Jason Schenker: Faithfully Forecasting Financial Markets

“Not many people get burned by a recession and become an economist to better manage it the next time around, but that’s exactly what I did.”

Jason Schenker has been dubbed the most accurate financial market forecaster in the world.  He is an economic authority, respected for his educated and concise predictions.  In addition to being a forecaster, Schenker is a keynote speaker, a frequent guest on Bloomberg and CNBC, and a prolific author.

Highly educated, Schenker holds a plethora of degrees.  He obtained his bachelor’s degree from The University of Virginia, majoring in history and German.  He holds three master’s degrees: a Master’s in Applied Economics from UNC Greensboro, a Master’s in Negotiation from CSU Dominguez Hills, and a third in German from UNC Chapel Hill.  On top of these prestigious accomplishments, he holds four graduate certificates.  These are in supply chain management from MIT, professional development from UNC, FinTech from MIT, and one in negotiation from Harvard Law.

Schenker has authored four books, including three best-sellers.  Recession-Proof: How to Survive and Thrive in an Economic Downturn offers employable strategies to make your life safe from a recession.  Jobs for Robots: Between Robocalypse and Robotopia discusses the opportunities and threats that robotics presents to business.  Electing Recession: The Impact of Presidential Elections on Financial Markets and the Economy explains how presidential elections impact the economy, including currency, equity, and commodities.  Commodity Prices 101 is a book designed to assist investors, analysts, and executives in increasing their knowledge of the commodity market.  In addition, he is a columnist for Bloomberg View and Bloomberg Prophets and contributes to MHI Solutions Magazine and LinkedIn.

In 2009, Schenker founded Prestige Economics, the world’s leading independent financial market research firm.  They assist corporations, private companies, banks, and governmental bodies with forecasting and risk management.  This company has been recognized annually by Bloomberg News for the accuracy of their forecasting in 35 different categories, which are led by Schenker.

Jason Schenker

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