National Women's Health Week: Healthcare Speakers and Advocates

National Women’s Health Week is May 13th to May 17th, and it was created to encourage women to make their health a priority. Studies have shown doctors tend to dismiss women’s pain more so than they do with male patients, yet women are more likely to seek out medical care than men. While men and women can be prone to the same health issues, symptoms can appear differently in women. These inspirational keynote speakers are healthcare professionals, fitness experts, and women in policy and are dedicated to encouraging women to stay healthy.

Women’s Health Experts in Policy

Karen DeSalvoKaren DeSalvo is the former Assistant Secretary for Health, former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, and the former Director of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Her career as a physician has been focused on improving citizens’ access to affordable healthcare in an effort to promote overall health. Her primary focus is on helping those living in vulnerable positions, and she has helped the public through patient care as a physician, research, medical education, and her policy and administrative roles.

Susan DentzerSusan Dentzer is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation. The nonprofit is made up of 100 different stakeholder organizations across different sectors of healthcare. Its mission is to improve the quality of health while advancing healthcare innovations. She was also the editor-in-chief of Health Affairs, a health policy journal. Dentzer has appeared as a commentator on television and radio, notably PBS and NPR. She is considered one of the most respected health speakers and health policy thought leaders in the country.

Empowering Women in Health & Fitness

Known for her role as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels has been a Jillian Michaels fitness expert and wellness coach for over 20 years. In addition to The Biggest Loser, she has also appeared on The Doctors and Losing It With Jillian. She is a best-selling author of several books, including Master Your MetabolismUnlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life and Slim for Life: My Insider Secrets To Simple, Fast, And Lasting Weight Loss. Michaels has also released exercise DVDs to encourage people to work out in their homes.

Julie Rice is the Co-Founder of SoulCycle, a fitness company that provides indoor cycling workout classes. SoulCycle has become a fitness revolution and has grown to have over 80 studios across the country. The workouts at SoulCycle combine inspirational coaches with high-energy music, and the workouts are designed to benefit both the mind and body. Rice founded the company with Elizabeth Cutler, and in 2012 the company announced the release of the SoulCycle Bike.

Healthcare Speakers and Nutrition Experts

Dr. Lisa Masterson is known for her role on The Doctors. She specializes in obstetrics, Dr. Lisa Mastersongynecology, infertility, and family planning. Masterson is also the founder and medical director of the Ocean Oasis Medical Spa, which offers spa treatments, and exercise and nutrition programs tailored specifically to each phase of a woman’s life. Masterson is a pioneer of women’s health, and has been awarded with a Red Cross Humanitarian Award and the March of Dimes Golden Rattle Award in recognition of her advocacy work in improving the health of infants and mothers around the world.

Keri GlassmanNutrition is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and Keri Glassman is a nationally recognized nutrition expert. She is the founder and president of Nutritious Life, a nutrition practice that guides people to science-based healthy living strategies. For building a healthy lifestyle, Nutritious Life recognizes the importance of focusing on the whole person. The “Nutritious Life Cycle” focuses on getting adequate sleep, managing stress, exercising, self-care, and finding happiness in life. Glassman is the author of multiple books, including O2 Diet: The Cutting Edge, Antioxidant-Based Program That Will Make You Healthy, Thin and Beautiful.

Women’s Health Awareness Speakers

Geralyn LucasIn the United States, about one in every eight women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Geralyn Lucas, now an inspiring motivational speaker and author, was only 27 years old when she was diagnosed. She found herself having to make the choice of whether or not to have a mastectomy. Because she was diagnosed at a young age, Lucas felt it was important to share her story to help combat the myth that breast cancer can only appear later in life. Her book, Why I Wore Lipstick: To My Mastectomy, is about her internal struggle after losing a key female-defining characteristic and how she learned to feel sexy and complete again.

Jennie GarthJennie Garth is known for her roles on Beverly Hills, 90210 and What I Like About You, but she is also a dedicated advocate for the American Heart Association. Contrary to the popular belief that heart disease is more common in men, heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. Garth supports the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Campaign, a national movement that aims to end heart disease and stroke in women. Her support of the Go Red for Women Campaign embodies the mission of National Women’s Health Week.