5 Event Industry Trends, Tips, And Resources For September

With COVID-19 cases back on the rise and questions about event format and scheduling looming, we understand how unpredictable our industry feels right now. We also know that event professionals are busier than ever planning their approach to the rest of the year and looking ahead into 2022.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of five things you can read through in five minutes or less to make your life as an event professional a little easier — including industry trends and predictions as well as tips and resources from AAE.

1. Event professionals continue to value the safety and convenience of virtual events.

Less than one percent of the events we booked speakers and celebrities for in 2019 were virtual. In 2020, this percentage of virtual event bookings soared to 86%. In 2021, virtual events are still making up 76% of all bookings — and with COVID-19 numbers surging again, we predict that virtual formats will continue to dominate the event industry.

Instead of outright canceling or postponing events, we’re helping event pros quickly and seamlessly pivot in-person events to virtual to keep them on schedule. Download our Virtual Event Guide to discover the top virtual event tips for event professionals and talent from AAE’s speaker booking experts.

2. How to prepare your team for sponsoring a virtual event.

As virtual events become more mainstream, smart event professionals and organizers are continually looking for ways to monetize them. To see the highest ROI, virtual event sponsors need to go into the engagement with a winning game plan. 

Our team recently sponsored a virtual event where our head of marketing moderated two-panel sessions, and we wrote all about it in Forbes. Learn how our team prepared to be a proactive virtual event sponsor by reading these five helpful tips for sponsoring a virtual event.

3. Learn what an emcee can do to boost your next event.

With virtual events quickly becoming the norm throughout the past year, event professionals have had to find creative ways to better connect with their audiences in online spaces. This huge strategic shift in the speaking industry has introduced new and exciting event formats to choose from and made it clear that virtual events will continue to be a popular option in the future. It also elevated the role of event emcees

We recently sat down with Annette Naif to talk through how a master of ceremonies (a.k.a. an emcee) can boost engagement among event attendees. Watch this short clip to catch the highlights.

4. Want to create more dynamic hybrid events?

Even when an event includes some kind of in-person gathering, event professionals are still capitalizing on the benefits of including a virtual element. Hybrid events are a great way to give your audience the option of connecting face-to-face with a fixed number of in-person attendees in a safe environment, while also expanding the reach and engagement of the event through virtual experiences. 

But nailing hybrid events takes more than just checking off the in-person and virtual components. Hear from Luke Goetting, Founder of Puffingston Presentations, on everything you need to know to create more dynamic hybrid events.

5. On a tight budget? These are our favorite speakers you can book for under $15k.

“It’s been a tough year and a half” is one of those phrases that is both overused and at the same time can’t be said enough. Working hand in hand with hundreds of event professionals throughout the pandemic, we understand that, right now, budgets may be a little tight. 

But just because you’re cutting back on your spending doesn’t mean you should have to cut back on quality — that’s why we’ve put together a collection of our most requested and booked speakers who can fit your budget while still delivering the high-quality content expected of a keynote speaker.

Have any questions or feedback for us? Let us know. When you’re ready to get started on your next event, AAE is here to help. With our vast experience in virtual events and unparalleled service, we can help you to quickly book the perfect speaker.

Evan Owens: Evan is a communications manager for AAE. He writing about the latest trends of the entertainment industry and creating engaging, useful content for event planners. In his free time, he likes playing basketball, and spending time with his wife, son, and their two dogs.
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