Building Dynamic Hybrid Events: Top 8 Resources For Event Organizers

In recent years, the event industry has come to recognize and appreciate the power of dynamic hybrid events — the ability to extend your reach, cater to audience preferences, and offer unique event experiences to both in-person and virtual audiences. Once thought to be as rudimentary as an in-person event with a simple live stream, event industry professionals have completely shifted the perception of what hybrid events can and should be going forward.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of hybrid events, considering incorporating this format for the first time, or just curious about all that it entails, AAE has compiled a list of valuable resources to support your efforts no matter where you currently line up. Here are eight of our top resources for dynamic hybrid events.

1. Your Guide To Dynamic Hybrid Events: Strategies For Success

In this eBook, you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about developing a hybrid event strategy. Learn how to maximize engagement for hybrid event attendees, whether they attend in-person or virtually. Discover how to choose and book a speaker for your hybrid event. Get advice on how to return to in-person events safely. Download your copy of our ultimate guide to hybrid events now.

2. Dear Maddy: Episode 3 — What Is A Hybrid Event?

In the third installment of our “Dear Maddy” video series, AAE’s expert Booking Agent Maddy McPeak dives into hybrid events and how they are growing in popularity with event planners and professionals. Maddy breaks down the definition, logistics, and benefits of hybrid events and why we have seen such an uptick in hybrid event production over the past couple of years. Watch the video now.

3. 5 Questions To Ask Before Planning a Hybrid Event

There are no fixed rules in hybrid event planning, but considering these questions can make a difference in the audience engagement, efficiency, and originality of your next hybrid event. Get the best industry advice around things like marketing strategy, timing considerations, attendee engagement, nailing the online portion, and gathering feedback after your hybrid event. Read our blog post on the five questions you should ask yourself before planning your next hybrid event.

4. 6 Things To Know Before Planning A Hybrid Event

The world’s leading event professionals are going all-in on hybrid events, meaning the virtual component of your conference can give you a competitive edge or widen your reach depending on what your goal is. This is not the time to return to normal; it is the time to innovate and improve your experience for your audience and the organizer. To help you do so, here is a list of the top six things to know before planning your hybrid event.

5. 10 COVID-19 Safety Tips For Hosting A Hybrid Event

We’ve come a long way since early 2020, but public health will always be an important consideration, so it is important to continue to promote safety in all future events and meetings. At this point, we are all well aware of the individual COVID-19 safety tips like wearing a mask, socially distancing, avoiding direct contact with others, and frequent testing and temperature checks. But what about safety considerations on a larger scale? Here are some considerations and tips for event planners looking to put on a successful and safe hybrid event.

6. How to Create Dynamic Hybrid Events: An Interview with Luke Goetting

AAE’s VP of Marketing, Jennifer Best, had the privilege of interviewing Luke Goetting, Founder of Puffingston Presentations, about all things hybrid events and what we can expect from a successful event in 2021 (and beyond). Learn more about how to prepare for your hybrid event, best practices, tools and tips for audience engagement, the power of feedback, and much more. Watch the interview now.

7. Virtual to Hybrid: A Case Study With The Event Company

Read how AAE assisted a client that was transitioning from fully virtual to a hybrid approach. In August 2021, The Event Company planned and hosted a hybrid event for the South Dakota Area Health Education Center. Kevin Hines, a leading keynote speaker on suicide prevention and mental health, addressed the audience at the University of South Dakota. Let’s take a look at this hybrid event case study.

8. Top 5 Hybrid Event Trends In 2022

Organizations are quickly realizing the power and reach of hosting hybrid events. Clients are excited to return to planning in-person events but want to be cognizant of the virtual audiences they’ve grown over the past two years. Hybrid events are a great way to engage both audiences, live and virtual. Hear from Lisabeth Kane, Senior Logistics Manager, about what hybrid event trends she and our other expert logistics managers are seeing.

As you continue to plan dynamic hybrid events and deliver extraordinary experiences to your virtual and in-person audiences, AAE will continue to produce helpful resources like the ones we’ve highlighted here to support you at every step along the way. You can head over to our resources page and blog for all the latest updates.

Evan Owens: Evan is a communications manager for AAE. He writing about the latest trends of the entertainment industry and creating engaging, useful content for event planners. In his free time, he likes playing basketball, and spending time with his wife, son, and their two dogs.
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