Life Moves Pretty Fast. Be Ready. Book a Virtual Expert.

From international crises to the pandemic to climate change and natural disasters, there is no shortage of breaking news as evidenced by today’s rotating headlines. One thing stays true, despite the changing world we live in. Technology is what now connects us and virtual events are here to stay.

In addition to the many benefits of hosting a virtual event, including expanding audience reach and lower cost, is the ability to quickly prepare for a virtual event. While not ideal, I’ve seen virtual events be planned in a matter of weeks, including promotion, hiring speakers, and platform setup. Virtual speakers are a great option to create an engaging virtual discussion on emerging topics. 

It definitely helps to have an experienced partner when planning a virtual event. In the last 18 months, our team helped well over 1,000 virtual events be successful. Organizations like and Shine Initiative were able to create memorable and meaningful virtual event experiences for their attendees.

‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’
— The Legendary Ferris Bueller

Hosting a moderated virtual discussion with a top expert in the field is a great way to gain real-time insights on current events and educate your audience. You’ll also demonstrate the ability to understand the timeliness of having that discussion. It shows your audience that you understand their needs and are proactively addressing them. 

Let’s face it. Virtual is here to stay for many organizations – whether it’s part of a hybrid event or as a standalone tool for event professionals to keep their communities engaged and connected. Why? In short, we can now quickly create virtual events:

  • for a wider audience 
  • at a lower cost 
  • in a lot less time, sometimes days or weeks
  • with easily measurable results

So, the next time you read breaking news, consider whether your audience might also be interested in hearing from a leading expert on the topic, and then give us a call to make it happen. 

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Jennifer Best: Jennifer Best is the Head of Marketing for All American Entertainment. Jen has been featured in print and digital publications, including, on digital marketing trending topics. She is a former SBA award-winning entrepreneur for her digital marketing work with small businesses. When she's not geeking out on Google Analytics and marketing automation, you'll find Jen cooking for her growing family or enjoying a great book.
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