Forbes, founded in 1917, is the oldest major American business magazine, and over the last 100 years has played an important role in charting the course of American business. The magazine boasts sharp, intelligent journalism that offers insight into the economic as well as sociopolitical dimensions of business in the US. ForbesLive, which holds events and conferences throughout the year, grants audience members the unique opportunity of engaging with world-wide leaders, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, and artists. All attendees and participants take part in an ongoing mission to resolve critical issues, answer questions, and present solutions to things that are impacting people around the globe.


Forbes MagazineForbes magazine was founded in 1917 by B.C. Forbes, a financial columnist, and Walter Drey, the general manager of the Magazine of Wall Street. Drey, who had a background in publishing, became vice-president of B.C. Forbes Publishing Company, while Forbes became editor-in-chief of the magazine. Throughout the 1920s, Forbes was the only major business magazine in the US. However, by 1930, Businessweek and Fortune had joined the competition. By the 1940s, it was clear that Forbes needed to make some changes in order to contend in a crowded market. Several advancements were made to increase circulation: a staff of exclusive writers were hired, the Forbes Investors Advisory Institute was launched, and greater emphasis was placed on factual accuracy.

The magazine is well regarded for tackling a broad range of topics with a keen, perceptive eye — everything from marketing and investing to law and politics. Forbes has also expanded by launching other publications, including Forbes Life, Forbes Asia, Forbes Africa, and other regional magazines., the company’s enormously successful website, is part of Forbes Digital, a division of Forbes Media. When the website was founded in 1996, it became one of the notable early examples of digital journalism. Recently, Forbes has made a mark with its lists and rankings of the world’s top companies and business people, as well as its ForbesLive events. Notable among these are the Global CEO Conference, Under 30 Summit, and Forbes’ Healthcare Summit, each of which serves the aim of “bringing powerful stories to life.”

Global CEO Conference

Forbes Global CEO ConferenceThis year marks the 100th anniversary of Forbes’ very first issue from September 1917. In the spirit of this great milestone, their Global CEO Conference will be held in Hong Kong on September 26 with the appropriate theme of “The Next Century.” The event will gather many of the world’s leaders in technology, politics, and business to discuss how the many rapid advancements taking place presently will shape our future. All eyes will be looking forward, and hundreds of great minds will come together to exchange ideas and consider what the next 100 years will bring.

Under 30 Summit

From October 1-4, 7,000 young entrepreneurs, artists, and politicians, among others, will gather together to take part in this year’s installment of Forbes’ largest event. This four day summit will be filled with compelling content, networking opportunities, social events, and everything in between. The event will convene 200 speakers with considerable entrepreneurial spirit to collaborate, present techniques and information, and exchange ideas for the future.

Healthcare Summit

Since 2012, Forbes’ Healthcare Summit has been bringing together 2,000 of the world’s leading figures in business, policy, science, and medicine to address the future of health and medicine around the globe. Speakers will discuss industry transformations, developments in healthcare, and pressing or controversial issues that are affecting the way people receive treatment. The latest scientific and policy-related breakthroughs will take center stage in the ever-evolving dialogue that will focus on new issues and opportunities that are gaining traction in the world of medicine.

ForbesForbes’ next event is its 100th anniversary celebration, which takes place on September 19 in New York City. For speakers on related topics like business and media, check out the Keynote Speakers Lists on our website!


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