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Find Local Celebrities and Top Professional Speakers in Philadelphia

Local Philadelphia speakers, authors, comedians, television personalities, athletes, politicians and more…

Find local celebrities & top professional speakers

Celebrating an event in a particular city and looking for a celebrity or athlete to add some local flavor to your event? Don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of complicated travel arrangements? Looking to replace a last minute cancellation or speaker who got stuck in the snow? Interested in generating traffic to your tradeshow booth with a local celebrity guest? How about hiring a local celebrity chef to enhance your event or securing a popular athlete or local celebrity to play golf with your most important clients or guests?

All American Speakers maintains the largest list of speakers, celebrities, comedians, politicians, celebrity chefs, current and former athletes for all states and some of the most popular convention cities. With the costs of celebrities and top speakers on the rise and the demands of first class airfare, private jets, ground transportation and four star hotel accommodations more common, there are many benefits to booking a local celebrity.

Many speakers will have different fees for local events (some speakers will discount their fee), or may have different requirements for events located on the east coast vs. the west coast. Generally, the less travel that is required and the easier the event is, the more likely a speaker will consider discounting their fee. When dealing with a celebrity, they are more likely to accept an opportunity that has minimal travel and reasonable requirements.

Please contact us with all of your event details and requirements and we will supply you with a list of quality candidates as soon as possible.

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