtual event for over 1000 attendees. Speakers consisted of Nina Kristic, Linda Kozlowski, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

13. Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring a Virtual Speaker

Create better virtual events by avoiding the biggest mistakes we see when booking your virtual speaker.

12. Managing Stress with Jenny Evans

Jenny Evans brings to life the art of optimizing your personal chemistry in order to boost your performance and overall productivity, all while enhancing your physical and mental health and energy.

11. Why Hiring a Virtual Event Emcee Makes Business Sense

What exactly can a virtual emcee do for your event, and how do you choose someone that best suits your needs? To answer that, we asked corporate presenter, emcee, and event host, Amy McWhirter.

10. In-Person Events Are Back: Here’s How To Plan Accordingly (Forbes)

Take a look at how to properly and safely transition back to in-person events from a virtually-dominated event world.

9. Managing Your Stress and Anger with Dr. Christian Conte

Dr. Conte shares his spectacular stories of helping athletes, celebrities, and even prison inmates conquer their stress and anger issues.

8. The Importance of Mental Health: A Case Study with The Event Company

See how AAE helped The Event Company transition from a completely virtual event to a hybrid one with keynote speaker Kevin Hines.

7. Successful Virtual Events Guide

Discover the benefits of going virtual for your next event and how to successfully plan, book, and execute an event remotely. The ultimate event planner resources for virtual.

6. Holland Haiis and The Future of Work

We sit down with keynote speaker and human connection expert Holland Haiis to discuss how strategies like digital detox can lead to a happier, healthier workplace.

5. Embracing the Shift with Anthony Trucks

Former NFL player and American Ninja Warrior contestant Anthony Trucks dives into his personal methodology of embracing and shifting successfully throughout life.

4. A Guide To Successful Hybrid Events

The shift in the event industry to “hybrid” left a lot of event planners and professionals with a new set of challenges. AAE has compiled numerous tips and tricks to help your transition run smoothly.

3. Effective Leadership Lessons Through The Eyes Of A Beekeeper

Bee Downtown CEO Leigh-Kathryn Bonner parlays her lessons learned as a fourth-generation beekeeper into effective leadership and management strategies.

2. Calculating Your Event’s ROI

When it comes to calculating ROI for events, planners and event professionals can find themselves suffering from analysis paralysis. AAE has broken down how you can solve your ROI challenge and attribute actual dollars to your planning efforts.

1. State of The Speaking Industry Survey Report

In this 2022 Speaking Industry Benchmark Report, the first of its kind created by AAE Speakers Bureau, you’ll find insights from event strategists and keynote speakers on the entire event planning process – from choosing a speaker to orchestrating an unforgettable event experience – as well as predictions and reflections on what lies ahead for our industry.

Event producers have a lot going on, always and at all times. We’re here to help lighten your load. As you continue to plan events and deliver extraordinary experiences to your audience, AAE will continue to produce helpful event planner resources like the ones we’ve highlighted here to make life a bit easier for you. You can head over to our resource page and blog for all the latest updates. Here’s to 20 more years of awesome events with clients like you.