Conferences in July: Mark Your Calendar for These 8 Events

Attendees from across the globe convene to discuss important concerns, network, and get inspired at conferences.  Knowledge sharing at these events motivates individuals and companies.  These 8 conferences in July of 2017 focus on urban development, family business, disease, and technology.

New York Times Cities for Tomorrow Forum
July 10-11, New York City

NY Times

New York Times Cities for Tomorrow Forum brings together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to discuss urban environments and how to ensure they flourish.  Topics will include technology, climate agenda, and finance in relation to urban change.

 Notable Speaker:  Barry Jenkins

Forbes Asia Forum
July 11, Singapore

Forbes Asia Forum

Forbes Asia Forum convenes next generation leaders from family businesses.  Here, they discuss the issues that matter to individuals in a family enterprise.  Topics such as technology, business outlook, and charting one’s own path are all on the schedule to discuss.

 Notable Speaker:  Anthony Tan

World Domination Summit
July 11-17, Portland

World Domination Summit

World Domination Summit is a week-long event that includes discussions, keynotes, and activities on topics such as ‘how to live a good life’, ‘travel hacking your way around the globe’, and ‘writing your first book’.  They focus on community, adventure, and service.

 Notable Speaker: Shaun King

P4C Partnering for Cures Boston
July 12, Boston


Partnering for Cures brings together experienced and motivated leaders to bring needed changes to the medical research system.  The mission of the conference is to discover ways to cut down the time and cost of bringing new therapies to patients, regardless of the disease.

 Notable Speaker: Robert Califf

Fortune Brainstorm Tech
July 17-19, Aspen

Brainstorm Tech

Fortune Brainstorm Tech is an invitation-only tech conference, also dubbed a retreat.  This event convenes Fortune 500 company leaders, rising tech entrepreneurs, and the investors who finance them, with the goal of companies staying abreast of the most current and upcoming technology.

 Notable Speaker: Brian Cornell

July 24-28, Toronto

Techweek Toronto

Techweek focuses on entrepreneurs with week-long conferences throughout the United States.  This conference connects entrepreneurs, investors, and high growth businesses.  Held in 8 cities, this sharing of ideas promotes growth and innovation.

Forbes Under 30 Summit Asia 
July 25, Manila

Forbes Under 30 Summit

At Forbes Under 30 Summit Asia, industry leaders join current and former honorees of the Forbes Under 30 Asia list.  They come together for a one-day event of discussions, demonstrations, performances and networking.  The focus on this conference is on technology and change in Asia.

Notable Speaker: Samuel Okyere

IMPACT Live 2017 
July 31-August 2 , Hartford

Mark Roberge

IMPACT Live 2017 brings together 200 marketing and sales leaders for a two day conference with keynotes, breakouts, and activities in a relaxed and intimate environment.  This event will give attendees a new perspective on marketing leadership.

Notable Speaker: Mark Roberge


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