If you are planning an event or conference, you know the most crucial component for your event is attendees.  Even if you have a solid social media campaign, you will still want to utilize email for your marketing efforts.  In fact, 99% of event planners use email marketing for their events.  Why is that?  Well, because the average ROI of email is $44 for each dollar spent- making it one of the most effective marketing tools.  Here are 7 tips to help make your email campaign a success.

1.)  Get Some Help

Find an email marketing service to handle your campaign.  MailChimp and Benchmark are two popular sites.  Use an email template to make your emails attractive, professional, and uniform.

2.)  Draw Them In

Pay attention to the subject line of your emails.  You will want to entice people to open them by playing on emotions of anxiety, anticipation, and curiosity.  If your subject line isn’t interesting, recipients may not even open your email.  Studies show that personalizing the subject line with their name or city will actually increase rates of opening by 20%.

3.)  Add Media

Use photos of your speakers, venue, and pictures from previous years, if the event is an annual occurrence.  Include thumbnail images of speaker videos that link to a webpage and eye catching graphics.

4.)  Social Media

Include your hashtag and social media information.  Add links to the email that will direct readers to your Facebook page, Twitter account, blog, and event page.

 5.)  Answer The 5 W’s

  • Who should attend your event? (Are you targeting executives, students, entrepreneurs?)
  • What is your event?  (Explain your mission, your history, this particular event.)
  • Where is it located?
  • When will it take place?
  • Why should someone take the time to go to your event?

6.)  Time Things Right

You will want to plan out your campaign.  You will want to announce the event in advance and inform people of your speakers.  In addition, you will need to send out registration, reminder, and thank you emails.

7.)  Follow Up With Feedback

Your event is over and you think it was a success.  Even if everything went off without a hitch, you will want feedback from attendees.  Send out a survey to find out the pros and cons of your event.  You may be able to glean great quotations for future events and make a testimonials page.


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