Social media is a crucial component of a successful marketing strategy for your next event.  Currently boasting an impressive 1.94 billion monthly users, Facebook remains a leader in social media.  234 million monthly users of these users reside in the United States and Canada.  With users this numerous, utilizing Facebook for your event is essential.  In fact, one survey reported that 77% of those surveyed found Facebook to be the most effective social media tool prior to an event, and 55% dubbed it the most effective medium post-event.  Learn how to use this helpful platform to help make your event a success.

1.) Create Your Event Page

Facebook Event PageThis is the most important initial step.  You will want to choose a catchy name that will also let readers know what your event is about.  Use the event description to inform people of the details, such as location, time, and pricing.  Find a perfect cover photo that illustrates your event or the ideals you are perpetuating.  Finally, don’t forget to add relevant keywords so that you show up in searches.

2.) Put Your Hashtag to Work

HashtagFirst things first, come up with a unique and memorable hashtag.  Employ your hashtag for your event on all social media channels.  While many people remember to use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, don’t forget that Facebook is a great place to use these.  Make sure you add your personal hashtag to every post on your event page.

3.) Posting: The Who, What, When and Why

Posting on FacebookWho:  While your company should actively post on your site, make sure that your event page allows comments from outside users!  This will boost interaction and foster a sense of community.

What:  Use photos as often as possible when you post.  According to Kissometrics, Facebook posts with photos get 53% more Likes, 84% more click-throughs, and an astounding 104% more comments than the average post.  Share photos from previous events, add videos, share blog posts, and tag speakers and sponsors.

When:  When should your event posts occur on Facebook?  Studies show engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursday and Friday during the workweek.  Posting often is important as well, just make sure not to post too many times in a single day, as your messages may be considered a nuisance.  It has been reported that posting 1-4 times a week gets 71% more engagement than posting 5 or more times a day.

Why:  Keep in mind the end goal for each post.  Of course, you should post before, during, and after your event.  You will want to do this to share information about the event, provide reminders, share pictures, thank sponsors, and give a recap of the event once it is completed.  This will keep event participants happy and engaged.

We live in a digital world, and our marketing efforts need to reflect this.  Use Facebook, as well as Twitter and other social media platforms, to help your event’s campaign be a success.


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