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Celebrity Psychic Char Margolis

Celebrity Psychic Char Margolis

In brief

Psychic intuitive Char Margolis has amazed TV hosts from Larry King to Regis Philbin--and millions of viewers--with her uncanny ability to make contact with departed spirits. Now she shares her most exciting experiences with live audiences worldwide! Char will teach you how to develop your own psychic abilities. Her inspiring advice can help you to contact a loved one's spirit, or enhance your innate ability to sense danger or protect others. She also provides easy instructions for making life-changing decisions-intuitively-about business, family, health, and love!



Char Testimonials:

  • Char het Medium - RTL4 The Netherlands
  • Larry King Live- Several Appearances
  • "The View" with Barbara Walters , Several Appearances
  • Live With Regis And Kelly, Several Appearances
  • The Ricki Lake Show, Several Appearances
  • CHAR - A Psychic for the New Millennium, Pay-Per-View
  • Entertainment Tonight, Several Appearances
  • "The Other Half" with Dick Clark
  • Jenny Jones
  • Sally Jesse Raphael, Several Appearances
  • Geraldo
  • Joan Lunden
  • Queremos Saber Mas - Endemol Spain
  • Donny & Marie
  • Vicki!
  • Good Day Los Angeles *Featured Regular Guest
  • Attitudes
  • Mike & Matty
  • Rolanda
  • The Extrasensory World of Char ABC Network Pilot Live in LA
  • Good Day New York, Featured Regular Guest
  • Larry Sanders Show (HBO), Played Herself
  • Camilla Scott Show (Canada), Several Appearances
  • Dini Petti Show (Canada)

Witty and winning, celebrity psychic Char Margolis tells it like it is on the subject of talking to the dead for a living. Margolis wrote Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven to help people "awaken their own instinctive intuitive abilities," which they can use as a guide to what she terms "the Age of Awareness," the upcoming shift from a material world to a spiritual one. She warns people away from psychic hotlines in the hope that readers will be convinced to develop their own powers. According to Margolis, the five reasons to use your own intuition are: 1) Intuition helps us prepare for the future and eliminate worry. 2) Intuition allows us to help others, especially our loved ones. 3) Intuition lets us know when we're in sync with the universe. 4) Intuition teaches us to trust our own inner wisdom. And, 5) Intuition helps us to grow and develop as souls. If this sounds like reason enough for you, Questions from Earth will help you tune into answers from heaven to your most heartfelt queries. --Randall Cohan

From Publishers Weekly

A veteran of talk shows who has been interviewed by Barbara Walters, Sally Jesse Raphael and Geraldo Rivera, among others, Margolis has been giving psychic readings for 25 years. Here she provides examples of her psychic successes along with encouragement to those seeking to tap into their own intuition and to make contact with deceased loved ones. Part guide to the spirit world, part psychic cheerleader, Margolis nevertheless offers down-to-earth suggestions for creating health and happiness by maintaining a positive attitude, avoiding negative persons and situations, making informed decisions and taking charge of one's life. Stating that "Life is a school and we've been put here to learn certain lessons," Margolis urges readers to use their experiences to lead them to their soul mates and to satisfying careers and healing. If her involvement in cases like Dean Paul Martin's disappearance and various police investigations has catapulted her into the limelight (and she clearly uses these examples as proof of her psychic abilities), Margolis also focuses on ways in which individuals without any obvious psychic gifts can become attuned to subtle physical, mental and emotional warning signs of trouble. Indeed, the book is so rooted in common sense that it reads more like a self-help book than like some titles that depend on much bolder claims about the psychic abilities of an author. (Sept.) Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Publishers Weekly

Despite the title, this book is not about the power of prayer. Rather, it is about cultivating your psychic ability to contact loved ones beyond the grave. Margolis, a psychic instructor and lecturer, presents enough anecdotes about her own psychic powers to turn any skeptic into a believer. This how-to book, however, falls short of its goal. Margolis offers a step-by-step guide to tapping into your intuitive powers, but the results of following her advice have more to do with reading people, feeling their emotions, and paying attention to "gut reactions" than with contacting the dead. To her credit, Margolis does warn readers about unscrupulous psychics and the necessity of acting from personal choice rather than others' advice, whether it be your dead grandmother or your psychic. She also does a good job of explaining what to expect when developing your psychic powers.

Ranking in popularity and talent with the likes of John Edward, Sylvia Browne and James Van Praagh, Char maintains a high profile clientele who often consult her before making important life decisions. For the first time ever, Psychic medium Char Margolis is ready to hit the lecture circuit. She will share some of her most exciting experiences, conduct a live psychic reading for members of your audience, as well as teach you how to develop your own psychic abilities. Char Margolis is sure to entertain, inspire and amaze any audience. Call today to have Char appear at your next event!

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