Keynote speeches are great – they inspire, motivate and captivate audiences. But sometimes event planners want to bring a little more creativity to the stage. They might do this by hiring a comedian or musical act, or by searching for experiential speakers that bridge the gap between providing information and entertainment.

Experiential Speakers

Experiential speakers deliver a keynote along with an added element. While entertainers typically perform for their entire time on stage, experiential speakers balance their words with performance. At the end of the event, the audience will walk away with a unique experience that stays with them – whether it features technology, art, or music. The following men and women are some of the best experiential and unique speakers out there.

Composing New Music with Kai Kight

Classically trained violinist Kai Kight had never written his own music until his mother told him she had been diagnosed with cancer. She spoke to him of her dream of starting a jewelry store and how she hadn’t made that dream a reality. He resolved to reach his own goal of composing music. “I finally had begun to bring my own unique vision to the world instead of just playing notes that other people had written,” Kight says in his TEDx talk.

Kight’s mother recovered, and he now talks about the experience as a way to inspire others to pursue their passions and embrace their individuality. While the basis of his speeches are rooted in his own experience with the violin, Kight customizes his talks in order to best serve each audience. He has spoken about workplace collaboration, diversity and leadership in industries ranging from business to healthcare.

“I finally had begun to bring my own unique vision to the world instead of just playing notes that other people had written” – Kai Kight

Robert Irwin: Conservation and Hands-On Animal Care

The son of legendary “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, Robert Irwin has followed in his father’s footsteps. He works at the Australia Zoo and frequently travels to speak on wildlife conservation and care. Sometimes (as seen on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon“) the animals come with him. Irwin’s lighthearted humor and firsthand knowledge of animal behaviors have endeared him to audiences worldwide.

Irwin is popular for Earth Day and environmental events, and his celebrity status makes him an incredible draw for audience attendance. He is using his fame for good – he frequently donates proceeds from his events to the Australia Zoo‘s wildlife hospital, helping vets there care for and rehabilitate injured animals.

Starting Conversations through Art with Laolu Senbanjo 

Born and raised in Nigeria, Laolu Senbanjo is inspired by his heritage. Despite studying for a career in law, he chose to embrace his artistic impulses. “As a young child I saw art everywhere,” says Senbanjo, “When I grew up I knew being an artist was not an option, so I wanted to be the person my parents wanted me to be so I went to law school.” Today, Senbanjo creates “Afromystic” art using traditional Nigerian patterns to create striking visuals and tell stories about life.

“I wanted to be the person my parents wanted me to be” – Laolu Senbanjo

Senbanjo’s work has earned him recognition in the art world as well as several partnerships with influential brands. His art appears in the Beyonce music video for “Sorry” as patterns adorning the performers’ skin.

Hacking Cybersecurity with Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick once hacked 40 major corporations just for the personal challenge. Of course, that placed him on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Now, Mitnick considers himself a white hat hacker, working with the government and Fortune 500 companies to improve cybersecurity. In Mitnick’s speeches, he performs live hacking demonstrations that are customized for each company’s audience. He answers questions about cybersecurity in an increasingly digital world.

Marcus du Sautoy: A Code for Creativity

Famed mathematician and author of The Creativity Code, Marcus du Sautoy is to mathematics what Bill Nye is to science. Offering a look into the future, du Sautoy breaks down complex information into easy to understand talks. He discusses his book and how artificial intelligence can boost human creativity. “AI is now teaching us as humans to play the game [chess] in a new way,” du Sautoy says, demonstrating the ways AI surprises us and defies expectations.

“AI is now teaching us as humans to play the game in a new way” – Marcus du Sautoy

In researching AI, du Sautoy experimented with art, seeing if AI could create a new Rembrandt painting in a creative way rather than by averaging the data. The results suggest that AI could surpass our expectations.

Corporate Entertainers

Corporate entertainers perform for large audiences and offer something for everyone to enjoy. They bring people together in order to celebrate the arts, music and humor.

Speed Painting Celebrities with Tim Decker

Tim Decker wasn’t trained as a painter, but that didn’t stop him. Inspired by a dream he had of speed painting, he quickly picked up a brush and trained himself. He is known for painting stunning celebrity portraits within five minutes. He performs for corporations and nonprofits and has used his talent to raise money for numerous charities.

Olga Pankova: Virtual Reality & Art

Also known as VR Girl, Olga Pankova paints in front of a screen in virtual reality. Providing uniquely designed art performances for live events such as conferences, galas and corporate meetings, Pankova brings technology and creativity together in an inspirational way.

Murray SawChuck: Magic Tricks from Murray the Magician

Known as Murray the Magician, Murray SawChuck‘s YouTube videos have over a billion views total. His magic tricks, illusions and pranks captivate viewers determined to figure out how he performs them. His humorous magic shows are engaging and involve audience interaction. Sawchuck has appeared on television show like “America’s Got Talent” (where he first gained fame), “Pawn Stars,” “Masters of Illusion,” and “Top Gear.”

Nikki Glaser Brings Laughs with Stand Up Comedy

Nikki Glaser is a comedian who has appeared on “The Tonight Show,” “CONAN,” and “Last Comic Standing.” She hosted “Not Safe with Nikki Glaser” and has guest starred on the popular show “Inside Amy Schumer.” She draws material for her stand-up from her personal life and it includes topics like being a woman, sex, and dating.

Pentatonix: Award-Winning Sound

A cappella group Pentatonix is critically and popularly acclaimed. The winners of three Grammy Awards, the group is made up of talented singers and performers. They have sold millions of records worldwide and regularly perform in stadiums packed with fans. Known mostly for their covers and mashups of popular pop songs, the group has also started releasing their own songs in recent years.

“America’s Got Talent” Winner Kenichi Ebina

Best known for winning “America’s Got Talent” in 2013, Kenichi Ebina is a dancer and performance artist. He uses visual effects, sound and lights along with intense choreography. His performances reflect themes such as futurism and technology, while providing his audience with a show they can’t look away from.


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