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A strategy-driven futurist, Frank Feather combines solid business experience with uncanny forecasts and novel insights that often shake up the conventional wisdom.

For 22 years, Frank was a strategic planning and marketing executive with three of the world's top banks. In 1979 he coined the term Thinking Globally, Acting Locally and in 1980 chaired the 1st Global Conference on the Future, which drew 6,000 people from 54 countries, and still is the largest congress of its kind ever held. Today, he is ranked among the "Top 100 Futurists of All Time" by Macmillan's Encyclopedia of the Future.

Since 1981, Frank has advised a worldwide roster of clients on trends impacting their future. He has addressed 500 audiences totaling 250,000 people. In doing so, he has visited all but two U.S. states, each Canadian province, and most countries of Western Europe, South America, East Asia and Australasia. Frank has been researching the Internet and its impact on society since 1992. He spends several hours a day online and uses custom software to track future trends via the Net. This trend analysis and forecasting system is based on that used by the CIA and is believed to be the most sophisticated software in the public domain.

Frank's most recent book, FutureConsumer.Com: The Webolution of Shopping to 2010, was entirely researched and written on the Net and describes that most of us will live a "Web Lifestyle" by 2010. His next two books will specifically forecast the future of the Web and its overall impact on global society.

Living a Web Lifestyle, he telecommutes the world from a high-tech studio amid a mapled forest near Toronto. All his banking and investment activity is done online and he orders a host of products over the Web, including family groceries.


Economy To 2020

What's Next?

Frank long ago identified a 9-year economic cycle. He forecast the last 3 recessions [1991-2, 2000-1, 2008-9] in his 1989 book G-Forces ... along with the next recession, which he still says will occur in 2019. Topics covered:

·         Next economic cycle: What will it be like?

·         Business opportunities: Where will they be?

·         Growth rates: Geographies, industries

·         Commodities: Oil, raw materials, stock market

·         Capital: Availability, interest rates, stock market

·         Margins: Costs, wholesale/retail prices, profits

Doing A 120-Day Company "Turnaround"

During his banking career and since as a consultant, usually acting as Interim CEO-CFO, Frank has successfully turned around struggling businesses of all sizes in all industries — each within 120 days. Topics covered:

·         1-day: Instant 24-hour SWOT diagnosis-prognosis

·         5-days: Essential steps to take charge

·         120-days: What goes into a 120-day Rescue Plan

·         4-STEPs: Long-term market viability analysis

·         4-Rs: Re-invent, restructure, refocus, revitalize

·         Leadership: Drive relentlessly towards success

Leadership For Turbulent Times

Despite an ever-changing world, many so-called leaders maintain the status quo – and get mediocre results. Futuristic leaders don't get sidetracked. Even in turbulent times, they stay focused on the future – and attain extraordinary goals. Topics covered:

·         Non-Leader: Status-Quo Mediocre Manager

·         Focused Leader: Strategic Action Visionary

·         Decisive: Drive Innovation and Change

·         Principled: Authentic and Ethical Exemplars

·         Out Front: "See Map" the Future

·         Team Leader: Achieve Humongous Goals

Innovation And Change Management

Innovation and change must relate to future market needs, not today's. The world operates in constant "beta" mode. Innovation and change also must be in "beta" mode, or it will not be "future-proof". Topics covered:

·         Future Scope: "Big picture" orientation/context

·         Market Scope: What future customers need

·         Beta Mode: Constant innovation and change

·         Biznet Trends: How to be "digitally competitive"

·         Balance: Stability amid turbulent change

·         Outcome: "Future-proof" innovation and change

Futuristic Investing For The Next Cycle

Based on his 30-yr economic forecasting record, Frank tracks stock market cycles with uncanny accuracy, timing when to buy/sell. And his expertise on future trends helps him pick the best-prospect stocks. Topics covered:

·         Economic Basics: Underlying cycle to 2020

·         Stock Basics: Market cycle to 2020

·         Sectors to Watch: Best-prospect industries


·         Screening: Best-prospect stock fundamentals

·         Buy and Sell: Technical indicators to watch

·         Portfolio Picks: Best-prospects stocks to 2020

Future Consumer

 The Webolution of Shopping to 2010

 The Web takes shopping out of the shops. Before long, most customers of most businesses will be e-customers. By 2010, the Internet will gobble up 31 percent of retail spending, leaving most brick-and-mortar retailers in rubble. The Internet Revolution or "Webolution" will smash the mass consumption economy to smithereens and re-center it on the home. Click-happy shoppers are flocking online and will stun shortsighted brick-and-mortar retailers who stubbornly insist that people will always come to their stores. Virtual shoppers are quite different and you need new marketing techniques to satisfy them. In a digital economy, marketers must understand and predict the very different needs, wants and behavior of online shoppers. New "webographic" metrics help identify their fast-changing needs and behavior. In the fluid environment of web commerce, digitally competitive e-marketing strategies are essential to success. In a world of "click" decisions, winning companies will anticipate and respond to customer demands in real-time. They will predict future e-consumer behavior using a web-driven relationship model that drives the new "6-Ps" and "4 Digital Rules" of web marketing. This Keynote program content can be adapted and expanded to a half- or full-day Seminar or Workshop program. It also can be supplemented by an Executive Briefing or a Closed-Door "Future Chat" Session.

Future Trends

Internet Convergence and Its Future Impact

All of life and commerce is converging on the exploding Internet. In the future, most families will live a Web Lifestyle where they conduct most daily economic transactions and personal interactions through the Internet. This will utterly transform the structure of society, where and when commerce occurs, and how and where work gets done. Millions of people will adopt Web Work styles, striking out on their own, legally incorporating their families as Web enterprises, and placing increasing stress on the ability of companies to recruit and retain qualified personnel. In turn, there will be a dramatic industrial upheaval where only digitally competitive companies (the "Future 100") will successfully exploit the best e-Commerce opportunities. This session will cover as much of Frank Feather's next book FutureTrends.Com in as much detail as time permits and as is most relevant to your event audience.

Executive 2020

See & Map the Future

True leaders gaze across time to make extraordinary things happen. Futuristic leaders have 20/20 vision. They clearly "see" a new future, "map" that future, and inspire people to go there. They gather up the scattered energy of an organization, focus it into a laser beam of immense power, and shine it with pinpoint direction on tomorrow.

In Search of Online Excellence

What Differentiates e-Winners & e-Losers?

Loyal consumers determine the best e-commerce strategies by popularizing one company over another. They quickly sort the winners from the losers. Website success, of course, is not determined by consumer popularity alone; the website has to be profitable or it will vanish. Given time, however, popularity and profitability inevitably determine which sites come out on top. And it tends to be a winner-take-all market where the leading online company in a particular sector is far ahead of its main rivals. Why do some win big while others come in a distant second? What does it take to win online? What’s differentiates the winners from the also-rans? BIZNETS examines the strategies behind the success of the leading global online retailers. It draws out lessons that others might adopt. In essence, the winners are presented as "best practice" case studies, comparing their business models and strategies to see what accounts for their obvious success--and what lessons other aspirants might learn from them.

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