Olympia LePoint: Speaker Spotlight

Olympia LePoint Speaks at SAS Institute on International Women's Day

Known for her work as a rocket scientist, Olympia LePoint helped NASA launch missions into space. Now she is an inspirational speaker, the founder of OL Consulting Corporation, and author of Answers Unleashed: The Science of Unleashing Your Brain’s Power. Her work helps people overcome what holds them back, whether that is traumatic past experiences or personal doubts.

International Women’s Day Event at SAS Institute in Cary, NC

Olympia-LePoint-SAS-Institute-500x333 Olympia LePoint: Speaker Spotlight
Olympia LePoint takes a moment before her speech to talk to Lisabeth Kane, Logistics Manager at AAE, who helped coordinate the SAS event.

On International Women’s Day, LePoint spoke at SAS Institute, one of the nation’s leading analytics software providers, on the power of thoughts and mindset. Particularly poignant on a day devoted to recognizing the achievements of women, LePoint’s personal story is one of great difficulty and endurance. Her speech addressed her experiences as a woman of color in the traditionally male-dominated STEM field and how she found the courage to break barriers.

Overcoming Obstacles

While LePoint would go on to help NASA launch 28 Space Shuttle missions during her career, she failed algebra in high school. In fact, even attending college was a remarkable feat for LePoint, who grew up in an impoverished, unsafe section of Los Angeles. In her speech, she recalled crunching ice in order to trick herself into thinking she was eating when they could not afford food, as well as the abuse she endured. “Can you imagine how my brain was tormented?” she asked.

But LePoint was able to put aside her past and achieve her goals regardless. “Was I going to let that define me?” she reflected, “Or was I going to find and carve a way out for myself and use that as my benefit?” Asking the audience where they want to be in five years, LePoint emphasized that thoughts are what propel people to meet their goals. “Sometimes what gets us through a situation is figuring out what we see in the future and holding onto that no matter what we encounter.” Watch her whole speech to hear more about her philosophy.

Olympia-LePoint-and-SAS-Institute-Employees-1-500x333 Olympia LePoint: Speaker Spotlight
Olympia LePoint poses with SAS Institute event organizers and employees after her keynote speech on International Women’s Day.

LePoint will speak at SAS Institute again on April 30, this time at their Global Forum in Dallas, TX. She will appear alongside other inspirational technology and science leaders like Reshma Saujani, Michio Kaku, Daniel Kraft and many others. The event is designed to start conversations amongst executives, academics and technology users.


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