There’s no doubt that the meaning of “business as usual” has been flipped on its head. The shift to work from home fundamentally changed how a lot of businesses function in ways that no one could have predicted. Though the pandemic meant that uncertainty lurked around seemingly every corner, business speakers with extensive backgrounds in dealing with such changes have risen to the unique challenge of this situation. Now more than ever, companies are looking to experienced business speakers to help motivate their employees and audiences, find the silver lining in upcoming challenges and to highlight the unique innovations that have resulted from this global shift. Check out these popular topics companies have found success in when leveraging business speakers at virtual conferences.

Change Management

With so much change happening at a rapid pace, the ability to lead with certainty in times of uncertainty is crucial for businesses to survive. The strategies of change management come to the service of businesses that may be struggling to deal with significant negative changes, or not knowing how to get through difficult times. Change management plays a vital role in minimizing risks and preparing for the future, finding ways to make businesses more resilient even when facing fundamental changes to their original structure.

The thing about change is that it’s necessary for any company or organization to grow and evolve to its highest potential. Many companies are calling upon change management speakers during this time to inspire new strategies through transformational mindsets as well as to provide insight on how to future-proof your business to be ready for any kind of changes that may arise. 

Future Impact

Futurists can offer incredibly valuable information in the face of hardship, as they are always looking forward to future trends and how to best prepare for them. There are all kinds of futurists focused on different aspects of human advancement, like business, technology, healthcare, and economy, and their valuable insights are based on thorough analysis of past, current and future developments. 

Many companies have found that popular futurist speakers are able to help businesses predict where to focus their efforts according to the general trends of the industry and its consumers. Their talks open up conversations of how to innovate effectively for the suspected future, even when there is uncertainty in the present. 

Motivation & Inspiration

In the current climate of uncertainty, it’s no wonder there is so much stress over instability. With how fast everything has moved, many are at a loss for how to move forward positively. Especially with those working in industries that have had to make tough decisions and huge pivots, sometimes all that is needed is a push of optimism, of highlighting the good that has come out of the situation, and of appreciation for what you have. Many companies have found that giving their employees a boost of optimism has done wonders to motivate the workplace to move forward, and enable them to see the silver lining despite the circumstances. 

These motivational business speakers have not only achieved great success in their own endeavors, but have also turned their experiences into powerful stories of perseverance through difficult times. They lend support and empowerment to fellow businesses and entrepreneurs who may just need a reminder of the possibilities and how much growth and innovation actually originates from the uncomfortable times.

Leadership Development

A successful company starts with strong leaders who are able to motivate and lead with confidence no matter the circumstances. Leaders in business must be patient and accepting of change as well as willing to learn as the industry changes through personal and organizational development. Recognizing that some of the greatest innovations come out of difficult and uncertain times can be valuable motivation to allow yourself and your company the space to evolve with the constantly changing landscape.

As it’s often the duty of business leaders to motivate their own employees and workplaces, it’s important that these leaders are receiving their own guidance and motivation to be the best leaders and role models they can be. By booking a leadership development speaker, business leaders can learn how to improve their own impact. Sometimes leaders need to be led too!

COVID-19 Recovery

It’s no surprise that many companies are looking for guidance in dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many speakers have altered their offerings and done specific research into how to deal with this particular challenge through various lenses of the economy, crisis management, and leadership. Though their messages vary in content, they all have meaningful contributions in how industries have been affected, and even more so how these industries can actually come out on top through resilience and acceptance of change.

No matter your company or industry, top COVID-19 recovery business speakers can illuminate not only how to survive and move forward, but how to make the most of the transition and really thrive in this new world. 

Growth Mindset

As touched on in many of the other topics, the key to getting through difficult times is acknowledging the discomfort as an opportunity to rethink solutions and facilitate meaningful and sustainable growth. Applying a growth mindset can change your perception in the face of hardship and allow the space to pursue alternate possibilities through sustained hard work and innovation. Growth mindset has been studied and applied by various teachers, psychologists, business leaders, and motivational speakers as a tool for empowerment to go beyond whatever barriers are ostensibly in place and forge new perspectives.

Many virtual conference organizers have looked to growth mindset speakers to motivate audiences to see beyond what’s holding companies back from “business as usual” and to illuminate a new path towards greater innovation.

Business speakers of all kinds have adjusted their offerings and positioned themselves in ways that best help the current needs of companies and virtual organizers in promoting optimistic outcomes in the face of difficulties. Through resilience, perseverance, innovation, and willingness to change, business speakers inspire companies to put their best foot forward and lead with confidence on all levels, from CEOs to employees. No matter the impact you desire to leave on your audience, there is a business speaker out there for you!