Speaker Spotlight: Scott Malcomson

Scott Malcomson is a consultant on communications and political risk. Previously, he has been a senior official at the US. State Department and the United Nations.  He served as an executive at two international NGO’s. He has also worked as director of communications at International Crisis Group and the Berggruen Institute, and as foreign editor of the New York Times Magazine (2004-2011). Malcomson is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and PEN.  He lectures widely in Europe, China and the United States.

Malcomson is the author of five books including bestseller “Splinternet: How Geopolitics and Commerce Are Fragmenting the World Wide Web.” He has also written for the New York Times, The New Yorker, the Village Voice, the London Review of Books, Transition, and many other publications.

Venture Capital and the U.S. Government

In an Inc. video, Malcomson explains to Editor Jim Ledbetter why the connection between venture capital and the U.S. government stretches as far back as World War I.
Malcomson states the venture capital of today started in the 1930’s with Frenchman Jorge Osario.
“Jorge Osorio had gotten involved in some venture capital-ish initiatives at the close of the depression, post-war. The war came during those ideas about bringing large amounts of capital to a wide variety of you know, essentially moon shots in the hope that some of them hit. Osorio was able to apply that with the federal budget and the defense budget.”
In addition, Malcolmson says the idea of venture capital has roots in the military-industrial complex. He makes a connection between technology and WW1 as an example.
“After WW1 the line of development that led to the development of computers and then the internet, were all propelled along by military intelligence,” says Malcomson.

To learn more about how Malcomson relates venture capital with the U.S. government and the military specifically, view the full video here:

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