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Chip and Kim McAllister Speaker Agent

Chip and Kim McAllister

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Chip and Kim McAllister Biography

In 1977, Chip McAllister was chosen over 5,000 actors to portray Muhammad Ali in his life story, "The Greatest". Chip portrayed Cassius Clay for the first twenty five minutes of the movie, before Muhammad Ali played himself for the remainder. After starring in the major motion picture, that also starred Muhammad Ali, James Earl Jones, Robert Duvall and Ernest Borgnine, Chip was instantly transformed from an anonymous box boy to a rising star in Hollywood.

In the summer of 1978, Chip went to a party that was being held in the recreation room of the Oakwood apartments in Marina Del Rey. As Chip entered the doorway of the party, his breath was instantly taken from him. Though the room was dark, a beacon of light shone on the most beautiful sight he had ever beheld. Right there in the middle of the dance floor was Chips future.

The popular dance of the summer was The Freak. This particular dance was one in which the dancer slowly and gently writhed, barely moving their body in a sensual side to side, front to back motion, all the while lightly toying with and touching their own bodies in such a way as to arouse even the most rigid watcher.

Well, that being said, the light in the middle of the dance floor was being generated by who would come to be known as Kim. Kim thoughtfully and perfectly painted a pair of flawless Jordache jeans over her voluptuous and sumptuous hips, thighs and perfect buttocks. She also wore the cutest shiny tan long sleeved blouse that went well with her like colored Candy shoes.

Once Chip caught his breath, pinched himself to make sure that this vision of loveliness was not a figment, he composed himself enough to attempt to talk with her as she was finishing up her destiny dance. Holding his heart out to her in his hand, Chip introduced himself to Kim and asked if he could treat her to a drink of her choice. Anticipating the voice of an angel, Chip was sure that Kim would gladly and graciously accept his kind offer. However Chips ears betrayed him by registering a loud and belligerent NAW . . . YOU CANT BUY ME NO DRINK!!! (Chip later found out that Kim thought that he was a conceited actor. That is why she initially shunned him)

Taken aback, Chip was certain that there was something that Kim was not understanding about his kind offer. Being an extreme optimist, Chip opted to swallow his pride in order to convince the beautiful ice queen to take him up on his drink offer. Worn down by Chips unwillingness to curtail his attempts to engage her, Kim finally agreed to order a drink. However after Chip returned with her drink, she remained out on the dance floor, dancing with several partners for the next 45 minutes. Chip was undaunted though, due to the fact that his Diamond in the Rough had to return . . . she had left her purse at the table next to which Chip was diligently standing.

Finally Kim and her unfounded bad attitude returned from the dance floor with an exasperated gasp once she laid eyes on Chip. Something in Chip told him that this girl was better than her bad attitude. Actually Chip felt that This Super Fox is too fine to be this mean. The conversation was very one sided, as the gorgeous frigid maiden continued on her mean streak. Completely obtuse to the situation, Chip had the audacity to request Madam Ices phone number before he bid her adieu. Chip was certain that she would either not give him the number or not give him the right number.

A few days later, with no expectations, Chip called the number on the matchbook that Kim barely legibly scribbled her proposed number. To Chips utter surprise, Kim answered the phone. However, once Chips voice was recognized, Kim dryly and begrudgingly sighs the retort Oh . . . its you?. Over the next month or so, Kim does not warm up much during Chips weekly calls . . . so the beaten Chip gives up on her.

Cut to: Two months later

Chip and his buddy Patrick are cruising down Crenshaw Boulevard in Chips Brand Spanking New Royal Blue 1977 280Z. This was not just a car, this was an experience. While on the boulevard, Chip and Patrick are abruptly disrupted by a car full of foxy chicks that are cat calling out to them while going in the opposite direction on Crenshaw. Chip can barely make out that one of the foxes in the other car . . . was Kim.

Later that night, Chip calls Kims number to see how she is doing. The conversation goes as such:

Kim: Hello.

Chip: Hello, may I speak to Kim?

Kim: This is Kim. Whos speaking?

Chip: This is Chip.

Kim: (Giggles . . . clears throat . . . and perkily moans) Oh, Hi Chip! You haven't called me in a long time. I thought you had forgotten about me. I am so glad that you called . . . I didn't know that you had such a fine car . . .

