June 2017 Conferences: 12 Events You Won’t Want to Miss

This summer, professionals across the globe will come together for various conferences focusing on technology, entrepreneurship, business, media, finance, environment, and more.  These 12 conferences in June of 2017 give attendants ideas, networking opportunities, and the inspiration to propel them forward.

Anticipated Conferences this June

Next Gen. Summit
June 2nd-4th, New York City

Next GenThe Next Gen Summit is a favorite for up-and-coming and millennial entrepreneurs. The speakers include young founders who have built successful businesses, scientists, authors, and inventors.  Pulling attendants from 6 continents, this is a premiere conference, dubbed a “must attend” by Forbes.


 Notable Speaker: David S. Rose

Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference
June 5th-9th, San Jose

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference brings together technology, liberal arts, and the humanities to motivate and inspire people.  With sessions, consultations, hands-on labs, and keynote speakers, this week-long conference allows developers to meet with over 1,000 Apple engineers.

Notable Speaker: Tim Cook

Bloomberg Invest NY
June 6th-7th, New York City


Bloomberg Invest New York is an invitation-only event that considers the financial, economic and regulatory landscapes.  The goal of this conference is to help institutional investors make profitable decisions by using Bloomberg’s vast resources.

 Notable Speaker:  Julia Chatterley

The Economist: Sustainability Summit
June 7th, Austin

The Economist: Sustainability Summit

The Economist: Sustainability Summit looks at the complex issue of environmental sustainability and the impact this idea has on businesses.  This event joins together leaders in business, visionaries, and policymakers who collaborate on potential solutions to deliver to decision makers.

Notable Speaker: John Podesta

Wall Street Journal D.Live Asia
June 8th-9th, Hong Kong

Wall Street Journal

CEOs, investors, founders, and thinkers from across the globe come together for this invitation-only event.  Wall Street Journal D. Live Asia looks at technology of today and tomorrow and the impact that Asia is having on the rest of the world.

Notable Speaker: Anthony Tan

eMERGE Americas
June 12th-13th, Miami


The goal of eMerge Americas is to exchange ideas while advancing technology across North America, Latin America, and Europe.  Global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and buyers come together for a massive networking opportunity as ideas are exchanged and people are inspired.

Notable Speaker: Steve Wozniak

Forbes Women’s Summit
June 12th-13th, New York City

Forbes Women's Summit

Connecting women on a global scale, Forbes Women’s Summit is an event that offers support and inspiration.  With motivational keynotes and panel discussions, women from a wide array of backgrounds join together for this important summit.

 Notable Speaker: Kim Kardashian West

Social Media Week Conference
June 12th-16th, Los Angeles

Social Media Week

With a focus on the impact of social media and technology on our world, Social Media Week looks at how these affect businesses and society as a whole.  These conferences are held on six continents, with tens of thousands of participants.

  Notable Speaker: Ashly Perez

June 19th-23rd, Chicago


Techweek focuses on entrepreneurs with week-long conferences throughout the United States.  This conference connects entrepreneurs, investors, and high growth businesses.  Held in 8 cities, this sharing of ideas promotes growth and innovation.

Notable Speaker: Brad Serot

BlogHer Conference
June 22nd-24th, Orlando


BlogHer focuses on the digital woman.  Content creators, social media stars, entrepreneurs, bloggers and more come together for keynotes and networking opportunities.  They aim to offer information and tools required to grow and sustain one’s business.

Notable Speaker: Chelsea Clinton

Aspen Ideas Festival
June 22nd-July 1st, Aspen

Aspen Ideas Festival

Leaders around the world come together at the Aspen Ideas Festival to discuss relevant ideas and issues.  Representing numerous disciplines, men and women come together to share ideas and inspire one another to action.

Notable Speaker: Jon Batiste

Forbes AG Tech Summit
June 28th-29th, Salinas

Forbes AG Tech Summit

Considered one of the premiere ag-tech conferences in the country, Forbes AG Tech Summit brings together executives, investors, and entrepreneurs.  The newest innovations for investors, stakeholders, and farmers will be premiered.  Here is where Silicon Valley and agriculture come together.


Notable speaker: Steve Forbes


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