3 Things You Need To Know: Discovering Happiness With Jenn Lim

If you look at the title next to Jenn Lim’s name you’ll see she is the CEO and CHO of her company Delivering Happiness. Most of us are familiar with the former title of CEO – or Chief Executive Officer, but the latter might be a new concept for some. What exactly is a CHO?

Jenn serves as the Chief Happiness Officer for her company and a quick Google search will tell you that that term is still relatively undefined. Even pre-pandemic articles in Forbes suggest that it might be a useless job role. Jenn, however, was ahead of the curve in terms of the prioritization and importance of keeping a happy and healthy workplace. 

The core belief of Delivering Happiness’ is that now, more than ever, it’s time to bring joy and humanity into your work life, for higher levels of well-being and organizational success. It’s shown that when happiness is prioritized in the workplace, productivity increases 21%, retention skyrockets over 40%, and your overall bottom line increases 37%. That’s right, a happy workplace directly translates to a company’s overall success.

In our recent interview, Jenn Lim joins All American Entertainment (AAE Speakers Bureau) Head of Marketing Jennifer Best to discuss her “3 Things You Need To Know” about delivering happiness and her personal and professional views on creating a happy mentality in the workplace.

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