Top Black History Month Topic Ideas

Black History Month occurs every year in February as a reminder to reflect, appreciate, and celebrate the contributions of Black people to the United States throughout history. With many states making Juneteenth a national holiday moving forward, 2020, in particular, has emphasized the importance of amplifying Black voices and history. With top speakers covering all kinds of topics relating to African-American heritage and impact, here are 4 Black History Month Themes to Watch.

1. Civil Rights History


While reflecting on the past during Black History Month, civil rights speakers help audiences to understand the long and complicated history of Black Americans. Civil rights are a broad and important set of rights that protect people regardless of their race, gender, age, disability, religion, and more. While these rights continue to describe the advancement of equality for all people, historically, the Civil Rights Movement described the fight against racial discrimination and effort to achieve equality for Black Americans under the law. By educating your audience through the personal stories and narratives of renowned civil rights activists like Angela Davis, Bobby Seale, and Dr. Bernice King, your event will be sure to leave a lasting impact.


2. Amplifying Black Voices


Given the history of the oppression of Black people in America, it is necessary to raise Black voices to ensure that all perspectives are actively being heard and considered. By adding diverse perspectives to your event, your audience can learn new ways to accept each other despite perceived differences. During Black History Month in 2021, call upon popular Black authors, artists, and entertainers to inspire your group to encourage and embrace inclusion every day.


3. Anti-Racism Activists


It is all of our duty to work together to combat racial discrimination. There are many activists, authors, and educators who have dedicated their careers to educating people on the effects of systemic racism, and even offering anti-racism trainings which touch on the unconscious biases that we must be wary of. Consider an anti-racism training or keynote from top anti-racism speakers who can provide you with tools to work towards racial equality during Black History Month and beyond.


4. Promoting Racial Equity in the Workplace


It is necessary for all employees to feel appreciated, included, and welcomed in their place of work. Within businesses, a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion can drastically improve work morale by considering diverse perspectives and instituting actionable change that will make sure all employees feel included and respected equally. Popular speakers on promoting racial equity in the workplace can inspire and motivate your audience to consider multiple perspectives and to respect people of all backgrounds equally. Black History Month is a time for celebration of the contributions of the Black employees at your company.

Depending on your event and the goal of the outcome, there are many different ways you can go about choosing a speaker for your Black History Month Event. Whether wanting to educate your audience more thoroughly on history, hear personal accounts and stories from Black voices, improve racial equity in your workplace, or otherwise, the team at AAE is here to help guide you to the perfect speaker for your event.

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