An Interview with Keynote Speaker Adam Markel: Building Resilience and Embracing Change

AAE was joined by bestselling author, keynote speaker, workplace expert, and resilience researcher, Adam Markel. As a keynote speaker, Markel inspires and equips individuals to lead with resilience and vision. I recently had a conversation with Markel about how he made the transition to the speaking industry, impacting lives, and embracing change.

AAE: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in the field and as a speaker.

Adam Markel

Markel: My professional journey started in an unexpected field: the highly structured world of law. I was an entrepreneur who built a multi-million dollar law firm from the ground up, which often meant putting myself completely into every case and client. However, in the long term, this was not a sustainable and healthy field for me personally, and it didn’t fulfill me professionally. That’s when I made the shift away from litigation and into oration. This shift was more than a career change; it was a transformation into a realm where I could impact lives more broadly and profoundly. I haven’t regretted a single moment since making this change.

AAE: What topics do you speak on and why are they important to you?

Markel: Today, I speak on resilience, AI adoption and change management, leadership, and business culture. These topics are derived from my own personal and emotional experiences of overcoming burnout and embracing reinvention. We all encounter change and face obstacles in life, no matter what your job is or what you’re dealing with on a personal level. Every single one of us has the innate capacity to rise to these challenges if we are simply shown how to do this. Through my real-life experiences, I share how to change, grow, and achieve success during my keynotes.

AAE: What kinds of audiences do you usually speak to? Who do you think resonates the most with your message?

Markel: Because I bring a universal message, my audiences can truly be any organization who is looking to thrive in an ever-changing environment. We currently are in a time of immense change around technology, for example. Whether I’m speaking to corporate executives or healthcare professionals, my goal is the same: to help audiences improve, grow, and transform themselves.

AAE: What is unique about your take on a topic or message that differentiates you from others in the field?

Markel: I’ve developed a tool called the Resilient Leader Assessment™ that helps people identify their current ability to adapt to change. By integrating practical business tactics with accelerated learning strategies, my audiences are armed with the tools necessary for implementing tangible changes.

My Change Proof series, including my book “Change Proof: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long-Term Resilience” and digital program can be used in workshops to help audiences build resilience and manage change proactively.

AAE: What do you think has been your greatest accomplishment or impact?

Markel: The greatest accomplishment that any speaker can have is when an attendee shares the impact that your words had on their career. Following one of my keynotes, a participant recounted how the resilience strategies we explored empowered them to navigate a pivotal transition within their company. This not only preserved jobs but also fostered continued growth during challenging times. Hearing feedback like this is what drives me to continue sharing my messages with audiences.

AAE: What’s next for you in your career journey?

Markel: We are in a pivotal moment in time where immense change is happening daily. Whether addressing a room of executives or a conference of educators, my mission remains the same: to inspire and equip individuals to lead with resilience and vision. Our greatest growth often comes from our most challenging changes, and I look forward to helping others embrace the next transformation with as much enthusiasm and dedication as the last.

If you’re interested in booking Adam Markel for your next event, visit his speaker profile on AAE’s website to learn more.

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