Shortly thereafter, Kims affinity towards Chips car transferred to Chip. In no time, they were inseparable. Kim supportively accompanied Chip on his auditions and Chip frequently drove Kim to UCLA to pursue her degree in Economics. Kim proudly graduated from UCLA in 1982.

For seven years, Chip & Kim danced, skated, partied, saw movies, studied, laughed, respected, fought, made up, shared, traveled, cared about, trusted and grew in love together.

Though they had planned to marry several years earlier, Chip & Kim joined together as one early in 1985. Later that year, their first child was born, Phillip III (CJ). CJ was the God sent joy of their lives. The very next year, Chip & Kim had their angel, Kristen. Kristen was the most beautiful baby ever born.

In 1987 Chip & Kim moved from Los Angeles to the suburbs of Diamond Bar, California. They purchase their first house, which was a brand new townhouse. In March of 1988, Chip & Kim accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Two weeks later, CJ fell out of his second story window on the concrete on his head. The very same pastor, Steve Hage, who was responsible for Chip & Kim giving their lives to Christ, accompanied Chip & Kim to CJs hospital room. Pastor Hage prayed the verse, James 5:14 (which instructs the elders of the church to lay hands on the sick, and they will be healed) over CJ, while he was in a coma in his hospital bed. The McAllister?s were able to see the power of God very early on in their Christianity because CJ was instantly, totally and miraculously healed on that day.

In 1988, Chips career had come to a stand still. Needing to feed his family, Chip opted to give up his dream of becoming a star, and traded in that career for a career in the computer industry. During this time, Kim was a very successful Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. Once Chip left the field of Professional Acting, he not only worked in the computer industry, but he went back to school and graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 1995.

By 1998, Chip & Kim had developed an extremely successful Information Technology Consulting Firm. Due to their success, in 1999, Chip, Kim and their loving family purchased their Dream Home in Coto De Caza, California (located in South Orange County). However, early in 2001, Chip & Kim felt the brunt of the combination of the "Dot Bomb" phenomenon, the Information Technology sector dump and the stock market crash.

In 2001, based on being in a financial crunch, Chip & Kim agreed to form a 50-50 business with another couple that were in a similar situation. Chip & Kim worked extremely hard with their partners on their new company for 14 months without making a dime. Due to Chips negotiations and Kims placement skills, their new company was instantly transformed into a multi-million dollar company with one extraordinary deal. However, a few months after the new company started realizing profits, their business partners stole their business from them. At the present time, Chip & Kim are in the process of pursuing their share of the profits of their company through the court system.

The utter betrayal and thievery forced Chip & Kim into virtually poverty. However, their faith was never lost. Chip & Kim went into prayer mode, drew closer to Jesus and exercised their faith in Him to come up with a way to deliver them from their misery. During this lowest point in their lives, Chip & Kims friend, Rhonda told that CBS was currently looking for people to be on The Amazing Race. She also encouraged Chip & Kim that they would be perfect for the show. Chip immediately prayed about the proposition and received a confirmation from God that he and Kim were going to be on The Amazing Race. Though Chip had no idea that he and Kim were going to win the race, he knew that he and Kim would receive tremendous favor from competing on the Emmy Award Winning Reality Television Show. Once Chip filled out the application and completed their audition video, he was certain that they were going to be chosen as contestants.

Once Chip & Kim were chosen, they knew that their lives would be changed forever. They were convinced that competing in The Amazing Race would provide them with an opportunity to pursue their passion. And that passion is for them to be advocates of Happy and Healthy Marriages. Chip and Kim are driven and passionate to encourage and edify engaged and married couples to succeed in marriage.

Winning The Amazing Race was a cherry on the sundae. They felt that they were already winners by merely enjoying every minute of the race. Chip & Kim knew that they had no control over winning and losing. They only had control over having fun and smelling the roses of the race.

After winning The Amazing Race, Chip & Kim are presently participating in and accepting more and more invitations to make appearances in various corporate events, openings, meet and greets and speaking for various organizations, businesses and groups.

Chip & Kims ultimate goal is to jointly host a television show that advocates, encourages and edifies Happy, Healthy Marriages. Their alternate goal would be for Chip to host a show that encourages, helps and/or brightens the lives of others.

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