Partnering for Cures: a Hotbed of Biomedical Innovation

Partnering for Cures is an annual conference that brings together hundreds of people who are innovators in the medical field, and allows them to assume an active role in bridging the gap between patients and new technologies that allow for better treatments. The conference is put on by FasterCures, a center of the Milken Institute, and is held in Boston and San Francisco. Each conference features speakers, panels, workshops, and round table discussion on topics that are relevant to the present as well as the future of medicine. The main theme of Partnering for Cures is collaboration, and how people’s voices and actions can be integrated together to bring greater health and prosperity to people around the world.

Partnering for Cures

The conference has been held annually since 2009. As is indicated by its name, Partnering for Cures aims to create partnerships between different researchers, institutions, and businesses. Partnering for Cures connects decision-makers across the field of medicine and allows attendees of the event to engage with leaders in their area of interest. These connections come in many different forms: the conference features panels, workshops, and other interactive activities. Partnering for Cures also offers networking opportunities, including a partnering app called P4C Connect, that allows attendees of the conference to connect with people who can help advance their research and development goals. This year’s Boston conference, which is being held on July 12, will include round table discussions on “Conquering Cancer” and “Dealing with Data,” a panel on “Patient-centricity,” and a workshop on how to better manage time and money called “Conquering Clinical Research.”


FasterCures is a Washington, D.C.-based center of the Milken Institute that is interested in Partnering for Curesreconstructing the biomedical research system. FasterCures works to incite cross-sector collaboration, foster proper health policy, and make patients more involved in the consideration of their own health. They believe that the adoption of patient-focused solutions will yield impressive results, reducing the time and cost of giving patients access to new treatments. FasterCures has created programs and initiatives that promote biomedical innovation, hosted workshops of key players in research and development sectors, and published their research on patient input in Science Magazine. While these programs and publications generate discussion and lend the topics they are tackling increased visibility, perhaps FasterCures’ most far-reaching efforts have been their events. Conferences like Partnering for Cures are heavily geared toward networking, productive discussion, and future collaborations. Regardless of how much research or development businesses and institutions do independently, a significant impact can only be made through working together to produce change.

Milken Institute

Milken Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that aims to advance collaborative solutions and improve world-wide health. They receive funding from a broad base of supporters, including individual philanthropists, government agencies, and corporate and nonprofit institutions across a diverse range of sectors and locations. As such, the institute accepts input from all stakeholders and makes informed, autonomous decisions that prioritize program and project initiatives. They believe that access to education and healthcare leads to greater growth and prosperity. Milken Institute has eight centers, including FasterCures, that are committed to finding practical solutions. They put on many different kinds of events each year, including workshops, briefings, and round tables, as well as their flagship event, the Milken Institute Global Conference. The institute maintains an interest in research and collaborations that they hope will bring about systematic change in the way medicine is practiced.

Partnering for CuresP4C Boston takes place on Wednesday, July 12, followed by P4C San Francisco on Tuesday, November 14. For speakers on related topics like health and wellness, check out the Keynote Speakers Lists on our website!


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