Eduardo Briceño: Mindset Matters for Lifelong Learning

“What if we got clear, within ourselves and with our teammates, about when we seek to learn and when we seek to perform, so that our efforts can become more consequential, our improvement never-ending and our best even better?”

Eduardo Briceño is an accomplished learning expert who helps build learner capacity by teaching and encouraging growth mindset beliefs, as well as practices.  He is the CEO and co-founder of Mindset Works, as well as a passionate lifelong learner.

Briceño spent his childhood in Caracas, Venezuela and then moved to the United States when he was in high school.  He obtained his undergraduate degrees in economics and engineering, then went on to Stanford University, where he earned his MBA and a master’s degree in education.  His love of education has continued past his university years, as well as his dedication to absorb new information.  He not only continues to learn new things, but understands that knowledge can slip away and writes things down to increase his retention.

Starting out in investment banking and venture capital, Briceño’s path to education was not immediate.  When his wife began to teach public school, he soon realized his desire to also help children learn.  He formed Mindset Works, a joint venture with Carol Dweck Ph.D. and Lisa Blackwell Ph.D., two highly respected individuals in the educational world.  This company is dedicated to helping people grow as learners.  With the assistance of training and resources, the company helps encourage growth mindset beliefs.  Dweck coined the terms “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset” to illustrate the deep-seated beliefs individuals have about their intellect and ability to learn.  Fixed mindset individuals believe their intelligence is set, and this mindset is encouraged by praise of grades or intelligence.  Growth mindset learners believe that they are able to improve, and get smarter.  They respond positively to praise for hard work and effort.  Briceño is dedicated to the growth mindset mission and relishes in the extensive collaboration between his peers and educators that make their company a success.

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