As holiday lights and music begin to appear, it marks the time for planning ahead into 2023 for what the coming year will bring for the speaking industry. Like many in our industry, we hope that the coming year continues to bring many successful in-person and virtual events that are engaging, memorable, and well-attended. If you’re considering which speaking topics to focus on in 2023, here are a few of the trends that we’re already seeing this year heading into the next. Let’s go!

1. Emotional Balance and Inclusion

Let’s face it — it’s been a tough few years that many of us are still recovering emotionally. A trend that is already starting to take hold is one that is all about helping people feel a part of something bigger — whether at the workplace, in their communities, or in the world.

Organizations seeking to smoothly integrate diverse perspectives and encourage productive dialogue in the workplace will find exceptional speakers on this topic. Workplaces will benefit from enhancing company culture, increasing the feeling of belonging within an organization, and empowering productivity from their teams. In communities, fostering feelings of inclusion and connection can benefit others less fortunate while providing purpose and connection for those in service to the cause.

2. Digital Transformation

This trend is one that the event industry has been closely watching as tech companies and brands alike begin to focus on the future including the Metaverse. Including speaking topics like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, the technology sector continues to evolve at a highly rapid pace.

In 2023, we expect to see more organizations consider how to use AI in their daily operations, ensure that they are up to date on cybersecurity best practices, and learn how to evolve their brands into the virtual world of the Metaverse. Speakers on these speaking topics and other forwardthinking futurists will be in high demand, so book early.

3. Environmental Responsibility

An IBM survey in 2021 said that two-thirds (67%) of Gen Z job seekers prefer to work for companies who have ESG policies and who actively manage their environmental impact. This is partially why many organizations developed environmental, societal, and governance policies in 2022. Next year, they’ll be looking to educate teams about environmental causes and ensure compliance with these ESG policies in their organizations.

Not only is environmental responsibility an important topic for events, but creating events with minimal environmental impact is also an important factor behind this emerging topic. Whether leveraging sustainable materials or reducing greenhouse gas emissions by hosting virtual events, event organizers are leading by example in considering their impact on the environment.

4. Human Rights

Whether at home or around the world, speakers on human rights causes saw increased demand in 2022. As humans, we hope to make our world better, and these speaking topics point to where we need to focus our improvement efforts. Whether discussing the impact of the war on Ukraine, or understanding the plight of human trafficking victims, education is often the catalyst for change. As 2023 is also bringing economic uncertainty at home and abroad, ensuring basic human rights will be a topic many will be talking about.

5. US and Global Economics

As mentioned, most experts predict some type of economic recession in late 2022 or early 2023. Understanding the impact of this on organizations across various industries will become a topic of discussion, presenting an opportunity to bring in thought leaders and futurists that can provide clarity to uncertainty. Whether presented as a topic for discussion or influencing the planning of in-person events in 2023, the economy at home and abroad will be front of mind for many.

As with most years, we won’t know exactly what 2023 will bring us, but we are prepared to support the needs and requests of our clients by providing the best speakers and talent available to book for events.

What speaking topics will event organizers be planning in 2023? We’ll be asking this and related questions in our 2023 Speaking Industry Survey starting in January 2023! Follow AAE Speakers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram and be notified as soon as this survey opens. For a copy of the 2022 findings, please visit the 2022 Speaking Industry Benchmark Report.